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Experience unparalleled power and clarity with the Hartke LH500 bass amp, engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality for every performance.

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The Hartke LH500 is a powerful and versatile bass amp that has taken the professional bass player scene by storm. Known for its high power, realistic sound, and user-friendly interface, this amp has proven itself as a go-to option for many bassists over the years.

The Hartke LH500 is a 500-watt RMS bass amplifier head that is capable of delivering eye-watering volume levels, making it ideal for performing live gigs or rehearsing with a band. This amp is built with an all-metal chassis that provides it with durability, and the brushed aluminum faceplate gives it a sleek and professional look.

One of the standout features of the Hartke LH500 is its tonal flexibility. This amp comes equipped with a 10-band graphic EQ, enabling you to fine-tune your sound to suit your individual preferences. Additionally, the LH500 has both active and passive input options, giving you greater tonal control and a wider range of sounds.

Another great feature is its tube and solid-state preamp design, which delivers rich and warm tones that help bring your bass sound to life. Thanks to this, your bass guitar will sound much more natural, and you’ll be able to achieve a more organic feel during your performances.

One of the most significant benefits of using the Hartke LH500 bass amp is its versatility. The amp is compatible with a wide range of speaker cabs, making it easy to connect with most setups. Moreover, it has both balanced XLR and 1/4 direct output options, enabling you to easily capture your sound during gigs, recording sessions, or rehearsals.

The Hartke LH500 also comes with built-in compression, which helps to even out your tone and prevent any unwanted spikes in volume. This feature ensures that your bass tone remains consistent throughout your playing.

In conclusion, the Hartke LH500 bass amp is an incredibly well-designed and versatile amplifier that won’t disappoint. It delivers a powerful and realistic sound that is ideal for both live performances and recording sessions. Its all-metal body is durable and rugged, while the 10-band graphic EQ helps you fine-tune your sound to perfection. Whether you’re a professional bassist or an accomplished hobbyist, this amp is a great investment if you’re looking for a reliable, powerful, and versatile option.

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Product name LH500
Brand Hartke
Type Bass Amplifiers
Amplifier Model Tube
Colour Black

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the recommended settings for using the Hartke LH500 bass amplifier with a 4-string electric bass guitar?

The Hartke LH500 is a highly versatile and powerful bass amplifier, perfect for use with 4-string electric bass guitars. Here are some recommended settings to help you get the best sound out of your bass and amplifier:

1. Input Sensitivity - Set the input sensitivity knob to around the "7" or "8" mark on the amplifier. This will provide a balanced input level for most electric bass guitars.

2. Preamp Gain - The preamp gain control sets the amount of clean signal before it's sent to the power amp stage. Start with this knob around the "10:00" position and make adjustments as needed depending on your bass guitar's output level and desired tone.

3. EQ Controls - Hartke's LH500 features a 5-band equalizer, allowing you to shape your sound by boosting or cutting specific frequencies. Here are some recommended starting points:
- Low (bass): Start with this around the "12:00" position for a round and full low end. If needed, you can add more bass by turning it clockwise.
- Low Mid (lo mid): Set this around the "3:00" position to add warmth and body to your tone without making it too muddy. Adjust as needed.
- High Mid (hi mid): This control helps define the attack of your notes. Start with this around the "1:00" position for a balanced sound, then adjust according to your preference.
- Presence: Set this around the "9:00" position for a natural, clear tone. You can boost it slightly if you want more brightness or clarity in your sound.
- High (treble): Start with this around the "2:00" position and adjust as needed to control harsh frequencies.

4. Drive - The drive control adds distortion or overdrive to your bass tone. This knob can be set anywhere from 0 to 10, depending on how much grit you want in your sound. Start with this around the "6:00" position and adjust accordingly.

5. Master Volume - The master volume controls the overall output level of your amplifier. Set this according to your desired playing volume.

Remember, these are just starting points; feel free to experiment and find the settings that work best for your specific bass guitar and playing style!

What are the key features and specifications of the Hartke LH500 bass amplifier, and how does it compare to similar models on the market in terms of performance and value?

The Hartke LH500 bass amplifier is a powerful and versatile instrument designed for professional musicians who demand high-quality sound and reliable performance. Here are some key features and specifications that set this amp apart from its competitors:

1. Power output - The LH500 delivers an impressive 500 watts of power, making it one of the most powerful bass amplifiers on the market today. Whether you're playing in a large concert hall or a packed nightclub, this amp has the volume and headroom you need to cut through the mix. EQ controls - The LH500 features a wide range of EQ controls that allow you to fine-tune your sound to perfection. This includes bass, mid, treble, and presence controls, as well as a semi-parametric mid control that lets you target specific frequencies with precision. Compressor - The LH500 comes equipped with a high-quality compressor that helps to even out your playing dynamics and prevent unwanted peaks in the frequency spectrum. This can be especially helpful when recording or performing live, as it ensures that your bass stays consistent and balanced throughout the performance. XLR and 1/4" inputs - The LH500 offers both XLR and 1/4" input connections, making it flexible enough to work with a wide range of sources. This includes microphones, line-level devices like synthesizers or drum machines, and of course traditional bass guitars. Headphone output - The LH500 includes a convenient headphone output jack, allowing you to practice quietly without disturbing others in your environment. This can be especially helpful for late-night rehearsals or when trying out new ideas in a studio setting. Compared to similar models on the market, the Hartke LH500 stands out for its exceptional power and versatility. While there are certainly other high-powered bass amplifiers out there, few can match the combination of volume, tone controls, and compressor found in this amp. And at a price point that's competitive with other leading brands, the Hartke LH500 offers exceptional value for musicians who demand the best possible sound and performance from their gear. Whether you're playing live shows, recording in a studio, or just practicing at home, the Hartke LH500 is an outstanding choice that delivers unbeatable performance and reliability.