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The Eden Microtour bass amp packs a powerful punch in a compact and portable design, perfect for on-the-go gigs and rehearsals.

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The Eden Microtour Bass Amp: Powerful Sound in a Compact Package

Are you a bassist on the go, looking for a lightweight and compact amp that still packs a punch? Look no further than the Eden Microtour Bass Amp.

This powerful little amp comes in at only 2.5 pounds and can fit in a backpack or gig bag. It’s powered by an AC adapter or two AA batteries, making it perfect for outdoor gigs, busking, or practicing on the go. Despite its tiny size, the Microtour produces an impressive 2 watts of power and can deliver a solid bass sound.

The Eden Microtour is equipped with a 1/8 stereo input for your music player and a 1/4 headphone output for silent practice. There’s even an aux input to play along with your favorite tunes. The amp also has a 3-band EQ with bass, mid, and treble controls, giving you the ability to shape your sound to fit any genre or playing style.

One notable feature of the Microtour is its switch mode power supply technology, which allows the amp to operate on lower power consumption while still providing high-quality sound. This means you can play for longer periods of time without constantly replacing your batteries. Additionally, the amp has an auto power-off feature that conserves battery life when inactive for more than 10 minutes.

Overall, the Eden Microtour Bass Amp is a great option for bassists who need portability but refuse to sacrifice sound quality. Its compact size, versatility, and impressive sound will make it a go-to for gigging musicians and street performers alike.

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Product name Microtour
Brand Eden
Type Bass Amplifiers
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Eden Microtour's unique preamp design deliver a rich and full-bodied sound, even at low volumes?

The Eden Microtour's unique preamp design delivers a rich and full-bodied sound, even at low volumes, by using a combination of high-quality components and innovative circuitry. The preamp features a gain stage with a large signal-to-noise ratio, which helps to preserve detail and clarity in the guitar's tone. Additionally, the preamp includes a three-band active EQ section with variable frequency centers, which allows for precise tonal shaping. This enables players to achieve the desired sound whether playing at low or high volumes. The Eden Microtour also features a solid-state power amp and 10" speaker, which deliver plenty of clean headroom and clear, articulate tone. Together, these design elements work in harmony to provide guitarists with a powerful yet versatile amplifier that delivers rich and full-bodied sound at any volume level.

How does the compact design and high-gain preamp of the Eden Microtour bass amplifier make it a versatile choice for both practice and gigging scenarios?

The compact design and high-gain preamp of the Eden Microtour bass amplifier make it a versatile choice for both practice and gigging scenarios because they provide two essential features that are important in different settings. Firstly, the compact size of the amp makes it easy to transport and set up, making it an ideal option for practicing at home or in smaller spaces. It also allows for greater mobility during live performances, as it is less cumbersome to move around on stage than larger amplifiers. This feature is particularly beneficial for gigging scenarios where space may be limited, such as in smaller venues or when traveling between different locations. Secondly, the high-gain preamp of the Eden Microtour amp provides a powerful and rich sound that can cut through the mix during live performances. This is important because bass players often have to compete with other instruments and amplifiers on stage, making it crucial to have an amp that can deliver a clear and strong signal. The high-gain preamp also allows for greater versatility in terms of tone, as it can handle a wide range of playing styles and techniques, making it suitable for both practice and gigging scenarios. Overall, the compact design and high-gain preamp of the Eden Microtour bass amplifier make it a versatile choice for both practicing at home and performing live, thanks to its portability, power, and tonal flexibility.