Hartke HD50


The Hartke HD50 bass amp delivers powerful and clear bass tones that will take your playing to the next level.

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As a bass player, finding the perfect amplifier can take time and a lot of research. It needs to cater to your style, playing needs, and budget. However, with the Hartke HD50 bass amp, you might have found your match.

The HD50 is a compact and sturdy amplifier, weighing only 35 pounds, making it easy to move around to gigs or practice sessions. The build quality is top-notch, with a sleek black finish that looks good on stage. The amp has a closed-back cabinet design, which enhances low-end frequencies, making it ideal for bass players.

The standout feature of the Hartke HD50 is its 10-inch speaker, powered by 50 watts of solid-state power. The speaker effortlessly delivers a clear and punchy tone, even at higher volumes. It’s an excellent option for small to medium-sized venues, rehearsals, or even studio recordings. Furthermore, the amp has an onboard limiter, effectively preventing unwanted distortion and protecting your speakers from damage.

Another great feature of the Hartke HD50 is its three-band EQ. It allows you to tailor your sound to your liking, with precise control of bass, mid, and treble frequencies. With a turn of a knob, you can cut or boost any frequency and sculpt your tone the way you want it.

The HD50 also has an auxiliary input making it easy to play along with backing tracks or other music sources. There’s also a headphone output for late-night practicing, so you can plug-in and play without disturbing your neighbors or roommates.

Overall, the Hartke HD50 bass amp is an excellent choice for bass players who are looking for a compact, lightweight, and affordable amplifier that delivers outstanding tone and versatility. With its durable construction, solid-state power, and flexible EQ, the HD50 may well be the perfect addition to your gear collection.

Hartke HD50 properties

Product name HD50
Brand Hartke
Type Bass Amplifiers
Power Output (RMS) 50.0 W
Amplifier Model Hybrid Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the patented V.R.S (Variable Resonance System) in the Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier enhance low-frequency response and control?

The Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier's patented V. R. S (Variable Resonance System) technology works by allowing the user to adjust the resonant frequency of the amplifier's output circuit. This enhances low-frequency response and control by enabling the player to fine-tune the amplifier's output characteristics to suit their specific playing style and musical genre. By providing greater flexibility in the lower frequencies, V. R. S allows for a more natural and accurate reproduction of bass notes, as well as improved clarity and definition at low volumes. Overall, this technology helps to ensure that the Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier delivers exceptional performance and versatility for bass players of all levels.

How does the patented V.L.D (Variable Loudness Drive) technology in the Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier optimize low-frequency response and maintain clarity at all volume levels?

The Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier features a patented V. L. D (Variable Loudness Drive) technology, which is designed to optimize low-frequency response and maintain clarity at all volume levels. This innovative technology works by continuously monitoring the input signal and adjusting the amplifier's output accordingly. At lower volumes, V. L. D ensures that the bass frequencies remain full and rich, preventing them from becoming muddy or muddled. As the volume increases, V. L. D ensures that the low-end response remains tight and articulate, rather than becoming boomy or overpowering. Additionally, V. L. D helps to prevent unwanted distortion and clipping, even at high volume levels. This means that bass players can achieve a clear, clean sound at any volume level, without sacrificing the low-end response that is essential for many styles of music. Overall, the Hartke HD50 Bass Amplifier's V. L. D technology is a game-changer for bass players who demand both power and clarity from their amplifiers, making it an excellent choice for players looking to achieve exceptional low-frequency response at all volume levels.