Korg Opsix Altered FM

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Discover a completely new world of sound with the revolutionary Korg Opsix Altered FM synthesizer – an instrument that lets you explore endless new possibilities in sound design!



Korg, the world-renowned musical instrument manufacturer, has recently released a new FM synthesizer called the Opsix. This innovative device combines the technology of classic FM synthesis with a modern twist, allowing musicians to create complex and unique sounds.

The Opsix is an intuitive and compact synthesizer that features six operators and over 40 algorithms, along with a variety of envelopes, filters and modulators. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool for sound design, whether you are a professional musician or just starting out.

One of the standout features of the Opsix is its ability to blend FM synthesis with subtractive synthesis, giving users the freedom to create hybrid sounds that were previously impossible. With its user-friendly interface and programmable settings, you can easily create a wide range of sounds, from classic DX7-style bells and keys to futuristic and unconventional sounds that push the boundaries of what is considered ‘musical’.

The Opsix also features a powerful effects section, including a versatile reverb that allows you to add depth and dimension to your sounds. There is also a built-in arpeggiator and sequencer, which makes it easy to create complex rhythmical patterns and sequences.

Another impressive aspect of the Opsix is its portability. Weighing in at just over 4 lbs (1.8kg), the Opsix is compact enough to fit on your desk or in your gig bag, making it perfect for musicians on-the-go who need to create music quickly and easily.

In conclusion, the Korg Opsix is a powerful and versatile FM synthesizer that is perfect for musicians looking to create unique and unconventional sounds. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Opsix is an essential tool for any musician who wants to explore the boundaries of sound design. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Korg Opsix today and start creating music like never before!

Korg Opsix Altered FM properties

Product name Opsix Altered FM
Brand Korg
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Synthesizer
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 37 pcs
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Modulation Wheel Yes
Pre-Programmed Effects Yes
Portable No
Supported Audio Files WAV
Connections 6.3mm (1/4″RTS), Headphone, MIDI, USB
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical Cable to Wall Socket

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Product type


Number of Keys


Rotary Controls

Modulation Wheel

Pre-Programmed Effects


Supported Audio Files


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Power Supply

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  1. slap

    I chose this instrument because Nahre Sol plays it. I am very impressed all the time, the possibilities of this little synthesizer are cosmic. It is a solid, versatile instrument that will appeal to those who like the Rhodes Piano sound.

    Great mono synth for the price. Despite its inconspicuous appearance, it is a monster. Great sound. Creating your own sounds is very simple. The only drawback I consider is the keyboard. It is quite stiff. There are no more minuses.

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