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Experience the perfect harmony of elegance and performance with Roland DP603, the ultimate piano for modern living spaces.

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The Roland DP603 is a digital piano that offers a performance as close to an acoustic piano as possible. It is an elegantly designed piano that fits perfectly into any room, providing an exceptional sound and feel to those who play it. The DP603 is a perfect choice for anyone who desires a high-quality digital piano.


The DP603 has been designed with the user in mind, and the finish of the piano is simply stunning. It is a contemporary instrument with a sleek black finish and modern lines. It has a slim profile, measuring only 35cm deep, and comes equipped with a foldable lid that protects the keys while not in use.


The Roland DP603 is a digital piano that offers an incredibly authentic sound. It employs Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology which creates a sound that is as close to an acoustic piano as possible. The DP603 has a powerful 4-speaker audio system which provides a dynamic and rich sound that will satisfy even the most demanding pianists.

Touch and Feel

The feel of the DP603 is second to none. It features a hammer-action keyboard that features escapement and ivory feel keys. This makes for a realistic touch that mimics the feel of an acoustic piano. The touch is not too heavy nor too light and has been designed to be as responsive as possible.


The DP603 is loaded with features that are designed to enhance the playing experience. It has a headphone output which allows you to practice without disturbing others, and it also has an audio input that allows you to connect external devices. The piano is also compatible with Bluetooth which means you can use it to stream music from your smartphone or tablet.


The Roland DP603 is an excellent digital piano that offers a superb sound and feel. It is an elegant and stylish instrument that will appeal to anyone seeking a high-quality digital piano. It is both responsive and dynamic, and its features make it perfect for any learning, practicing or performance environment.

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Product name DP603
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano

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Keyboard Instrument

2 reviews for Roland DP603

  1. Unkowon

    The perfect digital piano for beginners and for learning to play the keyboards. It sounds very interesting, we have 10 different sound functions and many more hidden by the keys. Very minimalist and simple finish, only a function button, power on and volume. It is true that the instrument is heavy, but professionally made. The keys usually reflect the piano very well, they work practically the same. If you want to switch to an ordinary piano in the future, this product is definitely for you! I recommend!

  2. James

    As a seasoned musician, I have owned many keyboard instruments throughout the years. However, my experience with the Roland brand, specifically with their DP603 model, has left me thoroughly impressed. This stage piano undoubtedly deserves a 5-star rating.

    Firstly, Roland is a highly respected brand amongst pianists for many reasons. Their products are known for exceptional sound quality, expert craftsmanship, and user-friendly interfaces. The DP603 is no exception to this reputation. This particular digital piano is designed to look and feel like a traditional upright piano, making it a perfect choice for pianists who want the feel of an acoustic instrument but with the added benefits of digital technology.

    The DP603 has an incredible sound quality – the SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling provides a rich, authentic piano sound that is hard to match in other digital pianos. The PHA-50 keyboard keys are just as impressive, striking a perfect balance between playing feel and durability. The ivory-like keys, combined with the escapement action, mimic the sensation of playing a grand piano.

    Comparing the DP603 to other known digital piano models, it stands out as one of the most exceptional options currently available. Other models, such as Yamaha’s Clavinova or Kawai’s CA Series, hit similar marks of quality, yet the DP603 simply stands out from the crowd with its features. It has a sleek design, user-friendly interface and mobile connectivity built-in. Additionally, with its availability in Contemporary Black, Contemporary White, and Elegant Polished Ebony finishes, the DP603 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to style.

    In conclusion, the Roland DP603 is an outstanding digital piano that has exceeded my expectations. Its sound quality, keyboard feel, and design are exceptional, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and seasoned players alike. The DP603 stands out in comparison to other models in its range and ensures an enjoyable playing experience for anyone who chooses it.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the input/output configuration of the Roland DP603 digital piano, specifically related to connecting to external devices or recording functionality?

The Roland DP603 digital piano has a standard USB connection for both playing and recording. The headphone jack can be used with an external microphone for recording purposes. Additionally, it comes with a built-in metronome that allows for simplified practice and rehearsal sessions. To connect to external devices such as keyboards or MIDI controllers, the DP603 utilizes its USB connection and can be easily configured via Roland's GP-30 digital piano controller or GP-40 keyboard expansion pack. It also offers wireless connectivity through Bluetooth technology, allowing for easy pairing with compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets.