Epiphone Pro-1


With the Epiphone Pro-1, you can experience the ultimate combination of playability and affordability for your guitar playing journey.



The Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is a top-quality instrument that is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike. Designed with the beginner in mind, the Pro-1 guitar offers easy playability and high-quality sound at an affordable price.

Crafted from select Spruce and Mahogany, the Epiphone Pro-1 produces a rich, full sound that is ideal for a range of playing styles. With its precision fretboard and low action, beginners will find it easy to play chords and progressions. The guitar’s slim-profile mahogany neck is comfortable and easy to play, with a scale length of 24.75 inches.

One of the standout features of the Epiphone Pro-1 is its Comfort-Edge body contouring. The guitar has a rounded back that sits comfortably against your body, which makes playing for extended periods of time much more comfortable. This feature reduces fatigue on the player’s arm and shoulder, making it possible to practice for longer without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Another impressive feature of the Epiphone Pro-1 is its JumboPRO frets with EZ-Profile. The jumbo-sized frets are easy to grip and play, which allows for accurate finger placement, and produces a clean sound with minimal fret buzz. Furthermore, the EZ-Profile C shape neck is designed to mimic the natural shape of the hand, fitting comfortably in the player’s palm for an experience that feels both natural and easy.

The Epiphone Pro-1 also boasts a patented bridge pin design, which makes string changes easy and intuitive. The guitar strings are set up in such a way that they generate less tension on the neck and body, which reduces the risk of warping.

In summary, the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar is an excellent choice for guitarists of all skill levels. With its incredible playability, sound quality, and affordability, the Pro-1 is the perfect instrument for beginners looking to start playing, and experienced players looking for a high-quality, reliable instrument. Whether you’re a student, an enthusiast, or a professional musician, the Epiphone Pro-1 is a fantastic investment that is sure to improve your musical journey.

Epiphone Pro-1 properties

Product name Pro-1
Brand Epiphone
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Acoustic Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Steel
Built-in Microphone No
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size Dreadnought
Pickguard Yes
Wood Type (front) Spruce
Wood Type (back) Mahogany
Wood Type (body sides) Mahogany
Colour Black, Blue, Red, Wood

Additional information


Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

String Type

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets




Wood Type-front

Wood Type-back

Wood Type-body sides


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you explain the differences between Epihone Pro-1 and other acoustic guitar models for a customer looking to purchase their first acoustic guitar?

Sure! Here are some key differences between the Epiphone Pro-1 (also known as the EP-L100) and other popular beginner acoustic guitars that you should consider when making your decision:
1. Body type: The Pro-1 is a dreadnought-style guitar, which means it has a large body shape that produces a bold, powerful sound. This makes it great for strumming chords and playing rhythm parts in a band setting. Other popular body types for beginner guitars include the folk (smaller, rounder body) and the classical (narrower neck, nylon strings). Tonewoods: The Epiphone Pro-1 features a spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Spruce is a common choice for acoustic guitar tops because it provides a balanced tone with good projection. Mahogany is often used for the back and sides, which adds warmth and depth to the sound. Electronics: The Pro-1 comes equipped with a built-in pickup and preamp system, making it easy to plug in and play through an amp or PA system. This feature can be helpful if you plan on playing gigs or performing in front of an audience. Some beginner guitars don't come with electronics, so you'll need to purchase them separately if you decide you want them later. Playability: The Pro-1 has a slim taper neck profile and medium-jumbo frets, which makes it comfortable to play for beginners. However, some players may prefer the feel of a thinner or wider neck. It's important to try out different guitars and see what feels best in your hands. Price: The Epiphone Pro-1 is priced competitively compared to other beginner acoustic guitars on the market, making it an affordable option for players just starting out. However, there are also cheaper alternatives available, such as starter packs that include a guitar, case, strap, and accessories. In summary, the Epiphone Pro-1 is a great choice for beginners who want a versatile, well-built acoustic guitar with a powerful sound and built-in electronics. Its large dreadnought body shape makes it ideal for playing chords and rhythm parts in a band setting, while its tonewoods and electronics add to its overall value and playability.

"How can the onboard electronics system of the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar be customized through the use of the Shadow NanoFlex pickup and eSonic™ preamp?"

The onboard electronics system of the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar can be highly customizable with the addition of the Shadow NanoFlex pickup and eSonic™ preamp. Here's how it works:

1. Installation: The Shadow NanoFlex pickup is a thin, flexible strip that can easily be installed under the saddle of the Pro-1's bridge without altering the original acoustic sound of the guitar. It then connects to the eSonic™ preamp, which is integrated into the endpin jack on the bottom of the guitar. Customization: The eSonic™ preamp offers a range of customizable features that allow you to adjust the sound and performance of the pickup system to fit your specific needs. Here are some of the ways you can customize it:

- EQ settings: The preamp allows you to adjust the bass, mid, and treble frequencies of the picked sound for a more balanced tone. This is particularly useful when playing through amplifiers or PA systems. Phase switch: If you're experiencing interference or feedback from other electronic devices, you can use the phase switch to cancel out the unwanted noise. Volume control: The preamp provides a volume control knob that lets you adjust the level of the picked signal before it's sent to an amplifier or PA system. This is useful if you want to balance the acoustic and electric sounds coming from your guitar. Compatibility: The Shadow NanoFlex pickup and eSonic™ preamp are compatible with a variety of other Epiphone guitars, including the Sheraton II Pro, DR-100 Pro, and DR-150 Pro. This means that if you ever upgrade or replace your guitar, you can still use the same pickup system for consistent sound quality. Overall, the customization options provided by the Shadow NanoFlex pickup and eSonic™ preamp make the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar a versatile choice for musicians who want to incorporate amplified or digital elements into their performances while still maintaining the natural warmth and richness of the original acoustic sound.

What are the unique features and specifications of the Epiphone Pro-1 acoustic guitar, and how does it compare to other models in the Epiphone lineup?

The Epiphone Pro-1 is a high-quality acoustic guitar that boasts several unique features and specifications. One standout feature is its laminated select spruce top, which provides excellent tone and projection. The back and sides are made of mahogany, giving the guitar a rich, warm sound. The neck and fingerboard are also crafted from mahogany, making for a comfortable playing experience. The Pro-1's bridge is made of rosewood, which further enhances its tonal qualities. The guitar comes equipped with Epiphone's patented NanoFlex pickup system, allowing for easy plugging in and amplification without sacrificing the natural sound of the instrument. Compared to other models in the Epiphone lineup, such as the DR-100 and the GS Mini, the Pro-1 stands out due to its higher-end features and superior tonal qualities. While the DR-100 and GS Mini are also affordable options for beginners and intermediate players, they lack some of the same level of craftsmanship and tone found in the Pro-1. Overall, the Epiphone Pro-1 is a great choice for players looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar at an affordable price point. Its unique features and specifications make it stand out from other models in the Epiphone lineup, and it's sure to provide years of enjoyable playing experiences.