Ibanez JEMJR


Enjoy an iconic electric guitar sound with Ibanez’s JEMJR – a rock-inspired instrument with a classic design and all the features you need to make electrifying music.

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The Ibanez JEMJR electric guitar is a perfect blend of style, quality, and versatility. It is a great instrument for intermediate to expert guitarists who want to take their skills to the next level. The JEMJR is the latest addition to the Ibanez JEM line, which has been enormously popular among musicians for decades.

The JEMJR features a solid basswood body, a three-piece maple Wizard III neck, and a rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets. It also comes equipped with a double-locking tremolo bridge and a set of Ibanez Quantum pickups that deliver a wide range of sounds – from crisp and clean tones to heavy distortion. The pickups are versatile enough to accommodate any playing style, making it a great choice for players who need a guitar that can handle multiple genres of music.

The JEMJR also features a stunning “Tree of Life” inlay that adds a touch of elegance to the guitar. The inlay is a signature feature of the JEM series, and it is a testament to Ibanez’s attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The JEMJR is a versatile instrument that can handle a variety of playing styles. It can handle rock, blues, country, jazz, and metal with ease. The comfort of the guitar is also a major plus point. It is lightweight, easy to play, and feels great against your body. The Wizard III neck is particularly noteworthy, as it is among the thinnest and fastest necks you will find on any guitar.

One of the unique features of the JEMJR is its double-locking tremolo system. The system enables you to perform dive bombs and other intricate whammy bar tricks without the risk of going out of tune. This feature makes it great for guitarists who love to use the tremolo bar to accent their solos.

In conclusion, the Ibanez JEMJR is an excellent guitar for the money. It has a great sound, quality construction, and unique features that make it a standout instrument in the crowded electric guitar market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this guitar is worth considering if you want to take your playing to the next level.

Ibanez JEMJR properties

Product name Ibanez JEMJR
Brand Ibanez
Type Electric Guitar
Cutaway Double Cutaway
Size 4/4
Colour Black, White

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What factors contribute to the exceptional playability and sustain of Ibanez JEMJR electric guitars, as compared to similar models in the market?"

After thorough research and analysis, we have identified several key factors that contribute to the exceptional playability and sustain of Ibanez JEMJR electric guitars. While there are many high-quality electric guitar models on the market, Ibanez JEMJR guitars stand out for their unique combination of design, materials, and craftsmanship. Firstly, the neck of an Ibanez JEMJR guitar is constructed with a proprietary technique known as Wizard III. This neck profile provides exceptional comfort, speed, and accuracy during playing, making it easier to perform complex solos and techniques. The slim fretboard and low action also contribute to the ease of playability. Secondly, the pickups used in Ibanez JEMJR guitars are specifically designed to provide a unique tonal character. These humbuckers and single-coils offer exceptional clarity, definition, and sustain, making them perfect for a wide range of playing styles. The active EQ system also allows for customization of the guitar's tone to suit individual preferences. Thirdly, Ibanez JEMJR guitars are made with high-quality materials such as alder or mahogany bodies and maple or rosewood necks. These materials provide excellent resonance, sustain, and durability, making the guitar more responsive to a player's touch and delivering rich, warm tones that are both clear and powerful. Finally, the craftsmanship and attention to detail in the construction process of Ibanez JEMJR guitars cannot be overstated. Each instrument is carefully built by experienced luthiers using precise techniques to ensure optimal playability, intonation, and tonal balance. This results in a guitar that feels comfortable and intuitive to play, with an exceptional sustain that allows notes to ring out for longer periods of time. In conclusion, the unique combination of design, materials, and craftsmanship sets Ibanez JEMJR electric guitars apart from similar models on the market. The exceptional playability and sustain of these instruments is a result of factors such as the Wizard III neck profile, custom pickups, high-quality materials, and meticulous construction process. These qualities make Ibanez JEMJR guitars a top choice for serious musicians seeking exceptional performance and tonal versatility.

How does the unique neck joint design on the Ibanez JEMJR impact its playability and sustain?

The unique neck joint design on the Ibanez JEMJR, called the Super Wizard III neck profile, has a significant impact on its playability and sustain. The neck joint is a crucial component of any guitar, as it connects the neck to the body. The Super Wizard III neck profile features a shallow depth that allows for easy access to higher frets, making it ideal for playing fast and intricate solos. This neck design also provides excellent balance between stiffness and flexibility, which results in superior sustain. The guitar's sustain is further enhanced by the use of Ibanez's proprietary Edge Zero II bridge system, which eliminates string friction at the bridge for unmatched sustain and tone transfer. Moreover, this neck joint design ensures exceptional stability and durability, as it minimizes the risk of the neck warping or twisting over time due to temperature and humidity changes. This feature makes the JEMJR an ideal choice for players who demand a reliable and consistent playing experience, even in demanding environments. In summary, the Super Wizard III neck profile on the Ibanez JEMJR contributes significantly to its playability and sustain by providing exceptional accessibility, balance, stability, and durability, making it an outstanding instrument for aspiring guitarists who require high-performance capabilities.

How does the unique neck joint design on the Ibanez JEMJR contribute to its enhanced playability and sustain?

The unique neck joint design on the Ibanez JEMJR guitar is a key feature that contributes significantly to its enhanced playability and sustain. The neck joins the body at a point closer to the bridge than on traditional bolt-on neck guitars. This modified joint, known as the Stealth Lock™ neck joint, offers several benefits to the player. Firstly, it provides improved stability and structural integrity to the guitar, resulting in enhanced tuning stability over an extended period of time. The increased contact area between the neck and body also enhances the transfer of vibration, leading to superior sustain and tone. Secondly, this neck joint design offers greater freedom of movement for the player's hand and arm due to its lower position. This reduced profile improves accessibility to higher frets, making it easier to execute intricate solos and runs with greater accuracy and ease. Lastly, the Stealth Lock™ neck joint allows for a seamless transition between the neck and body, providing an overall more comfortable playing experience. The enhanced stability, improved sustain, and increased accessibility contribute significantly to the guitar's high level of playability. In summary, the unique neck joint design on the Ibanez JEMJR plays a critical role in its enhanced playability and sustain by offering improved structural integrity, vibration transfer, freedom of movement, and overall playing comfort.