Vox MV50 Clean


The Vox MV50 Clean is a compact and lightweight guitar amp head that delivers a pristine, crystal-clear tone perfect for any style of music.

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Guitar amplifiers play a crucial role in shaping the sound of an instrument. The Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is a product that offers a simple way to attain excellent tone quality for guitars. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head.

Firstly, the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is a compact amp head that offers a power output of 50 watts. This may not sound like a lot compared to some other amps on the market, but it’s more than enough for most gigging and recording situations. It’s important for a guitarist to have an amp head that won’t weigh them down when they’re traveling to gigs, and the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is both lightweight and small, which makes it perfect for musicians on the go.

The Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head has been designed with simplicity in mind, with just three knobs. The first knob controls the overall volume of the amp, allowing you to turn it up or down to find the sweet spot depending on the venue and the sound you want. The second knob is the tone control, which allows you to adjust the treble and bass. The third is the gain control, which is used to boost the signal, adding some extra warmth and overdrive to your guitar’s tone.

One of the great features of the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is that it’s designed to be paired with a range of speaker cabinets. This means that, depending on your needs, you can match the amp head with a variety of different configurations, from 1×12 to 4×12 cabinets. This flexibility means that you can create a setup that is tailored exactly to your playing style and sound.

Another advantage of the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is that it has been built to last. The amp is constructed from high-quality materials, and the mechanical design ensures that it can withstand rough handling and general wear and tear. This is especially important for musicians who are often traveling, as the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head can take a bit of a beating and still deliver excellent sound quality.

Overall, the Vox MV50 Clean guitar amp head is an excellent choice for guitarists who want a simple, high-quality amp head that delivers great tone. The compact size and lightweight design make it perfect for gigging or recording, and the flexibility to pair it with different speaker cabinets means that it can be customized to suit individual preferences. The durability and reliability of the amp ensure that it will last for years, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious guitarist.

Vox MV50 Clean properties

Product name MV50 Clean
Brand Vox
Type Guitar Amplifier Heads
Sound Setting Gain/Drive
Power Output (RMS) 50.0 W
Colour Black
Impedance 4
Height 75.0 mm
Depth 100.0 mm
Width 135.0 mm
Weight 54.0 kg

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Product type

Sound Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the key features and specifications of the VOX MV50 Clean Guitar Amplifier Head, and how does it compare to other amps in its price range?

The VOX MV50 Clean Guitar Amplifier Head is a 50-watt tube guitar amplifier head designed for clean and transparent tones. It features the classic sound of the EL84 tubes, known for their warm and rich tonal characteristics. The amp has two channels - Normal and Top Boost - each with independent volume controls and EQ settings. Additionally, it comes equipped with a digital reverb effect for added depth to your tone.

Here are some key features and specifications of the VOX MV50 Clean Guitar Amplifier Head:

1. 50-watt Class AB amplification using two EL84 power tubes
2. Two channels: Normal and Top Boost
3. Individual volume controls for each channel
4. Independent EQ sections with Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence knobs for each channel
5. Digital reverb effect with separate Level control
6. Speaker output with impedance selector switch (8 ohms or 16 ohms)
7. External speaker jack for connecting an external cabinet
8. Footswitch input for channel selection and reverb on/off
9. Dimensions: 243mm x 206mm x 75mm (WxHxD)
10. Weight: 4.2kg (9.2 lbs)

Comparing the VOX MV50 to other amps in its price range, we find that it offers a unique combination of classic tube sound and versatile features at an affordable price point. Some competing models include the Marshall DSL1HR 1-watt tube head, the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III, and the Orange Rocker 15C Terror.

While these other options may offer different tonal characteristics or additional features like built-in effects loops or more sophisticated EQ sections, the VOX MV50 stands out for its clean and transparent sound, simplicity of design, and affordability compared to some high-end alternatives. It is well-suited for players who prioritize a vintage-style tube tone without breaking the bank.

How does the Vox MV50 Clean mode differ from other clean channels on similar amplifiers, and what makes it stand out in terms of tonal clarity and response?

The Vox MV50 Clean mode differs from other clean channels on similar amplifiers in its emphasis on tonal clarity and response. Unlike many clean channels that prioritize volume output over tonality, the MV50 Clean mode maintains a low level of gain while delivering a crisp, detailed sound that allows individual notes to stand out. This makes it ideal for players who prefer a bright, transparent tone and want to preserve the natural character of their guitar's pickups. Additionally, the MV50's analog circuitry ensures that the Clean mode responds in a natural, intuitive way to changes in picking dynamics and playing technique. Overall, the Vox MV50 Clean mode offers a clean tone that is both clear and expressive, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of musical styles.

How does the Vox MV50 Clean compare to other clean channel options in terms of tonal clarity and overall performance?

The Vox MV50 Clean channel provides exceptional tonal clarity and is highly regarded by many guitarists. When compared to other clean channel options, it holds its own against some of the most renowned amps in this category. The MV50's Clean mode delivers a bright and clear sound that is crisp and articulate. It has excellent headroom, allowing for plenty of volume without distortion. This makes it an ideal choice for players who prefer a clean tone but still want the option to push the amp to higher volumes. In terms of overall performance, the Vox MV50 Clean channel is highly responsive and sensitive to picking dynamics, making it a pleasure to play. It also features a range of customizable options, such as EQ controls and the ability to switch between tube and solid-state preamps, providing even greater tonal versatility. Compared to some other clean channel options, such as the Fender Deluxe Reverb or the Marshall JCM800 Clean Mode, the Vox MV50 Clean holds its own in terms of clarity and overall performance. Each of these amps has its own unique character, but all are highly regarded by guitarists for their clean tones. Ultimately, the choice between these options will depend on personal preference and specific playing needs. However, it's clear that the Vox MV50 Clean is a strong contender in this category, delivering exceptional tonal clarity, headroom, and overall performance.