Yamaha Pacifica 112J

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Get the ultimate sound experience with the Yamaha Pacifica 112J – the perfect electric guitar for all your musical needs.

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The Yamaha Pacifica 112J electric guitar is a versatile and affordable option for beginners and intermediate players alike. Here’s what you need to know about this guitar.

Firstly, the Pacifica 112J has a solid alder body, which gives it a balanced tone with plenty of sustain. It comes in a range of finishes, including vintage white, black and dark red metallic, so you can find one that suits your personal style.

The guitar also features a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, which is comfortable to play and offers a smooth, fast playing experience. The 22 medium frets are well-finished and easy to navigate, so you can play even the most complex riffs without trouble.

In terms of electronics, the Pacifica 112J has a trio of pickups: a humbucker in the bridge position, and two single-coils in the neck and middle positions. This gives it a wide range of tonal possibilities, from creamy blues tones to sparkling clean sounds and heavy rock crunch. All the pickups are controlled by a simple 5-way switch and a master volume and tone control, so you can find your perfect sound with ease.

The hardware on this guitar is also noteworthy. It has a vintage-style tremolo bridge, which allows you to add some vibrato to your playing without going out of tune. The tuners are stable and precise, ensuring that your guitar stays in tune even after hours of practice or performance.

The Pacifica 112J is a particularly versatile guitar, perfect for players who want to experiment with different styles of music. It handles distortion and overdrive particularly well, and can create a range of tones from crunchy rock to searing lead. At the same time, it has a bright and clean sound that can handle delicate fingerpicking passages or smooth jazz chords with ease.

Overall, the Yamaha Pacifica 112J is a great guitar for anyone looking for a versatile and affordable option. It’s well-made, easy to play, and can handle a range of playing styles without breaking the bank. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced player looking for a reliable backup guitar, the Pacifica 112J is an excellent choice.

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Product name Pacifica 112J
Brand Yamaha
Type String Instruments
String Instruments Electric Guitar
Built-in Microphone Yes
Size 4/4

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  1. Wosa

    I have mixed feelings – on the one hand, a beautiful shiny instrument, on the other hand, I am not able to set the string action as low as in my old field cheaper Epiphonie les Paul vintage something. Bycmoze a luthier would have been able to set it up better. In addition, the knobs work in a strange way, as if not linear, i.e. at 10% something changes in the sound, then nothing – in practice I have everything set to the maximum, I only change the converter with a switch. Overall a beautiful instrument and sounds quite nice.
    The guitar was made very precisely, it was in great condition. The factory setup is great, apart from a bit too high saddle, but generally after taking it out of the box, you can only tune it and you can play it very comfortably (low action, perfectly straight neck). Dark chrome hardware looks cool. Pickups are fine. This is my second yamaha (I have a pacific) and both were perfectly set at the factory, nothing but pulling out and playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the recommended string gauges for a Yamaha Pacifica 112J?

The recommended string gauges for a Yamaha Pacifica 112J are usually .009, .011, .016, and .024 (for the low E, A, D, and G strings respectively). However, you may also choose to use heavier or lighter gauge strings based on your personal preference for tone and feel. It is recommended to consult a professional guitar technician or luthier if you are unsure about which string gauges would work best with your specific guitar model and playing style.

"How does the Yamaha Pacifica 112J's HSH pickup configuration affect its tone and versatility compared to other electric guitar models?"

The Yamaha Pacifica 112J's unique HSH (humbucker, single-coil, humbucker) pickup configuration sets it apart from many other electric guitar models in terms of both tone and versatility. Here's a breakdown:


1. The neck humbucker provides a rich and warm tone with plenty of midrange presence, making it ideal for blues, jazz, and rock styles. The middle single-coil pickup delivers a clear and bright sound, perfect for cutting through a mix in live settings or when playing clean tones. The bridge humbucker offers a high-output sound with plenty of sustain and low-end power, making it great for heavy rock and metal styles. Taken together, the HSH configuration allows the Pacifica 112J to produce a wide range of tonal colors, from smooth jazz tones to screaming metal riffs. Versatility:

1. With three pickups, the Pacifica 112J offers a greater range of tone options than many two-pickup models, allowing for more versatility in your playing. The five-way selector switch provides plenty of options for blending and switching between pickups, giving you even greater tonal variety. The Pacifica 112J also includes a three-band active EQ, which allows you to fine-tune the tone to your exact preferences. This is especially useful when playing in different venues or with different amplifiers, as it allows you to compensate for differences in sound quality. Compared to other electric guitar models, the Pacifica 112J's HSH configuration sets it apart by offering a wider range of tonal colors and greater versatility, making it an excellent choice for players who want maximum tonal flexibility.

How does the Yamaha Pacifica 112J's HSH pickup configuration contribute to its versatile tonal range and make it a popular choice among guitarists?

The Yamaha Pacifica 112J electric guitar is known for its versatile tonal range, which can be attributed in part to its unique HSH pickup configuration. The HSH designation refers to the combination of three distinct pickups: an alnico V humbucker in the bridge position, a ceramic single-coil in the middle position, and a ceramic humbucker in the neck position. The humbucker at the bridge provides a powerful, rich output that is ideal for rock and metal styles, while the single-coil in the middle adds clarity and brightness to clean or overdrive sounds. The second humbucker in the neck position allows for a smooth, warm tone that is perfect for jazz, blues, or more mellow genres. This versatility makes the Yamaha Pacifica 112J a popular choice among guitarists who want a single instrument that can handle a wide variety of playing styles and musical situations. Whether you're playing loud, distorted rock solos or smooth jazz ballads, this guitar has got you covered.