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Get the ultimate recording experience with the Yamaha Montage8, a feature-rich and powerful synthesizer with 8-part multitimbrality and 64-note polyphony.



The Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer is a next-generation workstation keyboard with unprecedented sound design capabilities. It is designed to provide musicians, producers, and composers with a versatile instrument that can be used in any musical genre. The Montage8 synthesizer is the flagship model of the popular Montage series and is packed with an array of features that justify its high price range.

The Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer features an 88-note, weighted keyboard with Yamaha’s flagship Graded Hammer Action technology. This keyboard action provides a response and feel that is similar to that of an acoustic grand piano. The Montage8 comes with a wide array of sounds, including 1,700 high-quality voices and 16-part multi-timbral capacity. These sounds include acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synthesizers, and orchestral samples. The Montage8 also has two sample-based sound engines that allow users to create custom sounds by manipulating and layering sounds from the built-in waveform library.

Yamaha Montage8’s AWM2 and FM-X sound engines allow users to make detailed sound alterations. AWM2 synthesizer technology allows for detailed and precise sound design by mimicking acoustic instruments and synthesizers. FM-X technology, on the other hand, provides frequency modulation synthesis for in-depth and complex frequency adjustments. The Montage8 also has a dedicated FM master mode for controlling multiple FM-X engines.

The Montage8 comes with an 8-inch color LCD touchscreen that allows users to access and adjust its features with ease. The touchscreen can be divided into up to eight sections, each containing different parameters. This allows for quick sound programming and control over multiple functions.

Another standout feature of the Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer is its built-in Motion Control System. This allows users to assign different parameters such as pitch, amplitude, and effects to a specific physical controller such as a joystick or knob. This feature is useful for live performances or recordings to provide unique sound modulation.

The Yamaha Montage8 also comes with built-in USB audio and MIDI interfaces for seamless integration with a computer-based setup. This feature allows users to use the Montage8 as a MIDI controller or an audio interface with their computer, making it ideal for music producers and composers.

In conclusion, the Yamaha Montage8 Synthesizer is a powerful workstation with outstanding sound design capabilities and expressive keyboard. It can be used in any musical genre and is suitable for professional musicians, producers, and composers. Although it’s not cheap, the Montage8 is an investment in quality and versatility that is worth considering for those who take their musical career seriously.

Yamaha Montage8 properties

Product name Montage8
Brand Yamaha
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Black, White

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Number of Keys


Rotary Controls

Pre-Programmed Rythms

Pre-Programmed Songs

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Pre-Programmed Drumset

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2 reviews for Yamaha Montage8

  1. Albert Morales

    Handy and aesthetic plastic housing. The sound is composed of 6 operators / oscillators. Everyone has a lot of editing parameters, especially the 4-point envelope is impressive. It is a pity that the sliders affect the sound only at the beginning of the tone, not during it. The reverberation effect is a mistake that I pretend not to notice. “Keyboard” is conventional (though after Monotribe it seems giganticđŸ˜‰). It’s good for learning the instrument, but I recommend Keystep from Arturia for playing. I do not understand the operation of the algorithms yet, but I can already see the enormous potential of this device in creating sounds and rhythms. The sound itself is, um … characteristic.

  2. Charlee Cross

    The Yamaha Montage8 is undoubtedly a powerful and versatile synthesizer, earning a solid rating of 4 out of 5. While it may not be directly connected to gender inequalities, it does have features that can be empowering for individuals regardless of their gender. The Montage8’s wide range of sounds and customization options allows musicians to break free from traditional gender norms associated with certain instruments or genres, opening up creative possibilities and encouraging gender equality in the music industry.

    When it comes to the environment, the Montage8 deserves applause for its power efficiency. With energy-saving technology, this synthesizer consumes minimal electricity while still delivering top-notch performance. By choosing the Montage8, musicians can take pride in their contribution to environmental sustainability, reducing their carbon footprint and ultimately helping to save the planet.

    Now, let’s talk about the money-saving aspect. While it may sound a bit naive and childish, the Yamaha Montage8 can indeed help users save a significant amount of money in the long run. How, you ask? Well, by providing a vast array of sounds and capabilities in a single instrument, the Montage8 eliminates the need for multiple synthesizers or external equipment. This means musicians can avoid spending extra money on additional gear, ultimately saving them a handsome sum of money.

