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Experience the authentic, vintage rock sound with the iconic Marshall 1987X guitar amp head.

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The Marshall 1987X guitar amp head is a legendary model that has been an integral part of the Marshall brand for decades. Launched in 1965, the 1987X rose to fame in the 1980s when it became the amp of choice for guitar icons like Slash, Angus Young, and Zakk Wylde.

The 1987X is a hand-wired, all-tube amplifier that delivers 50 watts of pure Marshall tone. It features two channels, each with its own set of controls, and is housed in a sturdy metal chassis with a classic Marshall design. The amp’s vintage style knobs and black plexi faceplate give it a retro look that many guitarists find appealing.

One of the standout features of the 1987X is its simplicity. The amp’s straightforward design means that it only has a few controls, but the functionality of those controls is top-notch. The two channels – labeled normal and high treble – can be blended together for a wide range of tonal options. The normal channel has controls for volume, bass, and treble, while the high treble channel has controls for volume, presence, bass, and treble.

The 1987X is powered by two EL34 tubes, which provide a warm, harmonically rich tone that is synonymous with the Marshall name. The amp’s output transformer has been custom-designed to ensure that the EL34s are running at their optimal performance level, resulting in a sound that is both powerful and dynamic.

Another feature of the 1987X that sets it apart from other amps is its ability to drive a cabinet hard without sacrificing clarity or tonal balance. The amp’s output section has been optimized to work with a variety of speaker cabinets, which means that you can get great sound regardless of the size or configuration of your cabinet.

While the 1987X is often used in heavy metal and hard rock genres, its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of musical styles. Whether you’re playing blues, country, or classic rock, the 1987X can help you achieve the perfect tone for your music.

Overall, the Marshall 1987X guitar amp head is a classic piece of gear that has stood the test of time. Its simplicity, versatility, and incredible sound make it a must-have for any serious guitarist who is looking for a top-quality amplifier. Whether you’re recording in the studio or playing live on stage, the 1987X has the power and tone to take your playing to the next level.

Marshall 1987X properties

Product name 1987X
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Power Output (RMS) 50.0 W

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Marshall 1987X's patented high voltage power supply and preamp section contribute to its distinctive sound and versatility in both clean and overdrive settings?

The Marshall 1987X amplifier's patented high voltage power supply and preamp section play a crucial role in contributing to its distinctive sound and versatility in both clean and overdrive settings. The high voltage power supply provides an increased voltage to the power tubes, resulting in a more powerful and dynamic sound output that is characteristic of Marshall amplifiers. This increased voltage also enables the amplifier to produce higher levels of harmonic content, which contributes to its rich, full-bodied tone. The preamp section, on the other hand, features carefully selected components and circuitry that work in tandem with the power supply to deliver a balanced and detailed sound. The preamp's gain stage is optimized to provide plenty of clean headroom while maintaining low noise levels, making it ideal for players who prefer clean or lightly distorted tones. Additionally, the preamp includes a versatile EQ section that allows users to shape their tone according to their preferences, whether they prefer bright and crisp sounds or warmer, more mid-focused tones. When pushed into overdrive, the Marshall 1987X amplifier delivers a rich, harmonically-rich distortion that is both powerful and musical. The increased voltage in the power supply helps to sustain notes for longer periods of time, while the carefully selected components in the preamp help to produce smooth, natural-sounding overdrive tones that are free from harshness or artificiality. Overall, the Marshall 1987X amplifier's patented high voltage power supply and preamp section contribute significantly to its distinctive sound and versatility across a wide range of playing styles and genres. Whether you prefer clean, crisp tones or rich, harmonically-rich overdrive sounds, this amp has the flexibility and tonal depth to deliver outstanding results in both settings.