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The Roland Cube Street EX guitar amp is the perfect portable and versatile solution for any musician on the move.

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As a music lover or performer, you must be looking for an amp that delivers stunning sound quality, portability, and long-lasting durability. The Roland Cube Street EX guitar amp is the ultimate solution to all of these concerns. This amp is a game-changer, and it has set a new standard for portable amps. The Cube Street EX is lightweight and easily manageable, making it perfect for musicians on the move.

One of the best features of the Roland Cube Street EX guitar amp is its exceptional sound quality. The Cube Street EX generates a clear and powerful sound that is perfect for performing and practicing. The amp has two high-performance neodymium speakers that provide a first-rate sound experience. The speakers are capable of handling high volumes and are designed to last for years.

Another significant advantage of the Cube Street EX amp is its portability. Weighing only 17.4lbs, the amp is very lightweight and comes with a carrying strap to ensure easy transportation. The amp runs on eight AA batteries or an AC adapter, giving performers the flexibility of playing outside or in venues with limited power outlets.

The Roland Cube Street EX guitar amp comes with several innovative features that make it an excellent choice for musicians. The amp has built-in effects, including reverb, chorus, and delay, which produce a rich and dynamic sound. The onboard looper enables performers to create loops on the fly, providing a layered sound experience.

Lastly, the amp is designed to withstand the rigors of performing on the road. It comes with a sturdy metal grill and a heavy-duty built-in stand that will keep the amp off the ground and provide sturdiness on uneven terrains. Also, the amp is fitted with innovative corner protectors that protect it against bumps and scratches.

In conclusion, the Roland Cube Street EX guitar amp is a powerful, versatile, and portable amp that delivers premium sound quality. If you’re looking for an amp that is lightweight, durable and offers a range of features for your performances, then look no further than the Roland Cube Street EX. This amp is an excellent investment that will enhance your musical experience for years to come.

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2 reviews for Roland Cube Street EX

  1. Pentarius

    The price / quality ratio for me 10/10. A great combo for home use, and even in a small room it can handle it without any problems. The sound is typical Ampeg in a nutshell. If we burn up the paddle with a nice dice, you can really be surprised by the possibilities of this “little one”. I have the Boss EQ and VT Bass Character in the set and the bass even tuned to the B plays beautifully in full range on this combo. I am a few years old with Ampega BA 108 and have never had any problems. I recommend.

  2. Maverick Holt

    After purchasing the Roland Cube Street EX from this online shop, I would rate my overall experience as a 4 out of 5. Thanks to my friend Lucas Hodge’s recommendation, I decided to go for this particular guitar amplifier.

    The Roland Cube Street EX is a highly reliable and versatile amplifier that is suitable for both amateur and professional use. It offers great sound quality and has a wide range of features that make it a solid choice for guitarists of all levels.

    One of the standout features of the Roland Cube Street EX is its portability. It is designed to be easily carried around and can run on batteries, making it perfect for street performances, small gigs, or practice sessions on the go. The build quality is excellent, and it feels sturdy and durable.

    In terms of sound, the Roland Cube Street EX delivers a powerful performance. It has a total output power of 50 watts, which is more than sufficient for most applications. The amp has two channels, allowing you to connect multiple instruments or microphones simultaneously. The onboard effects are also impressive, with various types of reverb, delay, chorus, and more.

    While the Roland Cube Street EX excels in its versatility and portability, it may not have as much power or customization options as some higher-end professional amplifiers. However, for its price range, it definitely holds its own and provides a great value for money.

    Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase of the Roland Cube Street EX. It meets my needs as both an amateur guitarist and occasional performer. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and portable guitar amplifier.

    In summary, the Roland Cube Street EX is a guitar amplifier that is suitable for both amateur and professional use. It offers great sound quality, versatility, and portability. While it may not have the same level of power and customization options as higher-end professional amplifiers, it provides excellent value for its price range.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What unique features does the Roland Cube Street EX possess that set it apart from other portable guitar amplifiers on the market?

