Friedman Runt 112


The Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet delivers impeccable sound quality and durability, making it an excellent choice for both professional and aspiring guitarists.

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The Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet is a high-quality piece of equipment designed for guitarists seeking unparalleled performance and tone. It is made with the highest quality materials and designed by top engineers to bring out the best in your guitar playing. In this article, we will explore some of the features of the Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet and why it’s worth considering for your next gig or recording session.

– Design

The Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet is a sleek and compact cabinet measuring 20 x 19.5 x 12 and weighing only 33 lbs. It features a multi-ply Baltic birch construction and is covered in high-quality tolex finish. The front of the cabinet is covered in a black grill cloth, which protects the Eminence Governor 12 speaker mounted within. Additionally, the cabinet has a tilt-back design, making it easy to adjust the angle for optimal listening pleasure.

– Performance

When it comes to performance, the Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet delivers outstanding sound quality. It’s loud enough to use in larger venues but still maintains clarity and tonality for smaller gigs. The speaker inside, the Eminence Governor 12, is designed to deliver a balanced sound that is perfect for rock and metal genres, but also works well across all styles of music.

– Tone

The Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet is all about tone. The cabinet is designed to match the tone of the Friedman Runt 20 or Runt 50 amps, but it also works well with other amps. The cabinet’s tone is tight, punchy, and well-defined, with a complex midrange and firm lows. The highs are never shrill or harsh, but instead, they are smooth and refined. Altogether, this cabinet creates a tone that is at once warm and rich as well as bright and cutting.

– Quality

As with all Friedman products, the Runt 112 guitar cabinet is made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Each component is inspected by experts to ensure it meets the company’s stringent quality standards. The cabinet is built to withstand the rigors of touring and performing, making it a reliable piece of gear for musicians.

The Friedman Runt 112 guitar cabinet is an excellent addition to any guitar player’s setup. Its compact design, superior performance, impressive tone, and quality construction make it a valuable asset for any music enthusiast. With the Runt 112 combination, you can achieve the perfect sound for your live performances, studio recordings, or practice sessions.

Friedman Runt 112 properties

Product name Runt 112
Brand Friedman
Type Guitar Cabinets
Features Monitor Stage Listening
Connection Inputs Tele/TRS 6.3mm/1/4″
Elements Size Bass 12.0 “
Elements Amount Bass 1
Power Output (RMS) 65.0 W
Colour Black
Power Supply Electrical
Impedance 16
Height 419.1 mm
Depth 304.8 mm
Width 482.6 mm
Weight 13.6 kg

Additional information


Product type


Connection Inputs

Elements Size Bass

Elements Amount Bass

Power Output-RMS


Power Supply







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