Marshall 2555X


The Marshall 2555X guitar amp head delivers classic rock tone and power that will bring your playing to the next level.

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Marshall is a brand that needs no introduction in the music industry. Since the 60s, they have been delivering top-notch amplifiers that have been used by some of the most famous guitarists in the world. Their famous amplifiers have been used by legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young, and Slash. Recently, Marshall released their 2555X guitar amp head which is a reissue of the popular JCM 800 2203 amplifier head from the 80s.

The Marshall 2555X guitar amp head is a powerful and versatile amplifier that delivers the sound that Marshall has been known for. This amp has a classic design, with the iconic Marshall logo on the front panel, and the vintage styling. The 2555X has a power output of 100 watts and features four ECC83 preamp tubes and four EL34 power tubes.

The 2555X has two channels, the Classic Gain channel and the High Gain channel. The Classic Gain channel is perfect for classic rock tones, with a warm and smooth tone that is perfect for blues and rock. The High Gain channel is ideal for players looking for that crushing distortion, making it perfect for metal and hard rock. The High Gain channel features a three-band EQ, together with a presence and resonance control that allows the player to adjust the sound according to their needs.

This amp is also equipped with a series effects loop, which allows the player to add external effects to their sound. The 2555X comes with a footswitch that allows the player to switch channels, as well as turn the effects loop on and off. The amp is also equipped with a DI output, which makes it easy to connect to a mixing board during performances or recording sessions.

The Marshall 2555X guitar amp head is a reissue of the legendary JCM 800 2203 amplifier head that was popular in the 80s. It comes with all the features that made the original amp a classic, while also featuring modern upgrades that make it perfect for modern guitarists. The amp delivers the classic Marshall sound that has been used by some of the world’s most famous guitarists. If you are looking for an amplifier that delivers great sound and versatility, then the Marshall 2555X guitar amp head is the perfect choice.

Marshall 2555X properties

Product name 2555X
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Sound Effects Presence
Sound Setting Gain/Drive, Middle, Treble
Power Output (RMS) 100.0 W
Height 315.0 mm
Depth 222.0 mm
Width 740.0 mm
Weight 22.1 kg

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Sound Effects

Sound Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps for connecting the Marshall 2555X amplifier head with a guitar cabinet?

Here's how you can connect your Marshall 2555X amplifier head to a guitar cabinet:

1. Ensure that both devices are switched off to avoid damaging the equipment.

2. Locate the output jacks on the back panel of the Marshall 2555X amp. There should be three speaker output jacks labeled A, B, and C.

3. Identify which speaker output jack corresponds to the channel you want to use on your guitar cabinet. The labeling may vary depending on the specific configuration of your equipment, but generally, Channel 1 is connected to Output A, Channel 2 is connected to Output B, and both Channels are connected to Output C.

4. Locate the input jacks on the back or side panel of your guitar cabinet. Most cabinets have two inputs labeled "Input 1" and "Input 2." Input 1 typically accepts a ¼-inch TS (Tip/Sleeve) cable, while Input 2 is designed for use with an XLR-type cable.

5. Use a suitable instrument cable to connect the appropriate output jack on your Marshall 2555X amp to one of the input jacks on your guitar cabinet. For example, if you want to use Channel 1 of the amp and Input 1 of the cabinet, connect the output from A (Channel 1) on the amp to Input 1 on the cabinet using a ¼-inch TS cable.

6. Turn on both devices and adjust the volume and settings as desired. Make sure that all connections are secure and tightened properly to prevent any signal loss or interference.

7. If you're connecting multiple cabinets, repeat steps 4-6 for each additional cabinet. You can connect up to four cabinets in total using the A, B, C output jacks on the Marshall 2555X amp.