The Roland Cube Street EX is a versatile and powerful portable guitar amplifier designed to meet the needs of musicians who demand high-quality sound, flexibility, and connectivity in their performances. Some unique features that set the Cube Street EX apart from other portable guitar amplifiers include:

1. Bluetooth Connectivity: The Cube Street EX is the first CUBE-series amp to feature built-in Bluetooth technology, enabling you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet, and practice along with your favorite tunes. This is particularly useful for practicing and rehearsing, as it eliminates the need for additional equipment such as an aux input cable. USB Audio: The Cube Street EX can also be used as a high-quality USB audio interface, allowing you to record your performances directly to your computer or digital recorder via USB. This makes it easy to capture your ideas and share them with others, without the need for complex setup processes. High-Powered Speaker: The Cube Street EX features an ultra-high-power (20W) speaker system, designed to deliver crystal-clear sound at high volumes. Whether you're playing outdoors or in a large venue, the Cube Street EX can handle the load without any distortion or loss of clarity. Versatile Connectivity: The Cube Street EX is packed with connectivity options, including stereo line and mic inputs, USB audio, headphone output, and Bluetooth streaming. This makes it easy to connect your favorite instruments and devices, whether you're playing live, rehearsing, or recording. Battery-Powered: The Cube Street EX is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge. This makes it ideal for outdoor performances, street gigs, and other situations where electrical power is not readily available. Overall, the Roland Cube Street EX is an exceptional choice for musicians who demand high performance, versatility, and portability from their guitar amplifiers. Its unique features set it apart from other portable amps on the market, making it a must-have tool for any serious musician or performer.

"How does the Roland Cube Street EX's battery-powered design and Bluetooth connectivity enhance its portability and versatility for outdoor performances?"

The Roland Cube Street EX's battery-powered design and Bluetooth connectivity significantly enhance its portability and versatility for outdoor performances. The battery allows performers to take the amplifier anywhere without being limited by power outlets, making it ideal for street gigs, park performances, and other outdoor events where access to electricity may be a challenge or not available at all. This feature also makes it convenient for busking as you can move around freely without having to worry about cords, cables, or generators. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity enables performers to stream music from their smartphones, tablets, or laptops wirelessly through the amplifier's speakers. This feature adds variety and versatility to outdoor performances as it allows you to play backing tracks, create loops, or accompany singers without having to carry additional devices or cables. It also facilitates collaboration with other musicians, as they can connect their instruments via Bluetooth instead of using traditional wired connections. Overall, the battery-powered design and Bluetooth connectivity of the Roland Cube Street EX make it a highly portable and versatile amplifier that is perfect for outdoor performances where space, power, and flexibility are crucial factors. Whether you're a solo performer or part of a band, this amp will help you deliver top-notch sound quality while minimizing logistical challenges and maximizing your artistic freedom.

What are the unique connectivity options of the Roland Cube Street EX portable PA system, and how do they enhance its versatility for live performances?

The Roland Cube Street EX portable PA system offers a range of unique connectivity options that greatly enhance its versatility for live performances. Here are some notable features:

1. Bluetooth Connectivity: The system supports Bluetooth streaming, allowing you to connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly and play music through the speakers. This is perfect for breaks between sets or for playing backing tracks during live performances. Multi-Channel Mixer Inputs: The Cube Street EX comes with a variety of input options, including XLR/TRS combo jacks, RCA inputs, and a USB port. These can be used to connect external audio sources such as mixers, instruments, or microphones, giving you greater flexibility in building your stage setup. AUX Output: The system also has an auxiliary output that allows you to send a signal to another amplifier or speaker system, making it easy to expand your sound system for larger events. USB Flash Drive Playback: You can connect a USB flash drive directly to the Cube Street EX and play back audio files, giving you a convenient way to store and access all of your music in one place. High-Quality Effects Processing: The system includes high-quality effects processing, such as reverb, chorus, and EQ, that can be applied to both your microphone and instrument inputs. These effects help to enhance the overall sound quality of your performance and make it more polished and professional-sounding. Overall, these connectivity options allow you to easily and efficiently integrate the Cube Street EX into a wide range of live performances, from small gigs to larger events with multiple speakers and amplifiers. With its high-quality sound, versatile features, and easy-to-use design, the Roland Cube Street EX is an excellent choice for musicians, singers, and other performers looking for a reliable and portable PA system.

"How does the Roland Cube Street EX differentiate itself from other portable guitar amplifiers in terms of power, tone options, and connectivity features?"

The Roland Cube Street EX stands out among other portable guitar amplifiers due to its exceptional power, extensive range of tone options, and advanced connectivity features. With a powerful 100-watt output that can be easily adjusted between two channels, the Cube Street EX delivers clear and dynamic sound ideal for live performances or outdoor rehearsals. The amp offers an impressive variety of high-quality onboard effects and tone shaping options, ranging from classic guitar and bass sounds to modern digital processing techniques. Additionally, the Cube Street EX boasts a comprehensive set of connectivity features, including Bluetooth audio streaming, USB recording/playback capabilities, and support for external pedals and microphones via its built-in XLR input. These features make it an incredibly versatile and innovative amplifier that truly sets it apart from the competition in terms of both performance and functionality.