Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore


Make a statement with the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore: an ultra-light electric guitar that provides a rich and dynamic sound, thanks to its custom electronics, high-quality pickups, and striking look.



The Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for any musician who wants a versatile, high-quality instrument that can be used for a variety of musical genres. This guitar is part of the Multiac series, which is famous for its ability to produce a wide range of tones and sounds.

The Grand Concert Encore features a high-gloss finish that highlights the instrument’s beautiful mahogany body, neck, and sides. The guitar has a standard acoustic shape, but the design is more modern, with a cutaway design that allows easier access to the higher frets.

What sets this guitar apart is its advanced electronics system. The guitar features a custom RMC bridge-mounted transducer pickup system that combines with a preamp to produce excellent and natural-sounding amplification. The preamp section features a four-band equalizer, an onboard tuner, and individual volume and tone controls for each pickup, giving the player complete control over their sound.

The Grand Concert Encore acoustic guitar is also very comfortable to play. The fingerboard features a smooth, satin finish, and the bridge design makes it easy to change strings. The guitar’s neck is thin, making it easier to play faster, more complex chord progressions and solos.

Another interesting feature is the use of Synth Access technology, which enables the guitar to synthesize a variety of sounds from your computer or a MIDI device. This feature allows the player to explore new sonic possibilities by using the guitar as a controller for electronic sounds, creating unique and innovative sounds combined with their playing.

Overall, the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore guitar is a fantastic instrument that offers both high-quality acoustic sound and advanced technology. It is an excellent choice for any musician who wants a guitar that can do it all, from acoustic folk to heavy rock or jazz. Whether you are just starting or have been playing for a while, this guitar will be a solid investment that will last for years to come.

Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore properties

Product name Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore
Brand Godin
Type Acoustic Guitars
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Nylon
Handedness Right-Handed
Number of Frets 19
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Cedar
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Rosewood
Colour Wood

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Product type

Number of Strings

String Type


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard


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  1. Edward Henderson

    In Acoustic Guitars, a string type referred to the material used for making strings that allow music to be produced from the instrument. In the case of an acoustic guitar, nylon strings are commonly used due to their bright tone, durability, and resistance to humidity changes. A customer who prefers free funk music may choose a Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore, which features nylon strings, as they provide a warm and resonant sound that is well-suited for this genre of music.
    When compared to other popular acoustic guitars, such as the Gibraltar Explorer or Yamaha FG800, the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore stands out due to its unique design and hybrid build. It combines solid and semi-hollow body construction to provide a balanced tone across all frequencies. The nylon strings used in this guitar also contribute to its warm and smooth sound quality, making it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional musicians alike.
    The use of nylon strings in the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore offers hope that, with proper care and maintenance, the strings can provide a long-lasting and reliable performance. This ensures that musicians can focus on their craft rather than being distracted by frequent string replacements or repairs. Overall, the combination of nylon strings and hybrid construction make the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore a top choice for those who appreciate free funk music and are looking for an acoustic guitar with excellent sound quality and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What specific features and advantages does the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore acoustic-electric guitar provide for professional musicians?

The Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore acoustic-electric guitar offers several unique features that make it a popular choice among professional musicians. Here are some of its key features and advantages:

1. Solid Spruce Top: The solid spruce top is the heart of any acoustic guitar, providing warmth and resonance. In the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore, the solid spruce top is crafted with a unique process called X-bracing, which gives it an exceptional tone. Flamed Maple Back and Sides: The flamed maple back and sides are not just for looks; they contribute to the guitar's rich sound quality. Maple provides brightness and clarity to the tone, while the flamed pattern adds depth and complexity. Neck-Through Construction: The neck-through construction gives the Multiac Grand Concert Encore its excellent sustain and stability. The one-piece maple neck runs through the body of the guitar, providing a strong connection between the neck and body. Sound Hole Cover: The sound hole cover is an innovative feature that allows players to control the volume and tone of their acoustic guitar. When closed, it reduces the output and brightness of the instrument, while when opened, it increases the volume and adds warmth to the tone. Advanced Piezo-Electric System: The Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore is equipped with an advanced piezo-electric system that captures the natural sound of the guitar. This system consists of three precision pickups and a preamp that allows players to adjust the volume, tone, and EQ settings to their preference. Built-in Tuner: The built-in tuner is a convenient feature that eliminates the need for external tuning devices. Players can use this feature to quickly tune their guitar before performing or practicing. Travel-Friendly Size: The Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore has a smaller body size compared to traditional acoustic guitars, making it more comfortable and easier to transport. This makes it an excellent choice for musicians who travel frequently or have limited space in their living quarters. High-Quality Finish: The high-gloss finish on the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore is not only beautiful but also durable and resistant to wear and tear. It helps protect the guitar from damage and ensures that it maintains its pristine appearance over time. In summary, the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Encore acoustic-electric guitar offers a combination of exceptional sound quality, innovative features, and portability that make it an ideal choice for professional musicians. Its unique design and advanced technology make it stand out from other acoustic guitars on the market.