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Experience the power of synthesis with the Waldorf STVC, a next-generation synthesizer that blends virtual and analog sound technology to create innovative sounds.

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The Waldorf STVC synthesizer is a unique model that offers a range of features and capabilities for musicians, producers, and sound designers. This innovative synthesizer not only provides top-quality sound generation but also a wide range of filter options, modulation sources, and effects processors, and it is based on the Waldorf Wave and Streichfett synthesizers.

One of the most distinctive features of the STVC is the combination of a full-featured synthesizer with an advanced vocoder, allowing users to create complex and organic sounds. The synth section of the STVC uses two oscillators with a variety of waveforms and the ability to blend them, and there is also a sub oscillator for creating bass sounds.

In addition to the standard filter types, the STVC offers a range of unique filters, including comb filter, formant filter, and string filter. The synth also provides multiple modulation sources, including an arpeggiator and a step sequencer, as well as an LFO that can be synced to the internal tempo and a comprehensive modulation matrix.

The Waldorf STVC also features an advanced vocoder with a traditional 20-band design and a versatile matrix matrix that can be used for routing different modulation sources to the vocoder. The vocoder also includes a range of different waveforms that can be used to generate a variety of vocal effects, and there are also two different types of chorus, reverb, and delay that can be applied to the vocoder signal.

Another standout feature of the STVC is the extensive expressive control options, primarily through the use of four assignable control knobs, which can be assigned to individual parameters or used as a performance control for adjusting multiple parameters at once. The STVC also includes a touch-sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, allowing for further expression and modulation options.

In terms of connectivity, the STVC comes with a range of inputs and outputs, including MIDI in/out/thru, USB, and analog audio outputs. The STVC also includes a built-in USB audio interface, allowing users to easily record and process audio within their computer-based setup.

Overall, the Waldorf STVC synthesizer is a versatile and powerful tool for sound synthesis, vocoding, and performance. It combines the best of modern and classic synthesizer technology, making it ideal for a wide range of musical applications.

Waldorf STVC properties

Product name STVC
Brand Waldorf
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Black

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Waldorf STVC's proprietary Vector Synthesis technology differ from traditional subtractive synthesis methods?

The Waldorf STVC's proprietary Vector Synthesis technology differs significantly from traditional subtractive synthesis methods. While subtractive synthesis involves starting with a rich, complex waveform and then removing frequencies to create new sounds, Vector Synthesis operates by adding together multiple simple waveforms to create more complex and dynamic results. This allows for a greater degree of flexibility and manipulation in sound creation, as each vector can be adjusted independently for precise control over the overall output. Additionally, Vector Synthesis enables the creation of unique and intricate textures and timbres that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with subtractive synthesis alone.