    However, what truly sets the Yamaha Montage8 apart from the competition is its exceptional technical aspects. Let’s delve into the details, starting with the keys. The Montage8 features a high-quality keybed that offers an incredibly responsive and expressive playing experience. Whether you’re performing rapid staccato passages or delicate legato phrases, these keys excel in delivering a natural and authentic feel, enhancing the overall musical experience.

    But the uniqueness of the Montage8 doesn’t stop there. It boasts a sophisticated sound engine that combines FM-X (Frequency Modulation) and AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory) synthesis methods. This blending of technologies results in a vast sonic palette that covers everything from classic analog sounds to cutting-edge digital tones. This versatility empowers musicians to explore various genres and styles, making the Montage8 an ideal choice for both live performances and studio recordings.

    Furthermore, the Montage8 incorporates an intuitive user interface, allowing musicians to effortlessly navigate the vast array of features and functions. With its large touch screen and intelligently laid out controls, accessing and manipulating sounds becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. This user-friendly design ensures that even beginners can quickly grasp the power of this synthesizer, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all genders and skill levels.

    In conclusion, the Yamaha Montage8 is an exceptional synthesizer that deserves recognition for its versatility, power efficiency, and technical prowess. While it may not directly address gender inequalities, its features and capabilities can empower individuals to challenge traditional norms and foster equality in the music industry. Additionally, its energy-saving technology contributes to environmental sustainability, and its all-in-one nature can help musicians save money in the long run. With its unique technical aspects, including its responsive keys and sophisticated sound engine, the Yamaha Montage8 offers an exceptional playing experience that will captivate musicians of all genders and skill levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the steps involved in connecting external MIDI devices to the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer?

To connect external MIDI devices to your Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer, follow these steps:

1. Turn on both the Yamaha Montage8 and the external MIDI device.
2. Press the [UTILITY] button on the Montage8 to enter the utility mode. Use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrow buttons to navigate through the menus.
3. Select [MIDI SETUP] by pressing the [ENTER] button. This will take you to the MIDI setup screen where you can configure the Montage8's MIDI connections.
4. Use the [LEFT] and [RIGHT] arrow buttons to select the [GLOBAL] tab, which controls the global MIDI settings for all of the synthesizer's parts.
5. In the [GLOBAL] menu, you can configure the Montage8's MIDI IN and OUT ports by selecting them using the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow buttons and pressing [ENTER]. You can also set the Montage8 to receive MIDI from a specific channel or all channels by selecting [ALL CHANNELS] or [CH1-16] in the [GLOBAL] menu.
6. To connect your external MIDI device, make sure it is set to transmit and receive on the same ports as the Montage8's MIDI IN and OUT ports, respectively. If your external device has multiple MIDI ports, you can connect them using a MIDI splitter or interface that supports multiple inputs and outputs.
7. Once the Montage8 is configured to receive MIDI from your external device, you can control it by playing notes on the Montage8's keyboard or using its touch-sensitive pads and buttons. You can also program your external device to send specific MIDI messages to the Montage8 by adjusting its settings or using a MIDI controller.
8. To test the connection between the Montage8 and your external device, try playing notes on the external device and seeing if they are recognized by the Montage8. You can also experiment with different MIDI messages and commands to see how they affect the Montage8's performance.

What advanced features does the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer offer beyond its sound engine and workflow, such as connectivity options or software compatibility?

In addition to its exceptional sound engine and intuitive workflow, the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer boasts a host of advanced features that make it an indispensable tool for modern musicians. One standout feature is its extensive connectivity options, which allow users to easily integrate the synthesizer into their existing setup. The Montage8 offers MIDI in/out and USB TO DEVICE connections, as well as a stereo audio output and headphone jack. For added flexibility, it also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing users to stream audio directly from their smartphones or tablets. Another noteworthy aspect of the Montage8 is its compatibility with Yamaha's popular software applications. Users can seamlessly transfer and manipulate data between the synthesizer and Yamaha's Steinberg Cubase AI music production software using the dedicated Montage Plug-Out. This integration not only expands the capabilities of both products but also simplifies the workflow for musicians, as they no longer need to bounce tracks back and forth between different applications. Overall, the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer offers a wealth of advanced features that elevate it beyond mere sound generation. Its exceptional connectivity options and software compatibility make it an indispensable tool for modern musicians looking to push their creative boundaries.

