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The Orange Micro Dark guitar amp head delivers big tone in a compact package, perfect for practice or gigging on the go.

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The Orange Micro Dark guitar amp head is a compact and powerful amplifier that is designed for musicians who need a small and lightweight amplifier for practicing, recording, and gigging. With a weight of only 1.72 kg, this amplifier is easy to move around and transport, making it perfect for musicians who travel a lot. The Orange Micro Dark is versatile, with a wide range of tones that allows musicians to achieve the sound they desire.

The Orange Micro Dark has a unique appearance, with a black chassis and an orange front panel. The front panel features two mono-channel controls, which allow musicians to control the gain and volume of their guitar sound. The gain control allows the musician to achieve various levels of distortion, from a clean tone to a heavy metal sound. The volume control allows the musician to adjust the overall volume of the amplifier. There is also a shape control, which enables the musician to shape their guitar sound from a more scooped out tone to a mid-forward sound.

The Orange Micro Dark has a power output of 20 watts, which is powerful enough for small venues or playing at home. The amplifier has a 12AX7 preamp tube and a solid-state power section, which results in a warm and responsive sound. The amplifier has a speaker output that can be connected to any 8-16 ohm speaker cabinet.

In addition to its impressive sound quality, the Orange Micro Dark has a number of features that make it user-friendly. The amplifier has an effects loop, which allows musicians to connect their pedals and achieve a more expansive sound. The amplifier also has a built-in cab-sim, which makes it easy to record guitar tracks without needing a microphone or a speaker cabinet.

The Orange Micro Dark has received outstanding reviews from musicians and critics alike. Many have praised the amplifier’s versatility, citing the range of tones that can be achieved with the controls. Others have praised the amplifier’s compact size as well as its affordability.

In conclusion, the Orange Micro Dark guitar amp head is an excellent amplifier for musicians who are looking for a compact, versatile, and affordable amp. Its powerful sound and user-friendly features make it ideal for practicing, recording, and gigging. Whether you play rock, metal, blues, or any other genre, the Orange Micro Dark is sure to provide you with the sound quality and control you need.

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Product name Micro Dark
Brand Orange
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads

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  1. John

    Dear fellow guitar enthusiasts,

    I recently had the pleasure of purchasing the Orange Micro Dark Guitar Amplifier Heads from this online store, and I must say, I’m absolutely thrilled with my purchase. The buying process was a breeze, the product arrived promptly, and the quality exceeded my expectations. But what truly sets this amplifier apart is its power efficiency.

    Did you know that by choosing the Orange Micro Dark, you’re not only getting an exceptional sound but also doing your part to save the planet? According to recent studies, traditional guitar amps can consume up to 500 watts of power – enough to light a small village! The Orange Micro Dark, on the other hand, boasts a meager 16 watts. That’s right, folks – this amplifier packs a punch while saving you money on your electricity bill.

    But let’s not get too preachy about environmental conservation. After all, we’re guitar players, not tree huggers (although some of us from Wichita Falls might argue otherwise). Here are some tips for fellow buyers: always make sure the seller offers a warranty, and if possible, try before you buy to ensure the product meets your expectations. And for those looking to impress their audience with a unique sound, consider pairing the Orange Micro Dark with an effects pedal – trust me, the results will leave your listeners in awe.

    As for the brand itself, Orange is a well-respected name in the guitar industry, known for its innovative designs and superior sound quality. Their commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is evident in every product they produce, making them a trusted choice for guitarists of all levels.

    Now, about today’s news – have you heard about Steve Wright’s recent charge for the 1999 murder of Victoria Hall? It’s been over two decades since her disappearance, and this case has captivated the nation. As a musician, I can’t help but wonder what kind of music she might have been listening to on that fateful night. Rest in peace, Victoria – your memory lives on through the power of music.

    Until next time, keep rocking!

    Best regards,

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Orange Micro Dark's unique preamp design contribute to its versatility and tonal range, making it a popular choice among guitarists?

The Orange Micro Dark's unique preamp design is what sets it apart from other mini amps in terms of versatility and tonal range. Unlike traditional preamps that use fixed values for components like capacitors and resistors, the Micro Dark's preamp allows for variable values to be selected using dip switches. This means guitarists can customize their tone by adjusting parameters such as bass, mid, treble, gain, and presence. They can also switch between different voicings, such as clean or distorted, depending on their playing style and the type of music they're performing. The Micro Dark's preamp design is particularly popular among guitarists because it provides a wide range of tonal options without compromising on sound quality. The amp delivers Orange's signature high-gain tone that is both punchy and clear, making it suitable for a variety of genres from blues to rock to metal. Moreover, the Micro Dark's compact size makes it a practical choice for guitarists who need an amplifier that can be easily transported between gigs or rehearsals. Its battery-powered option also adds to its versatility and convenience. Overall, the Orange Micro Dark's unique preamp design is a major factor in its popularity among guitarists, as it allows for a high degree of tonal customization without sacrificing sound quality or portability.

What unique features does the Orange Micro Dark headset offer compared to other guitar amplifiers in its price range?

The Orange Micro Dark is not a traditional guitar amplifier, but rather a compact headphone amplifier designed for silent practice. However, it still offers some unique features that set it apart from other amps in its price range:

1. Authentic Orange tone: Despite its small size, the Micro Dark delivers the same iconic Orange tone that's made the brand famous among guitarists. This is achieved through the use of high-quality components and careful circuit design. Versatile EQ: The amp features a three-band EQ (bass, middle, treble) that allows you to shape your sound to suit your playing style and preferences. This is particularly useful when practicing in a quiet environment where every note counts. Built-in tuner: The Micro Dark includes a built-in chromatic tuner that makes it easy to keep your guitar in tune without the need for an external tuning device. Headphone jack with volume control: In addition to the standard 1/4" input jack, the amp features a separate headphone output with its own volume control. This allows you to listen at a lower level while still maintaining a consistent volume and tone. USB charging port: The Micro Dark includes a USB charging port that can be used to power other devices or charge your phone or tablet while you practice. Overall, the Orange Micro Dark offers a unique combination of features that make it an attractive choice for guitarists who want a high-quality, versatile amp for silent practice. Its compact size and affordable price point also make it a great option for beginners or anyone with limited space.