Boss Katana-50 MK II

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The Boss Katana-50 MK II guitar amp delivers exceptional sound and versatility, making it the perfect choice for guitarists of all levels.




The Boss Katana-50 MK II guitar amp is an absolute powerhouse that caters to all guitar players, from beginners to professionals. This five-decade-strong company, known for its high-quality amps and processors, has managed to outdo themselves with this latest iteration – the Boss Katana-50 MK II.

This guitar amp is designed to satisfy guitarists’ desire for sound quality, reliability, affordability, and portability. With 50 watts of power and a custom 12-inch speaker, it delivers professional-level sound in a compact and smart package. The amp features a vast range of sounds that makes it ideal for any genre, from jazz to rock to metal, and every genre in between. The Boss Katana-50 MK II has a four-channel preamp that has been refined to provide a more extensive range of tones and is more user-friendly than ever.

Another impressive feature of this guitar amp is its versatility. You can select from five distinct amp characters, all of which are rich in sound and perfect for different styles of music. You can choose between a clean, crunch, lead, brown, or acoustic guitar character, which lets you alter your sound in any way you would like. Pair this with the BOSS Tone Studio software, and you can fine-tune your sound with maximum precision.

The Boss Katana-50 MK II also has a wealth of effects, including Boost, Modulation, Delay, Reverb, FX (set to channel), and Pan. The effects are well-designed, providing just the right amount of customization without becoming too complicated or overwhelming for beginners. You can control all the effects from the panel itself, giving you an immersive playing experience.

Along with its impressive sonic capabilities, the Boss Katana-50 MK II also features a power control setting, which provides you with the ability to alter the wattage output. This feature is great when playing at lower volumes, preserving your sound and tone, while still allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the amp’s power.

To sum up, the Boss Katana-50 MK II is one of the most versatile and affordable guitar amps available in the market today. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned guitarist because this guitar amp will cater to your needs effortlessly. With its vast range of sounds, tweakable controls, and affordable cost, the Boss Katana-50 MK II is the ultimate guitar amp that will provide you with an utterly satisfying playing experience.

Boss Katana-50 MK II properties

Product name Katana-50 MK II
Brand Boss
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Acoustic, Boost, Brown, Clean, Crunch, Delay, Lead, Presence, Resonance, Reverb
Sound Setting Bass, Equalizer, Middle, Treble
Connection Inputs Foot Switch Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Elements Amount Bass 1
Power Output (RMS) 50.0 W
Amplifier Model Tube
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical, USB
Height 398.0 mm
Depth 238.0 mm
Width 470.0 mm
Weight 11.6 kg

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Sound Effects

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Sound Setting

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Connection Inputs

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS

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3 reviews for Boss Katana-50 MK II

  1. Mckow

    A great column simulator. I fell in love with the space that Ox adds – surf rock sounds divine. Lots of ready-made presets and the ability to create your own. Footswitch control! 🙂 Unfortunately, Ox has some disadvantages. The sound creation app is for Mac / iPhone / Win only; android app is missing. To fully enjoy the created sound, the signal must be sent in stereo. And the biggest disadvantage is the mono input, so if someone wants to play sound from two amplifiers, he must have two Oxs. The funniest are the three USB ports that have no function 🙂

  2. Austin

    Hello, I’m Austin here. I still remember the thrill and excitement I felt when I purchased the Boss Katana-50 MK II from this online shop back in July. As a dedicated guitarist, owning an amplifier of this caliber was a long-awaited dream come true for me.

    But what sets the Boss Katana-50 MK II apart goes beyond just being a high-quality guitar amplifier. I’m passionate about reducing my carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet, and the Boss Katana-50 MK II aligns perfectly with that goal. This amp boasts an impressive power efficiency rating, which means less energy consumed while delivering outstanding sound quality. It may seem like a small step, but collectively, we can make a big difference.

    Now, let me delve into the technical aspects of what makes the Boss Katana-50 MK II stand out among other guitar amplifiers on the market. Its innovative Tube Logic design integrates vacuum tubes in its preamp and power amp sections to deliver an authentic tube sound while keeping power consumption low. Additionally, it offers five customizable tone settings, a built-in digital effects processor, and a tap tempo function for seamless control over your sound.

    The Boss Katana-50 MK II’s power output-RMS is rated at 50.0W, which makes it the perfect companion for small venues or practice sessions in my home studio. This amp not only provides remarkable tone and versatility but also carries a sense of responsibility towards the environment it’s truly a game changer for guitarists who care about their craft and our planet.

  3. Jose

    As a music lover and proud owner of the Boss Katana-50 MK II amp, I discovered a minor issue with this fantastic device – it tends to produce too much noise in enclosed spaces, even when set to lower volumes. This can be incredibly frustrating during practice sessions or small performances, causing unwanted feedback and echoes. However, after some research, I came across an easy fix that has worked wonders for me. By placing a rug or thick mat under the amp, I’m able to absorb some of those excess sound waves, reducing feedback and improving overall sound quality. Additionally, using acoustic panels on nearby walls can further minimize echoes. If you’re also facing this issue with your guitar amplifier, I highly recommend giving these solutions a try!

    In other news, recent developments regarding social media platforms in Brazil have left me concerned about online privacy and freedom of expression. With court orders and potential fines or office closures forcing popular accounts to be blocked, it’s crucial that we continue advocating for these values and holding companies like Twitter-turned-X accountable for their actions in protecting them. Let’s stay vigilant and support efforts towards a more open and inclusive internet!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key differences between Boss Katana-50 MK I and Boss Katana-50 MK II guitar amplifiers?

The Boss Katana-50 MK I and Katana-50 MK II are both 50-watt, combo guitar amplifiers. Here are the key differences between them:
1. Aesthetic Changes: The most visible difference is the cosmetic appearance of the two amps. The MK II has a different grille cloth and control panel design compared to the MK I. Channel Controls: The Katana-50 MK II has an additional channel control knob which gives you more flexibility in controlling your sound. It also has a "Clean+Boost" switch that can be used for soloing or adding extra gain to your clean tone. Tube Logic Power Amp: One of the biggest differences between the two amps is the inclusion of Boss's proprietary "Tube Logic" power amp technology in the MK II. This technology simulates the response and feel of a traditional tube amplifier, providing more dynamic sound and response. Onboard Effects: The Katana-50 MK II has an additional effects option - "Delay/Reverb" which can be selected with a toggle switch on the amp's control panel. This provides an extra layer of versatility to your tone options. Overall, while the two amplifiers share many similarities, the MK II offers some improvements and added features compared to its predecessor.

How does the new Dual COS-MOS Power Stage technology in the Boss Katana-50 MK II compare to previous models in terms of power output and tonal versatility?

The new Dual COS-MOS Power Stage technology in the Boss Katana-50 MK II significantly improves both power output and tonal versatility compared to previous models. The Katana-50 MK II now delivers a total of 100 watts of power, with 50 watts dedicated to each of its two channels. This doubling of power allows for greater headroom and volume capabilities, making it ideal for larger venues or stage setups where previously the Katana-50 may have been too limited in terms of output. Moreover, the COS-MOS (Current Over Sampling and Multiple Output Sampling) technology provides an enhanced level of tonal clarity, particularly at lower volumes. This means that players can now enjoy a more natural and detailed sound even when playing at lower volumes, making it ideal for practice sessions or smaller venues where keeping the noise down is essential. Overall, these improvements in power output and tonal versatility make the Boss Katana-50 MK II an excellent choice for musicians looking for a compact, versatile amplifier that can deliver both high volume and detailed tonality in a wide range of playing environments.