Marshall 2551AV


Experience unbeatable sound quality with the Marshall 2551AV guitar cabinet, designed with a vintage-inspired look and paired with the classic Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.

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Marshall 2551AV properties

Product name 2551AV
Brand Marshall
Type Guitar Cabinets
Power Output (RMS) 280.0 W
Height 755.0 mm
Depth 365.0 mm
Width 770.0 mm
Weight 40.6 kg

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the unique features of the Marshall 2551AV amplifier head when compared to other models in the Marshall lineup?

The Marshall 2551AV amplifier head stands out from other models in the Marshall lineup due to its advanced digital capabilities. While many Marshall amps rely solely on analog technology, the 2551AV incorporates both analog and digital processing for enhanced tonal versatility. This amplifier also boasts a built-in USB audio interface, allowing it to function as an all-in-one recording solution. Additionally, the 2551AV features a sleek, modern design with intuitive controls that make it easy to achieve your desired sound. These unique qualities make the Marshall 2551AV an appealing choice for musicians seeking a high-performance amplifier head with cutting-edge digital functionality.

How does the Marshall 2551AV's digital reverb and chorus effects contribute to its overall sound quality?

The digital reverb and chorus effects on the Marshall 2551AV amplifier significantly enhance its overall sound quality by adding depth, space, and richness to your guitar tone. The reverb effect simulates the acoustic environment of a concert hall or other large space, providing a natural-sounding reflection of your playing. Meanwhile, the chorus effect adds a subtle modulation that thickens and enriches your sound, making it more complex and dynamic. Together, these effects allow you to shape and customize your guitar's tonal character to suit your playing style and musical genre. Overall, they contribute to an immersive and polished audio experience that will impress both novice and experienced guitarists alike.