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Experience unparalleled sound quality with the Fender Bassman 500 Head guitar amp head.

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The Fender Bassman 500 Head is a powerful and versatile guitar amplifier head that has been designed to deliver a smooth and warm tone that is perfect for bass guitar players of all genres. The amp features a powerful 500-watt solid-state power amp section that is combined with a responsive tube preamp stage, providing users with the best of both worlds. This article will take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Fender Bassman 500 Head and why it stands out from the competition.


The Fender Bassman 500 Head comes packed with features that make it ideal for live performances, rehearsals, and studio recordings. It features knobs that allow players to shape their sound to their liking, with controls for gain, bass, mid, treble, and volume. The amp’s EQ section is versatile enough to accommodate different playing styles and different types of bass guitars.

Additionally, the Fender Bassman 500 Head has a three-button footswitch that allows users to access the channel selection, mute, and overdrive functions. A balanced XLR output and a ground lift switch can connect the amp to a mixing console or recording equipment, making it ideal for use in recording studios.


The Fender Bassman 500 Head offers a broad range of benefits that are ideal for musicians from all backgrounds. One of the most significant benefits of the amp lies in its versatility. The amp’s tube preamp stage provides users with a smooth and warm tone that is perfect for jazz, blues, and classic rock players. The solid-state power amp section, on the other hand, provides users with the cutting-edge sound needed for metal and modern rock genres.

Another benefit of the Fender Bassman 500 Head is its efficiency. Thanks to the amp’s Class-D power amp, it is lightweight, easy to transport, and doesn’t generate much heat. This means that players can use the amp for long hours without experiencing any overheating issues.

Lastly, the amp’s durability is a significant benefit. The Fender Bassman 500 Head has been constructed to withstand the rigors of touring and regular use. The amp’s robust aluminum chassis can withstand accidental bumps, making it an ideal choice for musicians who travel extensively.


In conclusion, the Fender Bassman 500 Head is an excellent choice for bass guitar players looking for a powerful, versatile, and reliable amplifier. The amp’s tube preamp stage, solid-state power amp section, and broad range of features make it ideal for different genres of music. The Fender Bassman 500 Head is lightweight, easy to transport, and durable enough to withstand the demands of regular touring. It is an excellent investment for musicians who want a high-quality amplifier that can provide reliable performance for years to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Fender Bassman 500 Head's unique tube configuration contribute to its distinct tonal characteristics?

The Fender Bassman 500 Head is renowned for its rich, warm, and powerful tone that has become a staple of many genres of music. A significant factor in achieving this distinctive sound is the head's unique tube configuration. Specifically, it features four EF86 preamp tubes and four EL34 power tubes. The EF86 preamp tubes, which were first introduced by Fender in the early 1950s, are known for their ability to deliver a smooth, clean sound with plenty of midrange warmth and presence. They have a lower plate voltage than more common preamp tubes like the 12AX7 and 12AT7, which makes them less susceptible to microphonic feedback and distortion at higher volumes. The EL34 power tubes, on the other hand, are known for their ability to deliver a robust, full-bodied tone that is ideal for rock and blues styles. They have a higher plate voltage than some other power tube options like the KT66 or 6L6GC, which allows them to produce more harmonic overtones and midrange growl. The combination of these unique tube types in the Fender Bassman 500 Head results in a tonal signature that is both rich and warm, yet also powerful and punchy. The EF86 preamp tubes provide a smooth, transparent clean sound, while the EL34 power tubes add warmth, harmonic complexity, and sustain to notes and chords. Overall, the tube configuration of the Fender Bassman 500 Head is a key component in creating its distinctive tonal character, which has made it a go-to choice for musicians across generations and genres.