Roland Blues Cube Artist212


Experience the rich and dynamic sound of the legendary Roland Blues Cube Artist212 guitar amp – the perfect choice for every blues, rock, and country musician out there!

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As a musician, you are always seeking that perfect sound; warm, creamy, and full of dynamics. Well, look no further than the Roland Blues Cube Artist212 guitar amp, the newest addition to the Roland amp family.

This amp is the pinnacle of sound engineering. Featuring two 12-inch custom speakers, the Roland Blues Cube Artist212 delivers all the warm and creamy sounds you desire. The amp is driven by a 50-watt output, allowing you to pump up your volume without ever losing your tone. And with two channels, clean and crunch, you can move from one to the other with ease.

The amp comes with four independent effects which include reverb, delay, chorus, and tremolo. The reverb is controllable with a footswitch, which adds to the convenience of live performances. The Blues Cube Artist212 also features an attenuator, a feature that allows you to reduce the speaker output from 50 watts to 0.5 watts, giving you the ability to play in a variety of settings without sacrificing sound quality. From small venues to big arenas, this amp has you covered.

Roland has always been a favorite among musicians, and the Blues Cube Artist212 is no exception. The amp features innovative technology such as the Tube Logic circuitry, which provides an authentic and precise replication of the sound of tubes for a rich, dynamic response and a powerful classic tone that can be amplified even at low volumes.

But that’s not all; the Blues Cube Artist212 is also compatible with the optional GA-FC Foot Controller, which provides complete control over the amp’s functions, allowing you to change channels and effects with ease, as well as adjust volume and tone.

The Roland Blues Cube Artist212 has everything a guitarist needs to express themselves fully. From its vintage look to its modern technology, it is the perfect amp for every genre of music, from blues to rock to country. If you want to fill your sound with punch, warmth, and character, the Roland Blues Cube Artist212 is the amp for you!

Roland Blues Cube Artist212 properties

Product name Blues Cube Artist212
Brand Roland
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Looper, Presence, Reverb
Sound Setting Gain/Drive, Middle, Treble
Power Output (RMS) 85.0 W
Amplifier Model Tube
Height 545.0 mm
Depth 271.0 mm
Width 677.0 mm
Weight 21.0 kg

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Sound Effects

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