Marshall AS50D

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The Marshall AS50D guitar amp delivers crystal-clear sound and versatile tone shaping for any player looking to elevate their guitar playing experience.

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The Marshall AS50D guitar amp is an exceptional piece of musical equipment that every guitarist should consider owning. This amp has been designed with outstanding features and capabilities that make it a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced players.

The AS50D is a versatile amp that provides clear, detailed, and powerful sound quality. The two-channel design of this amp makes it an ideal choice for both acoustic and electric guitars, and the 50-watt power output is perfect for any venue.

One of the most impressive features of the Marshall AS50D guitar amp is the inclusion of two 8 inch speakers and a tweeter that really enhance the clarity and definition of the sound. Additionally, this amp boasts a range of built-in effects such as chorus, reverb, and delay that can be customized to get your desired sound.

The AS50D also comes with an XLR input, which means you can easily connect a microphone to this amp and use it for vocals, which makes it an excellent choice for both solo and group performances.

On top of all these impressive features, the Marshall AS50D is also built for durability and portability. The amp is fitted with a sturdy handle, so you can easily carry it around to gigs or practices. In addition, the toughened vinyl covering ensures that the amp remains scratch-free and retains its sleek look.

In summary, if you are looking for an amp that delivers exceptional sound quality and versatility, look no further than the Marshall AS50D guitar amp. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this amp is a perfect choice for your next musical project or performance.

Marshall AS50D properties

Product name AS50D
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Reverb
Sound Setting Treble, Volume
Connection Inputs AUX/ Line XLR Stereo
Power Output (RMS) 50.0 W
Amplifier Model Solid State
Impedance 8
Height 415.0 mm
Depth 255.0 mm
Width 550.0 mm
Weight 16.0 kg

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1 review for Marshall AS50D

  1. Kate

    The Metal version offers pure, juicy sound plus cool-sounding and useful effects such as Reverb and Delay during practice (chorus did not captivate me somehow). You can set 3 levels of saturation for each effect (mix). However, on the distorted channel you can hear a slight modulation without effects, like with the chorus on ???

    I do not recommend spinning Gain over 4-5. This is enough to wake the evil one. It’s nice that you can play with backing tracks through the AUX input, e.g. from a mobile phone, but it’s a pity that there is no suitable output for a guitar amplifier as a listening session instead of headphones, at least for me.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

"What unique features does the digital modeling technology of the Marshall AS50D offer to guitarists, and how do these enhance their overall playing experience?"

The digital modeling technology in the Marshall AS50D provides guitarists with an array of unique features that significantly enhance their overall playing experience. Here are some of the standout benefits:

1. Authentic Tone Replication:
The AS50D comes loaded with high-quality digital models of classic Marshall amplifiers, including the JCM800 and JCM2000. These models accurately replicate the distinctive sound and feel of these iconic amps, providing guitarists with access to an extensive range of tones that would be otherwise challenging or expensive to achieve with traditional analog setups. Versatility:
With its comprehensive collection of digital modeling capabilities, the AS50D allows guitarists to easily switch between different styles and genres of music seamlessly. Whether a player is into classic rock, heavy metal, or blues, this amp offers a wide range of customizable settings that cater to their unique preferences. Convenience:
Digital modeling technology eliminates the need for bulky and heavy analog equipment, making it much easier and more convenient for guitarists to transport and set up their gear. Moreover, the AS50D comes with a range of handy digital features such as onboard effects, tuners, and presets that further enhance its convenience and versatility. Customization:
The AS50D's digital modeling technology allows guitarists to tailor their sound to their specific preferences by making precise adjustments to factors like gain, tone, and volume. This level of customization is not achievable with traditional analog amplifiers, providing players with a greater degree of control over their sound. Cost-Effectiveness:
Digital modeling technology often provides more affordable alternatives to expensive or hard-to-find vintage gear. The AS50D offers a wide range of classic Marshall tones at an accessible price point, making it a cost-effective option for guitarists looking to expand their sonic palette without breaking the bank. In conclusion, the digital modeling technology in the Marshall AS50D provides guitarists with a wealth of benefits that significantly enhance their playing experience. From authentic tone replication and versatility to convenience, customization, and cost-effectiveness, this revolutionary technology has transformed the way we think about amplifiers, delivering an exceptional level of sonic flexibility and performance at an affordable price point.

How does the patented ISF control on the Marshall AS50D allow for versatility in shaping the overall sound and response of the amplifier?

The patented ISF (Image Space Feedback) control on the Marshall AS50D allows for a high degree of versatility in shaping the overall sound and response of the amplifier. Essentially, it functions as a tone shaper that alters the interaction between the guitar's pickups and the preamp. The ISF control operates by manipulating the phase relationship between the treble and bass frequencies within the signal path. This results in a range of tonal characteristics, from bright and punchy to warm and vintage-like. By adjusting the ISF knob, you can create a wide variety of tones that are uniquely your own. In addition to this, the Marshall AS50D also features a series of other tone shaping controls, such as volume, gain, mid-sweep EQ, presence, and resonance. These controls work in conjunction with the ISF to provide an incredibly flexible tonal palette that can be fine-tuned to suit your playing style and musical genre. Overall, the patented ISF control is a key feature of the Marshall AS50D that sets it apart from other amplifiers on the market. It offers a high degree of versatility in shaping the overall sound and response of the amplifier, making it an ideal choice for guitarists who demand total tonal flexibility.

How does the digital modelling technology incorporated into the Marshall AS50D amplifier enhance its versatility and tonal capabilities compared to traditional analogue amps?

The digital modelling technology incorporated into the Marshall AS50D amplifier significantly enhances its versatility and tonal capabilities when compared to traditional analogue amps. Traditional analogue amps rely on vacuum tubes or transistors to amplify and shape the sound, which can result in a warm and organic tone but may also limit the range of available sounds. In contrast, digital modelling technology allows the AS50D to simulate the sound of various analogue amps, effects, and speaker cabinets using complex algorithms and mathematical models. This means that users have access to a vast array of tonal options, from classic vintage sounds to modern high-gain styles, without needing multiple physical amplifiers or pedals. Moreover, digital modelling technology offers greater control over the sound by allowing users to adjust parameters such as gain, EQ, compression, and delay with unprecedented accuracy and precision. This level of flexibility enables musicians to create unique and customized sounds that would be challenging or impossible to achieve with traditional analogue amps. In summary, digital modelling technology in the Marshall AS50D amplifier provides a wider tonal range, greater control over the sound, and more versatility when compared to traditional analogue amps, making it an attractive choice for musicians seeking to expand their sonic palette.