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Experience the authentic tone and touch of a grand piano with the Roland RP701, perfect for intermediate players looking for a reliable and realistic playing experience!



The Roland RP701 is a digital piano that offers a realistic and immersive playing experience. The piano comes with a range of features to accommodate beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players.

Firstly, the RP701 has a responsive PHA-4 standard keyboard that feels and sounds like an acoustic piano. The keys have a weighted mechanism that provides an authentic piano experience, without the noise associated with traditional pianos. Also, the keyboard has a dynamic motion that allows advanced players to express themselves with different levels of articulation.

Secondly, the RP701 comes with a range of sounds that will enable you to play a variety of songs. The digital piano has four different piano sounds that suit different playing styles, including the classic grand, Upright Piano, and electric Piano. Also, the piano has a range of more than 300 sounds, including strings, choirs, reeds, and brass instruments.

Thirdly, the RP701 has intuitive connectivity that allows players to interact with the piano. The digital piano connects to a range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. The piano has a USB audio recorder that allows you to record your performances and play them later or share them with friends or music producers. The piano also comes with a Bluetooth MIDI function that allows you to play music from your phone or computer.

Lastly, the RP701 is affordable for players who prefer a digital piano that suits their budget. The price of the piano is lower than traditional pianos, making it a wise investment for beginners and intermediate players who want to learn and improve their playing skills.

To sum up, the Roland RP701 is a digital piano that delivers a realistic and immersive playing experience. The piano has a range of features, including an authentic keyboard, versatile sound options, intuitive connectivity, and affordable pricing. Therefore, if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player looking for a piano that will suit your playing needs and budget, the RP701 is an excellent choice.

Roland RP701 properties

Product name RP701
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Key Functions Split, Touch Sensitive
Pre-Programmed Songs Yes
Pre-Programmed Effects Yes
Portable No
Speakers Yes
Supported Audio Files MP3, WAV
Connections 3.5mm (Aux), 6.3mm (1/4″RTS), Headphone, USB
Colour Black, White, Wood
Power Supply Electrical Cable to Wall Socket

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument

Number of Keys

Key Functions


Pre-Programmed Songs

Pre-Programmed Effects



Supported Audio Files



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Power Supply

1 review for Roland RP701

  1. Geoffrey Fleming

    It’s really hard to buy something better for this money. The dynamics, operation and feel of the keyboard are decent and do not differ from electric pianos such as Roland – a piece of furniture – in the price range of 3-4 thousand. PLN, and we also get many other functions.

    It may look like a keyboard, but this piece of equipment is definitely not. It can be successfully used as a piano for learning to play and practice, and after buying a portable stand (and a case) also for all kinds of performances and chats.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I connect my Roland RP701 to external speakers for improved sound quality?

To connect your Roland RP-701 digital piano to external speakers for improved sound quality, you'll need a stereo audio cable. Here are the steps to follow:
1. Make sure your Roland RP-701 is powered on.
2. Locate the "AUDIO OUT" jacks on the back of the instrument. There should be two jacks labeled L (left) and R (right).
3. Purchase a stereo audio cable with RCA connectors on one end and dual 1/4-inch TRS connectors on the other. This cable will allow you to connect your Roland RP-701 directly to an external speaker system or amplifier.
4. Connect the RCA plugs of the cable to the "AUDIO OUT" jacks on the back of your Roland RP-701. The L (left) jack should be connected to the left RCA connector and the R (right) jack should be connected to the right RCA connector.
5. Connect the dual 1/4-inch TRS connectors of the cable to the corresponding inputs on your external speaker system or amplifier. Make sure that one of the connectors is connected to the left input and the other is connected to the right input.
6. Adjust the volume levels on both your Roland RP-701 and your external speakers as needed for optimal sound quality.

How does the Super Natural Piano technology in the Roland RP701 differ from that found in traditional digital pianos?

The Super Natural Piano technology in the Roland RP701 sets it apart from traditional digital pianos in several ways. Unlike typical digital pianos, which use sampled sounds that are triggered by keys being pressed, the Super Natural Piano system uses a complex algorithm to analyze and interpret the behavior of actual acoustic piano strings, hammers, and other parts. This allows for a more authentic and nuanced playing experience, with details such as sympathetic resonance and key-off noise reproduced faithfully. Additionally, the RP701 features a unique hybrid wooden/plastic keybed that combines the stability of synthetic materials with the natural feel of wood, further enhancing the realism and responsiveness of the instrument.

How does the Roland RP701's SuperNATURAL Piano Sound technology deliver a rich, highly detailed piano tone that responds realistically to the touch and dynamics of your playing?

The Roland RP701 digital piano is equipped with SuperNATURAL Piano Sound technology, which delivers a rich, highly detailed piano tone that responds realistically to the touch and dynamics of your playing. This advanced technology uses sophisticated modeling techniques to replicate the complex interplay between notes' frequencies and overtones, resulting in a truly authentic and immersive piano experience. The RP701's keyboard features Roland's patented PHA-4 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard, which provides a realistic touch that responds to the nuances of your playing, from delicate pianissimos to bold fortissimos. Additionally, the RP701's dynamic string and damper resonance simulate the natural sympathetic vibrations of the entire piano, adding depth and richness to every note. Overall, the SuperNATURAL Piano Sound technology in the Roland RP701 ensures that you can enjoy a truly exceptional piano experience, whether you are an experienced pianist or just starting out.