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The PRS SE A40E is an acoustic-electric guitar with exceptional sound quality and playability, making it perfect for any aspiring musician.



The PRS SE A40E acoustic guitar is a beautifully crafted instrument that delivers rich, warm tones with stunning clarity. The guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top, which is known for its powerful projection and excellent tonal balance, making it perfect for solo performances and studio recordings.

The PRS SE A40E boasts a solid Ovangkol back and sides, a tonewood that is highly regarded for its rich midrange and warm, woody sound. This tonewood also provides the guitar with excellent sustain and a strong, punchy low end, making it a versatile instrument that can handle any type of playing style.

The guitar has a 25.3 scale length, which is slightly shorter than the traditional 25.5 length found on many acoustic guitars. This shorter scale length makes it easier to play intricate finger-picking patterns and allows for better intonation, making it a great choice for beginner and intermediate players.

The PRS SE A40E also comes equipped with an under-saddle pickup and Fishman GT1 preamp system, providing players with a versatile range of tonal options. The preamp system features a volume control, tone control, and a built-in tuner, making it easy to adjust your sound on the fly.

The guitar has a beautiful natural finish, highlighting the stunning grain of the tonewoods used to create it. The body of the guitar is bound in a natural-coloured herringbone detail, giving it a touch of classic style and sophistication.

Overall, the PRS SE A40E is an exceptional acoustic guitar that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility. With its solid tonewoods, comfortable playability, and convenient preamp system, it is a great choice for musicians of all skill levels and playing styles. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality acoustic guitar, the PRS SE A40E is definitely worth considering.

PRS SE A40E properties

Product name SE A40E
Brand PRS
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Steel
Built-in Microphone No
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Ovangkol
Wood Type (body sides) Ovangkol
Wood Type (neck) Mahogany
Wood Type (fretboard) Ebony
Colour Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

String Type

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets



Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck

Wood Type-fretboard


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  1. Aaron

    I recently purchased the PRS SE A40E Acoustic Guitar in December and I must say, I am quite disappointed with my purchase. As a musician and waiter living in Lincoln, I have come across some remarkable acoustic guitars, but this one failed to impress me. I would rate it a 2 out of 5 possible points.

    The PRS SE A40E comes with 20 number of frets, which is a decent number when compared to other acoustic guitars. However, I found that the sound quality was lacking and the guitar did not stay in tune for very long. The right-handed handiness was not an issue, as I am right-handed myself.

    Compared to other known acoustic guitars in its price range, the PRS SE A40E Acoustic Guitar was a disappointment. The sound did not have the same warm tone that other guitars in similar price ranges had.

    Furthermore, the delivery of the guitar to Lincoln was delayed and it arrived after the expected delivery date, which was a bit of an inconvenience for me.

    Overall, I would not recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar. There are much better options out there for a similar price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the recommended string gauge for the PRS SE A40E acoustic-electric guitar?

The PRS SE A40E acoustic-electric guitar comes with a set of phosphor bronze strings. The factory strings that come preinstalled on this model are usually 12-53 gauge, which is a medium gauge for most players. This means they have a relatively heavier feel compared to lighter gauges, but are still suitable for beginners and intermediate guitarists.

You can choose to use different string gauges based on your personal preference or playing style. Lighter gauges (like 11-49) may be easier to play, especially for beginners, while heavier gauges (like 13-56) might provide a fuller tone and more sustain.

Remember that changing string gauge can significantly affect the feel and playability of your guitar, so it's essential to try out different sets until you find what works best for you. Also, always allow new strings to settle in and stretch properly before tuning them up to pitch and playing.

"How does the onboard electronics system in the PRS SE A40E contribute to its exceptional acoustic performance and versatility for both studio and stage applications?"

The onboard electronics system in the PRS SE A40E is a crucial component that contributes significantly to its exceptional acoustic performance and versatility for both studio and stage applications. This system comprises of a high-quality preamp, tone control circuits, and an onboard tuner, all designed to optimize the guitar's natural sound and provide additional tonal options. Firstly, the electronics system in the PRS SE A40E preserves the natural acoustic character of the guitar by utilizing a high-quality preamp that is carefully calibrated to match the output impedance of the pickups. This ensures that the signal from the strings is transferred faithfully to the amplifier, resulting in clear and detailed tone reproduction. Secondly, the system provides extensive tonal control options through its tone control circuits. These circuits include a 3-band EQ with separate controls for bass, middle, and treble frequencies, as well as volume and phase switches that enable fine adjustments to be made to the overall sound. This versatility allows the player to shape the guitar's sound to suit their preferences and match different playing styles or genres. Thirdly, the onboard tuner in the PRS SE A40E is a convenient feature that eliminates the need for an external tuning device. It provides accurate and stable tuning, even in noisy environments, making it ideal for stage performances where tuning accuracy is critical. This feature also saves valuable time during sound checks and setup sessions, as it allows players to quickly and easily tune their guitars without the need for additional equipment or cables. In summary, the onboard electronics system in the PRS SE A40E plays a crucial role in contributing to its exceptional acoustic performance and versatility for both studio and stage applications. Its high-quality preamp, tone control circuits, and onboard tuner work together to preserve the natural acoustic character of the guitar while providing extensive tonal control options and convenience features that enhance the player's overall experience.