Laney A1+


The Laney A1+ guitar amp delivers outstanding sound quality and versatility, perfect for musicians of all genres and skill levels.

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The Laney A1+ guitar amp is an absolute game-changer, designed to give you all the power and flexibility you need to produce a rich, dynamic sound. This fantastic piece of equipment is an incredible combination of loud and powerful, yet flexible and controllable, with a range of built-in effects and a masterful design that results in a top-notch performance.

Let’s start by talking about the technical specifications of this fantastic guitar amp. It features two channels, with both offering the classic valve tone of Laney amps that responds to your playing style. The overdrive channel can go from clean and warm tones to distinguishable crunch and mid-gain distortion. Also available in this channel is the ‘Dynamic’ control, allowing players to get more volume and gain by playing harder.

On the clean channel, you get access to classic warm tones and a powerful digital reverb, which can take your sound to the next level. You can also control the bass, mid, and treble to tweak your sound, making it clearer and more powerful.

Another great feature of the Laney A1+ guitar amp is its mastering capabilities, with the power amp section being designed to provide a unique level of control, producing exceptional resonance while minimizing unwanted noise. The amp also features a USB output and a unique speaker-emulated output, allowing you to connect directly to your computer or recording device and record your jams.

But it’s not just technical specs that make Laney A1+ worth experiencing. This amp has a stunning design, with a vintage look and modern features, making it a great addition to any stage or studio. The Laney A1+ is built to last, with a robust construction, making it easy to transport without compromising its durability.

Overall, the Laney A1+ guitar amp is an exceptional piece of equipment that any guitar enthusiast would love to have. It is an amp that can provide you with the perfect sound, regardless of what kind of guitar you’re playing or your personal preferences. So if you’re looking for an amp that can provide the perfect balance of classic and modern tones, look no further than the Laney A1+ guitar amp.

Laney A1+ properties

Product name A1+
Brand Laney
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Setting Equalizer, Middle, Treble
Height 348.0 mm
Depth 312.0 mm
Width 387.0 mm

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