DV Mark DV Neoclassic 412


The DV Mark DV Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is the perfect choice for guitar players looking for powerful and versatile sound.

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DV Mark DV Neoclassic 412 Guitar Cabinet Review

Are you searching for a guitar cabinet that can deliver exceptional sound quality? If you are, then DV Mark’s Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet might be the perfect choice for you. This guitar cabinet is engineered using DV Mark’s signature high-quality materials and technology, providing musicians with a powerful, versatile, and dynamic sound.


DV Mark’s Neoclassic 412 is constructed with a high-strength and lightweight MDF cabinet that is capable of delivering consistent sound quality even when pushed to its limits. The cabinet is coated with thick vinyl for extra durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigours of life on the road.

Speaker Configuration

The Neoclassic 412 features four 12-inch high-quality custom speakers made by B&C Speakers, capable of delivering a total of 600 watts of peak power. These speakers are known for their outstanding clarity and definition, offering a warm and rich sound that is ideal for any genre.

Sound Quality

One of the most attractive features of the Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is its ability to deliver exceptional sound quality at any volume level. The cabinet produces a well-balanced and natural sound, enhanced by the unique neodymium magnets used in the speaker design. This results in a more detailed sound, with a wider frequency response.


DV Mark’s Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is incredibly versatile and capable of handling a wide range of music genres. It’s a perfect cabinet for rock and metal music, providing for a huge bottom end with sharp and precise mids and highs. But it’s not just limited to those genres – the Neoclassic 412 can deliver a warm and natural sound that fits jazz, blues, and any other genre of music.


The Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is compatible with a wide range of guitar heads, including the DV Mark Little 40, Multiamp, and any other amplifier that can produce 8-ohm impedance output power. You can connect this cabinet to your guitar amp with the help of the Speakon connector, ensuring you get a secure and stable connection.


Overall, the DV Mark Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is a powerful and dynamic choice for any guitarist who wants to produce outstanding sound quality. Its exceptional build quality, versatile sound, and compatibility make it a must-have for performing musicians, studio engineers, and home tinkerers. So, if you want to take your guitar playing to the next level and achieve the perfect sound, then the DV Mark Neoclassic 412 guitar cabinet is a great place to start.

DV Mark DV Neoclassic 412 properties

Product name DV Neoclassic 412
Brand DV Mark
Type Guitar Amplifiers, Guitar Cabinets
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Elements Amount Bass 4
Power Output (RMS) 600.0 W
Impedance 16
Height 765.0 mm
Depth 335.0 mm
Width 705.0 mm
Weight 22.2 kg

Additional information


Product type



Connection Inputs

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS







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