Yamaha FS830

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Experience the superior sound quality, playability, and craftsmanship of Yamaha’s FS830 acoustic guitar.



The Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for the discerning musician who demands quality, tone, and playability from their instruments. The guitar has a solid spruce top combined with rosewood on the back and sides to deliver a resonant, warm sound with excellent harmonics, projection, and response.

The FS830 is a concert-sized guitar with a 25-inch scale length, 20 frets, and a slim, comfortable neck profile that makes it easy to play. The fingerboard is made of rosewood, which is smooth and durable, and the headstock is fitted with die-cast tuners that are reliable, accurate, and easy to tune.

The construction of the FS830 guitar features a scalloped X-bracing that helps to enhance the resonance and sustain of the instrument, providing a clearer and more precise tone. The bridge and saddle are made of rosewood and have a simple, elegant design that complements the guitar’s overall aesthetic.

One of the significant benefits of the Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar is its affordability. It is an excellent value for the price, and it is an investment that will pay off in the long term, providing the player with many years of enjoyment and musical expression.

The Yamaha FS830 is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of music genres, including folk, blues, rock, and country. Its balanced tone makes it suitable for both light strumming and fingerpicking, while its projection and sustain make it an excellent choice for performances and recording sessions.

In conclusion, the Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar is an outstanding instrument that delivers high-quality sound, comfort, and playability at a very reasonable price. It is a perfect option for beginners and intermediate players who want to upgrade their instruments without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. With its solid construction, excellent playability, and beautiful sound, the Yamaha FS830 is a guitar that will give you years of musical enjoyment.

Yamaha FS830 properties

Product name FS830
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
String Type Steel
Built-in Microphone No
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4
Colour Fireburst/Colourburst

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

String Type

Built-in Microphone




1 review for Yamaha FS830

  1. Bern

    I’ve been playing this guitar for about 1.5 years. What can I say? A very nice guitar. At this price, probably one of the best. The keys hold the tuning very well, the guitar does not tune too much. The quality of workmanship is really at a high level. The string action on my model was pretty low. On the plus side, there is a bar to adjust the curvature of the neck. As for the sound: the guitar has a nice sound, and after wearing good strings it really is incredibly friendly to the ear. It tunes on every fret.

    If I can spare people the nerves, I will. Namely color. Personally, I chose black. I advise against all buyers the black version. All dust spots and minor scratches are visible. No more black guitar. However, I do not consider it a disadvantage, because I consciously bought this color.

    Greetings to all players 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the recommended steps for setting up and maintaining my Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar?

Setting up and maintaining your Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar is essential to ensure it stays in tip-top condition. Here are the recommended steps:

1. Cleaning: Regularly clean your guitar with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth if possible. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the finish.

2. String changing: Change your strings every few months or when they start to sound dull or lose their tension. This will help maintain optimal playability and tone.

3. Bridge pin adjustment: If you're experiencing problems with intonation (the accuracy of notes as you move up the fretboard), check your bridge pins for any movement. Gently tap them back into place using a soft-headed hammer or mallet if necessary.

4. Action and nut slot adjustment: The action refers to the distance between the strings and the frets. If it's too high, it can make playing difficult; if it's too low, it may cause fret buzz. Adjusting the truss rod inside the neck will change the curve of the neck and affect action. For nut slot adjustment, bring your guitar to a professional technician.

5. Fret dressing: Over time, frets can become worn or uneven. A professional luthier should perform fret dressing services which involve leveling, crowning, and polishing the frets for optimal playability.

6. Pickup maintenance (if equipped): If your Yamaha FS830 has a pickup system, ensure it stays clean by removing any dust or debris from around the electronics components. Disconnect the battery if not in use to prolong its lifespan.

7. Humidity control: Keep your guitar away from extreme temperature changes and direct sunlight as these can affect its sound and structure. Maintain a relative humidity between 45%-55% to prevent cracking or warping of the wood. A hygrometer helps monitor humidity levels, while a humidifier/dehumidifier system maintains proper moisture balance in your guitar's environment.

8. Regular checkups: Schedule regular appointments with a professional luthier for thorough inspections and adjustments. This ensures that any minor issues are addressed before they become significant problems.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar remains in excellent condition and continues to provide years of enjoyable play.

What is the recommended string gauge for the Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar?

The recommended string gauge for the Yamaha FS830 acoustic guitar is typically between 12 to 49 inches (.012" - .053"). The specific model that you have might be different, so always double-check the manual or contact the manufacturer if unsure.

Here are some popular string gauges for the FS830:

1. Phosphor Bronze Light Set (Elixir Nanoweb): .012 – .053
2. 80/20 Bronze Medium Set (D'Addario EJ41): .012 - .053
3. Phosphor Bronze Extra Light Set (Ernie Ball Earthwood): .011 - .049

Remember, choosing the right string gauge depends on your personal preference and playing style. Lighter strings are easier to press down and produce a brighter tone, while heavier strings offer more volume and sustain but require more force to fret.

How does the scalloped bracing design on the Yamaha FS830 impact its overall sound quality and projection?

The scalloped bracing design used in the Yamaha FS830 guitar is a unique feature that has a significant impact on its overall sound quality and projection. Scalloping involves carefully carving out sections of the braces inside the body of the guitar, which reduces their weight while maintaining structural integrity. This results in a more resonant and vibrant sound with enhanced clarity and volume, particularly in the high frequencies. The FS830's scalloped bracing design allows it to produce a richer and fuller tone compared to similar guitars without this feature, making it an excellent choice for both practicing musicians and casual players alike.

How does the Yamaha FS830's scalloped bracing and solid spruce top contribute to its exceptional sound quality?

The Yamaha FS830 guitar features scalloped bracing on its solid spruce top, which is a technique that allows for a more pronounced vibration of the strings. This, in turn, produces a richer and fuller tone with enhanced projection and volume. The solid spruce top also contributes to the guitar's exceptional sound quality by providing clarity and brightness in the high frequencies while still maintaining warmth and resonance in the lower registers. Overall, these features result in a balanced and well-rounded tonal response that is both pleasing to the ear and satisfying to play.