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Get ready to captivate audiences with the Roland V-Combo VR-09, an all-in-one, realistic-sounding performance keyboard with an intuitive design.



Roland V-Combo VR-09 Synthesizer: A Versatile Instrument for the Modern Musician

Musicians and music enthusiasts have been using synthesizers for several decades, and their popularity has continued to grow over the years. Roland, a trusted brand in the music equipment industry, offers the V-Combo VR-09 Synthesizer that offers an exceptional combination of excellent sound quality, versatility, and portability.

The Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer comes with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for different music genres. Some of its key features include a 61-note keyboard with different sound engines, including Virtual Tone Wheel Organ, SuperNATURAL Synth, and PCM. The instrument also comes with a dedicated effects section, which comprises effects such as reverb, chorus, and rotary speaker.

As a musician, having access to different sounds is essential to creating a diverse and well-rounded musical experience. The Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer offers up to 223 sounds, including acoustic and electric pianos, clavs, organs, strings, brass, and more. Additionally, the instrument features a split-function that allows the player to split the keyboard into two sections, each with different sounds.

The Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer also offers exceptional playability, thanks to the velocity-sensitive keys that respond to how hard or soft the player strikes them. The keyboard has a light and compact design, which makes it an ideal choice for live performances or rehearsals.

One of the standout features of the Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer is its ease of use. The well-organized control panel allows the player to navigate through different sounds, effects, and functions effortlessly. The instrument also features a one-touch access feature that allows the player to access their favorite sounds quickly.

The Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer is a multi-functional instrument that works well in various music settings. The instrument’s keyboard is suitable for different music genres, including pop, rock, jazz, blues, and more. The instrument is also compatible with different sound systems, thanks to its multiple connectivity options, including USB MIDI, USB memory, and the ability to connect to external amplifiers and mixers.

In conclusion, the Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer is an excellent choice for musicians who are looking for a versatile instrument that offers excellent sound quality, portability, and ease of use. The instrument’s keyboard offers an exceptional playability experience, while the different sound engines and effects allow the player to create an expansive musical experience. Whether used for practice, recording, or live performances, the Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer is an instrument that can meet the needs of different players and music genres.

Roland V-Combo VR-09 properties

Product name V-Combo VR-09
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Pads Yes
Rotary Controls Yes

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument



Rotary Controls

1 review for Roland V-Combo VR-09

  1. Reynard Ogley

    The biggest disadvantage is the dimensions, as the cross 61 has been minimized to the minimum, and the cross bends in the 88 cross section in the other direction.

    Advantage: low weight, but in terms of size, it could definitely be smaller (it would be enough to be the width of the keyboard and deep to the display, then it would be perfect :))). There are a few cross-shaped tiles inside (I was a bit shocked), the keyboard alone raises the weight the most. Overall krossy recommendable. If someone knows how to beat the foam and likes to play with synthesizer sounds and record it all at the same time. Korg Kross 88 can go ahead and buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to update the firmware on my Roland V-Combo VR-09?

To update the firmware on your Roland V-Combo VR-09, follow these steps:

1. Download the latest version of the firmware for the Roland V-Combo VR-09 from the Roland website (
2. Connect your Roland V-Combo VR-09 to your computer using a USB cable. Make sure the VR-09 is turned off.
3. Extract the downloaded firmware file to a location on your computer. You should now have a folder containing the "upd" and "msc" files.
4. Copy these two files onto an SD card, making sure they are placed in the root directory of the SD card (i.e., not inside any other folders).
5. Insert the SD card into the Roland V-Combo VR-09's SD card slot and turn on the instrument.
6. Press and hold the [FUNC] button, then press the [PANEL] button to enter the Setup menu.
7. Use the [LEFT/RIGHT] buttons to navigate to "System," and then select it with the [SELECT] button.
8. Select "Firmware Update" by pressing the [UP/DOWN] button and choosing it with the [SELECT] button.
9. The VR-09 will now start updating its firmware. This process may take several minutes. Do not turn off the instrument during this time.
10. Once the update is complete, your Roland V-Combo VR-09 will restart and display a message confirming the successful update. You can now remove the SD card from the instrument.

What is the process for updating the firmware on my Roland V-Combo VR-09 keyboard?

To update your Roland V-Combo VR-09's firmware, follow these steps:

1. Download the latest version of Roland’s SYS-UPDATE software from their website (

2. Connect your VR-09 to a computer using a USB cable. Ensure that the computer's power is off and unplugged during this process.

