Taylor Baby Mahogany


Enhance any room with the rich, natural sound of the Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar – the perfect addition to any musician’s collection.



The Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar is a perfect instrument for those who wish to start playing guitar or those who are interested in owning a travel-friendly instrument. The guitar is designed to be compact, comfortable, and easy to play for beginners and advanced players alike.

The Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar has a 3/4 size and is a smaller version of their successful line of Taylor Grand Symphony guitars. It features a mahogany top, back, and sides that give the guitar a warm, rich sound. The instrument’s small size and the wood combination’s tonal properties create a loud, punchy sound suitable for a variety of playing styles.

The Baby Mahogany’s sleek profile, solid wood construction, and excellent electronics make it an outstanding choice for live gigs and studio recording. The guitar has a high-quality onboard pickup system that ensures the instrument’s sound is clear and distinct when amplified.

Playing the Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar is a comfortable experience since it has a slim Sapele neck that’s bonded with a Taylor fretboard. The guitar’s strings are spaced at a 3/4 scale and set up with a low action to ensure it’s easy to fret and play the instrument. This feature is particularly useful for those transitioning to the guitar from other instruments or for those with smaller hands.

The guitar also has a well-built, reliable tuning mechanism that’s uniquely designed by Taylor, making it easy for beginners to tune and stay in tune. The tuning machines’ tuning stability and accuracy are critical to ensure that the guitar stays in tune, especially when played in different keys.

The Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar’s compact design, high-quality materials, and sound quality make it an excellent choice for those seeking a portable and reliable instrument convenient for travel or practicing at home. Its affordability, ease of use, and reliability make it a great value for any musician.

In conclusion, the Taylor Baby Mahogany acoustic guitar is an excellent guitar for anyone seeking a high-quality, portable, and versatile instrument. Its compact design, quality materials, and sound make it an excellent choice for acoustic guitar enthusiasts looking for an enjoyable playing experience.

Taylor Baby Mahogany properties

Product name Baby Mahogany
Brand Taylor
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Frets 19
Colour Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Frets



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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the onboard tuner of the Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar ensure accurate and easy tuning for beginners?

The onboard tuner of the Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar is an essential feature that makes it easy and accurate for beginners to tune their instrument. It is a built-in electronic tuner located within the body of the guitar, accessible via a simple control switch. This tuner allows players to quickly and accurately adjust the pitch of each string, without requiring any external tuning devices or additional tools. By simply strumming or plucking the strings, the tuner will display the current note being played, along with an indicator showing whether it is sharp, flat, or in tune. This feature makes tuning a breeze for beginners who are still learning to differentiate between notes and adjust their playing accordingly. With its accuracy, convenience, and ease of use, the onboard tuner is an indispensable asset that enhances the overall value and learning experience of the Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar.

How does the onboard ES-B baby Taylor pickup system in the Taylor Baby Mahogany contribute to its versatility as a practice and performance instrument?

The onboard ES-B baby Taylor pickup system in the Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar adds to its versatility as both a practice and performance instrument by allowing for easy amplification of the natural sound of the guitar. This feature makes it ideal for small venues, rehearsal spaces or situations where a larger acoustic guitar may be too loud or impractical. The pickup system also enables the guitar to be connected to an amplifier or PA system, making it suitable for live performances as well as for practicing in quieter environments. Overall, this feature adds to the versatility and usefulness of the Taylor Baby Mahogany guitar, making it a great choice for musicians who want a small-bodied instrument that can be used in a variety of settings.