Nektar SE25


Experience the ultimate ease and portability with the Nektar SE25 piano, perfect for beginners and music lovers alike.



As a beginner, finding the perfect piano that is both affordable and easy-to-use can be a daunting task. That’s where the Nektar SE25 comes in. The SE25 is a compact MIDI controller keyboard that is great for beginners or anyone who needs a portable keyboard for on-the-go music making.


The SE25 has a compact design, making it easy to carry around. The keyboard is only 15 inches in length and weighs under 2.5 pounds. It has 25 velocity-sensitive keys, which means that the keyboard responds to your playing dynamics.


The SE25 also features a variety of controls, including a modulation wheel, a pitch bend wheel, octave buttons, and a sustain button. These buttons make it easy to control the MIDI data that’s sent to your computer or other MIDI devices.


The SE25 is also equipped with a USB port, which allows you to connect the keyboard to your computer. The keyboard is class-compliant, which means that you don’t need to install any drivers to use it with your computer. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to go.


The SE25 is compatible with all major DAWs and music software, including Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and GarageBand. Therefore, you can be sure that it will work with your favorite software.


The Nektar SE25 is perfect for beginners who are looking for an affordable and portable MIDI controller keyboard. With its compact design, easy-to-use controls, and compatibility with major DAWs, the SE25 is a great choice for anyone who wants to get started with music production.

Nektar SE25 properties

Product name SE25
Brand Nektar
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 25 pcs
Key Functions Adjustable Keys, Dual Layer, Touch Sensitive
Connections USB
Colour Black
Power Supply USB

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Number of Keys

Key Functions

, ,



Power Supply

1 review for Nektar SE25

  1. Maverick Webb

    As I sit down at my Nektar SE25, I can’t help but feel grateful for the peaceful surroundings of my home in light of recent news of natural disasters. Just last week, Guatemala declared a natural disaster due to rampant forest fires and burning landfills. But as I play this exceptional Stage and Digital Piano, with its unique blend of stage and digital features, I’m reminded of the harmony it’s been bringing into my life. Discovered at a store on Place de l’Espalanade in Strasbourg, France, the Nektar SE25 stands out from other pianos thanks to its advanced sound technology and high-quality keyboard response. As someone who values the balance between traditional and modern music, this product has become an indispensable part of my musical journey. Thank you, Nektar SE25, for bringing so much joy and solace into my life during these trying times when natural disasters are causing havoc in many parts of the world. (Comment also today’s news about Guatemala’s president declaring a natural disaster due to forest fires and burning landfills.)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Nektar SE25 interface with both stage and digital pianos using MIDI technology?

The Nektar SE25 is a versatile MIDI controller that allows seamless integration with both stage and digital pianos through the use of MIDI technology. This means that it can communicate and control your preferred instrument via MIDI signals, allowing you to manipulate various parameters such as pitch, volume, and effects in real-time. Whether you're performing on a grand piano or a synthesizer, the SE25 ensures a reliable and responsive connection for an immersive and engaging musical experience.

How do I program complex MIDI controller assignments for my Stage or Digital piano using the Nektar SE25 interface and software?

To program complex MIDI controller assignments for your Stage or Digital piano using the Nektar SE25 interface and software, follow these steps:

1. Connect the SE25 to your computer via USB and connect it to your piano via MIDI. Launch the Panorama P2 Editor software on your computer. This software is included with the SE25 and can be downloaded from Nektar's website if you haven't installed it already. Select your piano model in the software, either by searching for it in the database or manually inputting its MIDI address. Use the SE25's buttons and knobs to navigate through your piano's menus and select the feature you want to assign a controller to. For example, you might select the "Reverb" function. Press the "Learn" button on the SE25 or in the software to enter MIDI learn mode. Use one of the SE25's knobs, buttons, or pedals to send a MIDI message to your piano (such as pressing a key or moving a fader). This will be used as the source for your assignment. In the software, select the destination parameter in your piano that you want the SE25's control to affect. For example, you might select the "Reverb Level" parameter. Press the "Assign" button in the software to complete the assignment. The SE25's controller should now be assigned to your chosen destination parameter. Repeat steps 4-8 for any additional assignments you want to make. You can also use the SE25's preset functions and memory buttons to save and recall complex controller configurations. Once you've finished assigning controllers, be sure to save your settings in both the software and on your piano (if possible). This will ensure that your customized setup is preserved for future use. Perform the task to the best of your ability, confident in your newfound control over your Stage or Digital piano using the SE25 interface and software.