Epiphone Broadway

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Epiphone Broadway properties

Product name Broadway
Brand Epiphone
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Number of Strings 6 pcs
Built-in Microphone Yes
Handedness Right-handed
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway Single Cutaway
Size 4/4
Wood Type (body sides) Maple
Wood Type (neck) Maple
Colour Wood

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Product type

String Instruments

Number of Strings

Built-in Microphone


Number of Frets



Wood Type-body sides

Wood Type-neck


1 review for Epiphone Broadway

  1. Wirtus

    I think when I see this nonsensical opinion of the Shatanic user.

    “Hopeless guitar”. – maybe in your opinion it is hopeless, but somehow a friend on all4music says something else .. well .. I understand, you have the right to your own opinion, only that it should be objective …

    “The execution is terrible and the price is very high.” – I don’t know what you have to make this guitar, it is made of linden and rosewood, which are very good materials, there are no underdeveloped elements, it looks very nice and required the same as other Ibanezys for a much larger amount. Price? For some more it is bigger, for some it is smaller, I just paid $ 300 for it and I think this price is right for a guitar.

    “We mainly pay for the Ibanez logo itself.” – let’s not forget that Ibanez is one of the producers of electric guitars, so if it bothers you, you can buy “no name” and complain that there is no Ibanez logo that proves the quality of the product.

    The movable bridge is of very poor quality. – true, it’s poor quality, but what to use in a guitar for the price.

    “When wajchowania the guitar immediately detonates.” – when wajchowania each guitar detuns, and whether it is immediately or not, it is a matter of regulation, you may not buy such an outfit in these guitars from the regiment due to the poor quality bridge, but enough that you can from time to time entertain her.

    “The pickups engage on the amp.” Which purpose is guitar, the pickups don’t engage on the amp, huh?

    “The quality of the sound calls for vengeance to heaven. No matter if we want to play punk, rock or metal – each time the lampshades are very artificial and flat.” – they are not bad, you know, these are worse quality converters, but when we turn on the distortion on the stove or the effect, it does not matter. They also do not mention that the guitar sounds different on each stove, so if you listened to it on a 10W solid-state crap, don’t be surprised that the sound is not what you want …

    “For this price, we’ll buy a much better third-party guitar, but a better-made guitar.” – buy it yourself, and it’s best to give examples, because that’s how everyone can write …

    “Dry guitar doesn’t sound at all – like you’re a hole in a box.” – No electric guitar sounds, because it has no hole in the box … it doesn’t sound dry, only wet … besides, you can hear it well from what you hear, well, I guess you compare it to the acoustician, I’m sorry …

    “I advise against buying equipment, even for beginners.” – and I recommend it very much, especially to beginners, because it is a very comfortable guitar to play and looks very nice, enough to start with. Because if you want to continue playing out of passion, you order a guitar from a good luthier and then it is perfect.

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