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Experience unparalleled power and ultimate versatility with the TC Electronic BH550 guitar amp head, the perfect choice for all your gigs and performances.

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As a guitarist, one thing that you’ll definitely need is a reliable and high-quality amplifier. The TC Electronic BH550 Bass Amp Head is a great choice for any guitarist looking for an amplifier that provides power, versatility, and exceptional sound quality.

This guitar amp head is designed with a solid-state preamp and a Class-D power amp to ensure that you get a powerful and refined tone. Additionally, the amp has tone-shaping features such as a 4-band EQ section – bass, mid, treble, and contour, and a built-in compressor with adjustable threshold levels that make it perfect for any musical style.

The BH550 amp head also comes with TC Electronic’s signature TonePrint technology, which allows you to upload custom-designed effects into your amplifier. The TonePrint feature provides even more flexibility for those who like to play around with their sounds and incorporates up to 10 custom TonePrint slots.

The construction of this amplifier is also remarkable. It is built with high-quality materials that ensure durability and reliability for gigs and tours. It is also lightweight, allowing easy movement from one event to the other.

Moreover, the TC Electronic BH550 Bass Amp Head has a fantastic range of output options that make it suitable for different setups. It features an effects loop, an XLR direct output to a PA system, and a ¼ headphone output for private practices.

With its compact size, versatility, and powerful sound, the TC Electronic BH550 Bass Amp Head is an excellent option for every guitarist. It’s perfect for beginners looking for a reliable amplifier to professionals who need an amplifier head that can handle any gig or recording session.

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  1. Hayden Caldwell

    I recently bought the TC Electronic BH550 Guitar Amplifier Head in September. Being a food preparation worker, I love to unwind and jam to some tunes after long hours of work. I had heard a lot about TC Electronic Brand and decided to give their Guitar Amplifier Head a try.

    To be honest, I am extremely disappointed with my purchase. I would rate it a 2 out of 5 possible. The sound quality is not up to the mark and lacks the punch that I was expecting. It does not have the clarity that other known Guitar Amplifier Heads offer. Its overall design is not really attractive and looks outdated. Though the features are great, the performance is not up to the standard.

    Additionally, the delivery to Chula Vista was not smooth either, as it arrived slightly late and with some minor damages. This just added to my frustration with the product.

    In conclusion, I would not recommend the TC Electronic BH550 Guitar Amplifier Head. I feel like there are other brands out there that offer much better quality and value for money.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between TC Electronic BH550 and previous models regarding power output, preamp design, and effects?

The TC Electronic BH550 is an upgrade to their previous bass amplifiers and offers several improvements. Here are some differences between the BH550 and previous models:

1. Power Output: The power output of the BH550 has been increased compared to its predecessors. It delivers 550 watts RMS into a 4-ohm load, which is significantly more than older models like the BH250 and BH500 that had outputs of 250 and 500 watts respectively. This increased power output allows for louder and clearer sound when playing live or in rehearsal settings. Preamp Design: The preamp design in the BH550 has been improved to provide a better tonal response and overall sound quality. It features TC Electronic's proprietary TonePrint technology, which allows users to customize their bass tone using presets created by professional musicians or create their own unique settings. This advanced preamp design also includes an active 3-band EQ, providing greater control over the low and high frequencies, as well as a midrange boost/cut control for further shaping of your tone. Effects: The BH550 comes with built-in effects that were not available in previous models. These include chorus, compression, delay, and reverb effects, which can be used individually or combined to create a wide range of sounds. Additionally, the TonePrint feature mentioned earlier allows you to load custom effects created by other musicians or famous bass players, giving you access to an endless variety of tones and textures. In summary, the TC Electronic BH550 offers increased power output, improved preamp design with TonePrint technology, and a range of built-in effects compared to its predecessors. These enhancements make it a more versatile and powerful option for bass players looking to upgrade their amplifier setup.

How does the TC Electronic BH550's patented HFB technology differentiate it from traditional feedback eliminators in guitar amplifier heads?

The TC Electronic BH550's patented HFB (Highly Focused Bandwidth) technology is what sets it apart from traditional feedback eliminators found in guitar amplifier heads. While conventional feedback eliminators work by reducing the gain around the feedback frequency, which can result in loss of gain and tone, the BH550's HFB technology employs a sophisticated filtering approach that preserves gain, tone, and dynamics while completely removing unwanted feedback. In short, the BH550's HFB tech provides superior feedback elimination without compromising the guitar player's sound or signal integrity.

What specific features and benefits does the TC Electronic BH550 offer for guitarists seeking advanced tone shaping capabilities in their amplifiers?

The TC Electronic BH550 is a versatile and powerful tone-shaping tool designed specifically for guitarists who demand advanced tonal flexibility from their amplifiers. Here are some of its most notable features and benefits:

1. Five independent bands: The BH550 offers five completely separate frequency ranges, each with its own set of controls for gain, Q (resonance), and frequency sweep. This level of fine-tunability allows guitarists to sculpt their tone precisely to their preferences, without affecting other frequencies or introducing unwanted artifacts. Pre/post EQ: The BH550 also features a pre/post EQ switch, which lets you place the EQ before or after the gain stages in your amplifier. This is useful for achieving different tonal characteristics depending on your preferences and playing styles. MIDI control: The BH550 is fully MIDI controllable, allowing you to automate your tone settings using a MIDI controller or sequencer. This makes it easy to switch between different sounds during live performances or when recording in the studio. Preset switching: With 12 customizable presets, the BH550 provides plenty of storage for all your favorite tonal configurations. You can easily access these presets using a footswitch (sold separately), making it easy to switch between different sounds on stage or in the studio. Transparent operation: The TC Electronic BH550 is designed to operate transparently, meaning that it does not introduce any unwanted artifacts or coloration into your tone. This ensures that your guitar's natural sound and character are preserved, making it an ideal tool for players who want to shape their tone without compromising its integrity. Versatile input/output options: The BH550 offers a range of input and output options, including balanced XLR outputs, unbalanced DI outputs, and a headphone jack with level control. This makes it easy to integrate into a wide variety of setups and configurations. Overall, the TC Electronic BH550 is an advanced and highly versatile tone-shaping tool that offers guitarists unparalleled control over their amplifier's tonal characteristics. With its five independent bands, pre/post EQ switch, MIDI control, preset switching, transparent operation, and wide range of input/output options, it is an essential tool for players who demand the highest level of tonal flexibility from their amplifiers.