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Experience grand piano sound and performance with the Korg B1SP, an affordable and stylish digital piano that’s perfect for aspiring pianists.

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The Korg B1SP is an 88-key digital piano that is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike. This piano has been designed to offer a comfortable playing experience while delivering uncompromising sound quality. The B1SP is a package that includes the piano, a stand, and a three-pedal module. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes the Korg B1SP piano an excellent choice for learners and professionals with different needs and preferences.

Design and Build Quality:

One of the first things you will notice about this piano is its simple and elegant design. It has a clean and sleek appearance that would fit perfectly in any room. The piano is available in two finishes – black and white, and both options are equally stunning. As for the build quality, the Korg B1SP is built to last. The stand is made of wood, which is durable and robust, and the three-pedal unit is made of metal, making it sturdy and reliable.

The Keyboard:

The Korg B1SP piano features a full-sized, 88-key keyboard that offers a realistic playing experience. The keys are weighted and touch sensitive, which provides a similar feel to an acoustic piano. The touch response of the keys can be adjusted to suit the player’s preferences. The keyboard is also equipped with a sustain pedal, and the piano and stand come with a three-pedal unit that offers sustain, sostenuto, and soft pedal functions.

Sound Quality:

The Korg B1SP piano offers a rich and dynamic sound that is sure to impress even the most discerning audiophile. The piano features an advanced sampling system that captures the sound of a concert grand piano, producing realistic and natural-sounding tones. There are ten different voices to choose from, including two grand pianos, an electric piano, a harpsichord, and more. The piano also has built-in reverb and chorus effects to enhance the sound further.


The Korg B1SP piano comes equipped with a headphone jack, line output, and MIDI port. The headphone jack is handy for practicing without disturbing others, while the line output allows you to connect the piano to external speakers or a recording device. The MIDI port enables you to connect the piano to a computer for even more versatility.


The Korg B1SP piano is easy to set up and use. The stand is straightforward to assemble, and the piano can be attached to it quickly. The piano is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around if necessary. The piano also features a built-in music rest that can hold sheet music or books.


The Korg B1SP piano is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality digital piano with realistic sound and touch. The piano is easy to use, portable, and offers various connectivity options. The Korg B1SP piano is an excellent value and is perfect for beginners and advanced players alike.

Overall, it is a great option for anyone who wants to learn and enhance their playing skills.

Korg B1SP properties

Product name B1SP
Brand Korg
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument

2 reviews for Korg B1SP

  1. Stoper

    Very good price for an instrument with a full keyboard. Perfect for the beginning of your adventure with learning to play the piano. I recommend it, good price with such a high-quality instrument, great sound, nice appearance, great quality.

  2. Hadley

    Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with Korg B1SP! It is indeed a fantastic instrument for beginners or anyone on a budget who wants to explore the world of piano playing. The full-sized keyboard allows for more comfortable playing and better development of finger technique, which can be quite challenging when using smaller keyboards found in many digital pianos designed for beginners.

    However, I would like to present an alternative perspective on this matter. While I appreciate the value that Korg B1SP offers, I believe there are other factors to consider when choosing a digital piano, especially if you plan to invest more time and effort into learning. One important factor is the touch response of the keyboard, which can greatly affect your playing experience and skill development.

    Some users have reported that the key action on the Korg B1SP feels quite stiff, making it less enjoyable to play for extended periods of time. This might not be an issue for beginners who are just starting out and don’t have much technical knowledge about piano playing yet. However, as you advance in your skills, you may find yourself wanting a keyboard with a more responsive touch and better weighted action, which can simulate the feel of playing an acoustic piano more closely.

    Another consideration is the sound quality of the instrument. While the Korg B1SP does produce a decent sound, there are digital pianos on the market that offer a wider range of tones and more realistic samples of acoustic pianos. This can be especially helpful for those who want to experiment with different styles or genres of music.

    In conclusion, while Korg B1SP offers great value for money and is perfect for beginners, it might not meet the needs of advanced players or those looking for a more versatile instrument. It’s always important to weigh your options carefully and consider factors like touch response, sound quality, and additional features when choosing a digital piano that best suits your individual needs and goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What distinguishes the Korg B1SP from other digital pianos in terms of its unique stage piano features, including its speaker system and Bluetooth connectivity?"

The Korg B1SP is not your average digital piano. It stands out among other digital pianos due to its unique stage piano features that make it an exceptional choice for live performances. Here are some of the distinguishing factors:

1. Powerful Speaker System: The B1SP boasts a 30W x 2 speaker system, which is significantly more powerful than most digital pianos in its class. This means that the sound quality and projection are exceptional, making it perfect for live performances. Whether you're playing in a small venue or a large concert hall, the B1SP can fill the space with rich, full-bodied sound. Bluetooth Connectivity: One of the most innovative features of the Korg B1SP is its Bluetooth connectivity. You can easily connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the piano via Bluetooth and stream audio from these devices through the piano's speakers. This feature allows you to play along with your favorite songs or backing tracks, making it an excellent choice for practicing and live performances. USB-MIDI: The B1SP also supports USB-MIDI connectivity, which enables you to connect your MIDI devices such as synthesizers, drum machines, and computers directly to the piano. This feature expands its functionality beyond just a digital piano, making it an excellent choice for music production and live performances that require multiple instruments. Stereo Audio Input: The B1SP has a stereo audio input, which allows you to connect external audio sources such as a CD player or MP3 player, giving you the flexibility to play along with your favorite songs or backing tracks through the piano's speakers. MIDI Output: The B1SP also has a MIDI output that lets you connect it to other MIDI devices like synthesizers and drum machines, allowing you to use the piano as a master keyboard to control these external devices. In summary, the Korg B1SP's unique stage piano features such as its powerful speaker system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB-MIDI, stereo audio input, and MIDI output make it an exceptional choice for live performances, music production, and practice sessions. Its versatility and functionality set it apart from other digital pianos in the market.

How does the Korg B1SP digital piano differ from traditional acoustic pianos in terms of sound production technology?

The Korg B1SP digital piano differs from traditional acoustic pianos in terms of sound production technology in several ways. While an acoustic piano produces sound through the vibration of strings, which is then amplified by a soundboard and resonated by the body of the instrument, a digital piano like the B1SP uses sampling technology to reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano. This involves recording samples of individual notes played on a high-quality concert grand piano and then digitally reproducing those sounds when the keys are pressed on the digital piano. The B1SP also includes features such as weighted keys, which provide a more realistic touch sensitivity, and built-in effects, such as reverb and chorus, to enhance the overall sound experience. Additionally, digital pianos like the B1SP often offer additional functions such as recording capabilities, metronomes, and USB connectivity, that are not typically found on traditional acoustic pianos.

How does the enhanced natural wood grain finish on the Korg B1SP digital piano differ from traditional cabinet finishes?

The enhanced natural wood grain finish on the Korg B1SP digital piano is different from traditional cabinet finishes in that it offers a more realistic and detailed representation of natural wood grain patterns. While traditional cabinet finishes may have a more uniform and flat appearance, the enhanced natural wood grain finish on the B1SP is designed to mimic the look and feel of real wood, with intricate details and textures that add depth and dimension to the overall design. This attention to detail not only enhances the visual appeal of the piano but also helps to create a more immersive and authentic playing experience for musicians.