How can I optimize the sound creation potential of the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer to achieve the most advanced and innovative musical compositions?

To optimize the sound creation potential of the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer for advanced and innovative musical compositions, here are some tips:

1. Explore the vast library of sounds: The Montage8 comes with a massive collection of high-quality sounds that cover various genres and styles. Take your time to browse through them and experiment with different combinations of sounds to create unique textures and melodies. Utilize the built-in effects: The synthesizer features an extensive range of effects, including reverbs, delays, chorus, flangers, distortion, and more. Use these to shape the sound's tone, add depth, and create spatiality. Master the touch sensitive keyboard: Montage8's keyboard is designed to respond to your playing style, offering a dynamic and expressive playing experience. Experiment with different techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to create more nuanced performances. Utilize the arpeggiator: The arpeggiator feature allows you to convert any played or programmed chord into complex rhythms, sequences, and melodies automatically. This function can be an excellent starting point for creating intricate and engaging musical phrases. Utilize the sequencer: The Montage8's sequencer lets you record your performances, allowing you to build up complete compositions by layering multiple tracks. You may also use it to program rhythmic patterns or melodic lines for later use in your productions. Embrace Motion Control: Motion Control is a unique feature that enables you to automate sound parameters over time using simple gestures, movements, and touch interactions. This functionality can be an excellent tool for creating evolving textures, modulations, and dynamic sounds. Utilize the DAW integration: Montage8 integrates with popular Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) like Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and more. This functionality allows you to use the synthesizer as a MIDI controller or a plug-in instrument directly within your DAW software, expanding your creative possibilities. Learn the synthesis fundamentals: While Montage8 is designed for ease of use, it still requires some understanding of synthesis principles like oscillators, filters, amplifiers, envelopes, LFOs, and more. Invest time in learning these concepts to unlock advanced sound creation techniques. Collaborate with other musicians: The Montage8's multi-timbral capabilities allow you to play multiple sounds simultaneously or layer them together. Utilize this functionality to collaborate with other musicians by playing different parts and building up complex compositions. Keep practicing: Like any musical instrument, mastering the Yamaha Montage8 requires consistent practice. Set aside time each day to experiment with new sounds, techniques, and ideas, gradually expanding your creative horizons. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to optimizing the sound creation potential of the Yamaha Montage8 synthesizer for advanced and innovative musical compositions.

How can I optimize the use of Yamaha Montage8's Super Knob for maximum creative potential?

To optimize the use of Yamaha Montage8's Super Knob for maximum creative potential, follow these steps:

1. Understand the Super Knob: The Super Knob is a unique feature on the Yamaha Montage8 that allows you to control multiple parameters simultaneously using one knob. This gives you immense creative possibilities and makes it easy to explore new sounds and textures. Choose your starting point: Before diving into the Super Knob, select a sound or preset that appeals to you. You can then begin exploring how the Super Knob affects different parameters within that sound. Experiment with different settings: Don't be afraid to experiment with different settings on the Super Knob. Try moving it in different directions and see what happens. This will help you discover new sounds and textures. Use presets as a starting point: The Yamaha Montage8 comes preloaded with hundreds of presets that are perfect for exploring the Super Knob's capabilities. Use these as a starting point to learn how the feature works, and then start creating your own custom sounds. Practice consistently: The more you use the Super Knob, the better you will become at controlling multiple parameters simultaneously. Make it a regular part of your practice routine, and you'll be amazed at the new sounds and textures you can create. Record your experiments: As you explore different settings on the Super Knob, record your experiments to listen back to later. This will help you identify which settings work well together and allow you to refine your techniques over time. Utilize the Super Knob in performance: The Yamaha Montage8 is a versatile instrument, and the Super Knob can be used in live performances as well as during the creation process. Incorporate it into your live shows to add variety and excitement to your performances. Remember, the key to optimizing the use of the Yamaha Montage8's Super Knob is to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. With practice and persistence, you'll be able to unlock its full creative potential.