Marshall DSL5CR

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Marshall DSL5CR properties

Product name DSL5CR
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Amplifiers
Sound Effects Reverb
Sound Setting Bass, Equalizer, Gain/Drive, Middle, Treble, Volume
Equalizer Band 3
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs AUX/Line 3.5mm, Foot Switch Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″, Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Foot Switch Inputs 1
Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″ 1
Connection Outputs Speaker Connections Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″, Tele/TRS 3.5mm
Speaker Connections Outputs 1
Return/Send Tele/RTS 6,3mm
Elements Size Bass 10.0 “
Elements Amount Bass 1
Power Output (RMS) 5.0 W
Amplifier Model Tube
Guitar Amplifier Design Standard
Cabinet Design Open Cabinet
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical
Amount of Channels 2
Impedance 16
Height 420.0 mm
Depth 240.0 mm
Width 455.0 mm
Weight 12.7 kg

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Product type

Sound Effects

Sound Setting

, , , , ,

Equalizer Band


Connection Inputs

, ,

Foot Switch Inputs

Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4"

Connection Outputs


Speaker Connections Outputs



Elements Size Bass

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS

Amplifier Model

Guitar Amplifier Design

Cabinet Design


Power Supply

Amount of Channels






2 reviews for Marshall DSL5CR

  1. Jax

    If you are looking for an amplifier that can be used at home (you can set the overall power to 0.5w) for small rehearsals (25w) or for larger rehearsals and concerts in clubs (50w), it seems to me that in this price class it is difficult for a better choice. The amplifier is very easy to use, it sounds really great, it does not simulate a million booths, which often results in no setting sounding natural, it is a perfect shot. In addition, I can point out that the amplifier has all the required outputs (USB, Aux, Phones, Footswitch) and the fantastic Boss TONE Studio software, …

  2. Menl

    Very sensational price. The performance is great, the keys work lightly, pressing them with varying force you can control the volume of the sound as well as its increase, for example.

    The sustain function of the keyboard is very useful. I connected it to my iMac without any problems, it works great with Garage Band and Aria Maestos. You can compose songs in Garage Band almost like in a YouTube video, where a musician uses the keyboard to compose a song on the iPad. He highly recommends this product, great for aspiring musicians in my opinion.

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