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Looking for a compact yet powerful guitar amplifier head? Check out the Orange Micro Terror that provides immense tone and versatility.

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The Orange Micro Terror guitar amp head is a small but powerful piece of equipment that packs a punch. Weighing in at only 1.72 pounds, this tiny amp head can produce an impressive 20-watts of power, making it ideal for home studios and practice sessions. The Micro Terror is a truly portable amplifier, which is perfect for those who want to take their sound with them wherever they go.

The Micro Terror is not just compact, but it also has a great look. Its classic orange design is inspired by the legendary Orange amps and is easy on the eyes. The build quality is very impressive, and its solid state design ensures that it can withstand heavy use over time.

In terms of sound quality, the Orange Micro Terror excels. Its preamp section delivers the signature Orange sound, which is loved by guitarists all over the world. This is thanks to the amplifier’s high-gain effects loop, which produces a warm and harmonic distortion. Additionally, the amp’s simple, yet effective tone control system enables you to shape and tailor your sound to your precise liking.

The Micro Terror works seamlessly with any guitar, from a Stratocaster to a Les Paul. It can also be used with a range of different cabinets, making it a versatile addition to any guitarist’s setup. The amp head has a single channel, which means that there is no need for you to spend time switching between channels to achieve your desired sound.

The Orange Micro Terror guitar amp head is an excellent option for guitarists who are looking for a small, portable, and affordable amp head. It delivers high-quality sound in a compact package, and it’s perfect for those who want to practice at home or take their sound on the go. If you’re looking to upgrade your guitar setup, then the Orange Micro Terror is well worth considering.

Orange Micro Terror properties

Product name Micro Terror
Brand Orange
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Power Output (RMS) 20.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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  1. Boby the Metal Head

    Meet the Orange Micro Terror, the perfect embodiment of the phrase, “good things come in small packages.” If Napoleon Bonaparte had played electric guitar, this would be the amplifier head he would have used. With a mere 20 watts of power, it’s like the David to Goliath’s stack amp. But don’t let its compact size fool you; this little guy packs a punch that will send your eardrums to the moon.

    If you’re looking for an amp that can double as a space heater, look no further. The Micro Terror’s tiny size makes it a hot little number, both literally and figuratively. It’s so small that you can hide it in your shirt pocket, but you might not want to do that while it’s turned on. You’ll have to use oven mitts to adjust the knobs if you want to avoid third-degree burns.

    In terms of sound, the Micro Terror delivers a distorted tone that is fully capable of waking the dead. It may be small, but it’s mighty. So if you’re looking for an amplifier that can fit into your backpack and still be heard from across the street, this is the one for you. Just don’t be surprised if the next time you use it, the neighbors have called in an exorcist.

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