Bugera UltraBass BXD15A


The Bugera UltraBass BXD15A bass amp is a beast that delivers clear and powerful tones that will make you stand out on any stage.

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The Bugera UltraBass BXD15A is an impressive bass amp that blends classic tube-like tones with modern digital technology. It is designed to deliver power and performance for bass players of all levels and genres.

One of the standout features of the BXD15A is its power. At 1,000 watts, this amp is capable of a thunderous sound, making it an ideal choice for gigs and rehearsals. It also features a 15-inch TURBOSOUND speaker that provides a rich and clear sound that can cut through even the loudest of mixes.

The amp also includes a high-quality Class-D amplifier that delivers power efficiently, ensuring that your signal stays clean and your sound remains consistent. An active 7-band graphic EQ is featured, making it easy to tailor your sound to match your playing style and the environment.

The built-in compressor is also a valuable tool that will help you achieve a smooth and even sound with minimal effort. Its multiple compression settings give you dynamic control over your sound, allowing you to shape your tone for any performance.

In addition, the BXD15A comes with an integrated digital FX processor that boasts 24 stunning effects with adjustable parameters. These effects include classic options such as reverb, chorus, and delay, as well as more unique sounds like ring modulator and vocal distortion. These options can help you craft a unique sound that makes your bass playing stand out from the crowd.

Finally, the BXD15A is built with portability in mind, making it an ideal choice for traveling bass players. It has a rugged steel grille and a durable exterior that can handle the rigors of life on the road. Additionally, it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and set up wherever you go.

All in all, the Bugera UltraBass BXD15A is a fantastic bass amp with a lot to offer for bass players of all genres and levels. Whether you’re playing gigs, rehearsing or just jamming in your practice space, this amp will deliver the power and performance you need to take your playing to the next level.

Bugera UltraBass BXD15A properties

Product name UltraBass BXD15A
Brand Bugera
Type Bass Amplifiers
Sound Effects Looper
Sound Setting Equalizer, Middle, Treble
Power Output (RMS) 1000.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo
Colour Black
Height 565.0 mm
Depth 435.0 mm
Width 453.0 mm
Weight 22.0 kg

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Sound Effects

Sound Setting

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