3. Power on the VR-09 while holding down both the [PROG] and [USER] buttons simultaneously until you see "USB" appear on the display.

4. Run the SYS-UPDATE software and follow the prompts to update your VR-09's firmware. You may need to select your device from a list if the software does not automatically detect it.

5. Wait for the update process to complete, which can take several minutes depending on your system's speed and the size of the firmware update.

6. Once the update is finished, safely disconnect your VR-09 by selecting "Exit" in SYS-UPDATE software.

7. Power off your VR-09 using the [POWER] button located on the front panel.

8. Turn your VR-09 back on to verify that the update was successful and that all features and functionality work as expected.

If you encounter any issues during this process, consult Roland's support resources or contact their customer service department for further assistance.

How do I correctly program the SuperNATURAL sounds on my Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer for optimal performance and versatility?

Here are some general steps to follow when programming SuperNATURAL sounds on your Roland V-Combo VR-09 synthesizer:
1. Select the sound category: The first step is to choose a sound category that matches your desired style or genre of music, such as acoustic piano, electric guitar, or synth leads. You can access these categories by pressing the CATEGORY button on the main panel and then using the navigation buttons to scroll through the available options. Fine-tune the sound: Once you've selected a category, you can further refine the sound by adjusting various parameters such as attack, release, sustain, and tone. These settings can be accessed by pressing the SOUND MODIFY button on the main panel and then using the navigation buttons to select the desired parameter. Use the effects section: The V-Combo VR-09 has a powerful effects section that allows you to apply various processing to your sounds, such as reverb, delay, chorus, and distortion. You can access these effects by pressing the EFFECTS button on the main panel and then using the navigation buttons to select the desired effect. Customize the rhythm patterns: The V-Combo VR-09 comes with a large selection of built-in rhythm patterns that you can use as backing tracks for your performances or compositions. You can access these rhythms by pressing the RHYTHM button on the main panel and then using the navigation buttons to select the desired pattern. Save and recall your sounds: Once you've programmed a sound, be sure to save it to one of the preset slots for easy recall during future performances or sessions. You can do this by pressing the PRESET button on the main panel and then using the navigation buttons to select the desired slot. Utilize the SuperNATURAL engine: One of the key features of the V-Combo VR-09 is its SuperNATURAL technology, which allows for incredibly realistic and expressive sounds. To fully utilize this feature, be sure to use a MIDI controller with aftertouch capabilities, as this will allow you to apply nuanced variations in volume, pitch, and tone based on your touch and playing dynamics. Experiment with the various features: The V-Combo VR-09 has many other features that can help to enhance your performances and compositions, such as the arpeggiator, phrase loop, and real-time panel. Be sure to explore these options and find the ones that best suit your needs and preferences. Stay updated with software updates: Roland frequently releases software updates for its products, which may include new sounds or improvements to existing features. Be sure to check the company's website periodically to see if any updates are available for your V-Combo VR-09.

How does the SuperNATURAL Sound Engine in the Roland V-Combo VR-09 compare to traditional analog synthesis techniques, and what benefits does it offer for live performance situations?

The SuperNATURAL Sound Engine in the Roland V-Combo VR-09 is a digital sound generation technology that delivers a level of expressiveness and authenticity previously unattainable in keyboard instruments. While traditional analog synthesis techniques focus on generating sounds through the manipulation of electrical signals, the SuperNATURAL Engine takes a different approach by utilizing advanced algorithms to model the natural behaviors of musical instruments and their interactions with the environment. One of the key benefits of this technology for live performance situations is its ability to deliver incredibly realistic and nuanced sounds that respond naturally to player input. This means that performers can express themselves more fully and authentically, as the instrument responds intuitively to their touch, dynamics, and phrasing. Additionally, SuperNATURAL's advanced behavior modeling allows it to replicate the subtle nuances of acoustic instruments that are often lost in traditional analog synthesis techniques. Another significant advantage offered by SuperNATURAL is its ability to seamlessly blend and layer different sounds together, creating rich and complex textures that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using analog techniques alone. This makes it an ideal choice for musicians who require a wide range of sonic possibilities in their performances, allowing them to create highly expressive and dynamic compositions on the fly. Overall, the SuperNATURAL Sound Engine in the Roland V-Combo VR-09 offers live performers a level of sound quality, flexibility, and expression that is unmatched by traditional analog synthesis techniques. Its advanced modeling capabilities and ability to blend and layer sounds make it an ideal choice for musicians looking to push the boundaries of what's possible in live performance situations.