Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII


Experience crystal-clear sound quality and limitless creative possibilities with the Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII guitar amp.

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Introducing the Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII Guitar Amp – a game-changer in the world of guitar amps! If you’re looking for an amp that unleashes exceptional sound quality, a plethora of effects, and more versatility than you ever thought possible, this amp has got you covered.

With the Spider V 30 MkII, Line 6 has incorporated some innovative features that truly set it apart from its predecessors. This amp has exceptional dynamics that deliver exquisite sound quality, and there’s never a dull moment when exploring the realm of effects on this amp. The 30 MkII has over 200 amp, cab and effect models at your disposal, giving you the ability to explore every tone possibility under the sun. Plus, it’s easy to create your own sounds as you go along.

Another impressive feature of the Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII is the fact that it comes with a smartphone app, allowing you to control your amp right from your phone. This means remote control over everything – from tone shaping to preset editing, you can make easy adjustments using Bluetooth connectivity.

This amp is also equipped with a built-in tuner, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing a separate tuner – this one has got you covered. Additionally, the Spider V 30 MkII boasts a USB interface slot, allowing you to easily connect your laptop or other devices to it, giving you the ability to record high-quality sounds with minimal effort.

The Spider V 30 MkII is a compact amp, with a 30-watt system, making it ideal for practicing at home or small gigs. Still, thanks to its robust sound quality, it offers a full and rich sound that is bound to impress any audience.

In conclusion, the Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII Guitar Amp is an all-in-one solution for any guitarist seeking a versatile, easy-to-use, and powerful amp. With its exceptional sound quality, extensive effects, and smartphone app, this amp is a value-packed choice, and it’s bound to take your guitar playing to the next level. So, get your hands on one today and get ready to be blown away!

Line 6 Spider V 30 MkII properties

Product name Spider V 30 MkII
Brand Line 6
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Acoustic, Looper
Features Tuner for Instrument
Connection Outputs Headphones 3.5mm
Power Output (RMS) 30.0 W
Colour Black
Wireless Communication App for Control

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Wireless Communication


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