Hartke HA3500


The Hartke HA3500 guitar amp head packs a potent punch, delivering up to 350 watts of power and an array of versatile sound-shaping controls for true tone enthusiasts.



As a guitar player, there are few things more important than the amp you use to amplify your sound. The perfect guitar amp can make all the difference in delivering the tone and power you need in your music, whether you’re playing rock, metal, blues, or any other genre.

One amp head that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the Hartke HA3500 guitar amp head. This amplifier model combines a powerful and versatile tone with solid construction and reliability, making it a great choice for any serious guitarist.

The HA3500 is a 350-watt head that can drive a 4-ohm speaker with plenty of power. Its two preamp channels offer a range of versatile tone shaping options. The passive channel allows you to dial in a clear and full tone, while the active channel gives you the flexibility to sculpt your sound with additional EQ controls.

The active channel on the HA3500 features controls for bass, treble, and mid-range, as well as a built-in compressor. This makes it easy to sculpt your tone to suit your playing style and musical needs.

One of the key features of the HA3500 is Hartke’s patented tube emulated preamp circuitry. This technology gives the amplifier a warm, natural sound that is similar to a tube amp. It also helps to limit unwanted noise and distortion, ensuring that your sound remains clear and consistent.

Another great feature of the HA3500 is its built-in 10-band graphic EQ. This allows you to further shape your tone for fine-tuned precision, with each frequency band adjustable from -12dB to +12dB.

In terms of connectivity, the HA3500 offers a range of options, including a balanced XLR direct output and effects loop. This makes it easy to integrate the amp with other gear for a more comprehensive setup.

Overall, the Hartke HA3500 guitar amp head offers a powerful and versatile option for any guitar player looking for a reliable and high-quality amplifier. With its powerful tone, solid construction, and range of features, it’s a great choice for both live performance and recording.

Hartke HA3500 properties

Product name HA3500
Brand Hartke
Type Bass Amplifier Heads, Guitar Amplifier Heads
Sound Setting Equalizer, Volume
Features Tuner for Instrument
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Connection Outputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm Single
Return/Send Tele/RTS 6,3mm
Power Output (RMS) 350.0 W
Amplifier Model Solid State, Tube
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you explain how to connect my guitar to the Hartke HA3500 amplifier head, and what settings are recommended for a beginner?

Sure! Here's how to connect your guitar to the Hartke HA3500 amplifier head:
1. Make sure your guitar is turned off.
2. Plug one end of an instrument cable into your guitar's output jack and the other end into the INPUT jack on the back of the Hartke HA3500. The input jack will be marked with a picture of a guitar.
3. Turn on your amplifier by pressing the POWER button on the front panel of the amp head. The LED display will light up, and the power indicator LED will glow green.
4. Adjust the volume knob on your guitar to a comfortable level. You may also want to adjust the tone knobs (usually labeled with "T" and "B") to find a sound that you like.
5. Turn up the amp's MASTER volume knob slowly until you reach a comfortable listening volume. If the sound becomes distorted or too loud, turn down the MASTER knob.
For a beginner, here are some recommended settings for the Hartke HA3500 amplifier head:
- Channels: Start with Channel 1, which is a clean channel suitable for beginners.
- Gain: Keep this at a low setting (around 2-4) to avoid overdrive and distortion.
- EQ settings: The default settings should be fine for most beginners, but feel free to adjust the Bass, Midrange, and Treble knobs to your liking.
- Effects: The HA3500 has a built-in chorus effect that you can enable by pressing the CHORUS button on the front panel of the amp head. You can also adjust the depth and rate of the chorus effect using the DEPTH and RATE knobs, respectively.
Remember to experiment with different settings to find the sound that works best for you!