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Experience powerful and punchy guitar tones with the Orange PPC112 guitar cabinet – the perfect addition to your guitar rig!

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The Orange PPC112 is a versatile guitar cabinet that has been designed to deliver a powerful and responsive sound. This cabinet is part of the Orange PPC series, which is known for its durability, quality sound, and innovative design.

The Orange PPC112 is a compact cabinet that is portable and easy to transport. This cabinet features a single 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speaker that has been designed to deliver an exceptional tone. The Vintage 30 speaker is renowned for its ability to provide a balanced and detailed sound with a warm mid-range and a sparkling high-end.

The cabinet is made from high-quality birch plywood and is covered in a durable, rugged vinyl. The cabinet has a closed-back design that enhances the bass response and provides a tight and focused sound. The cabinet also features a traditional basket weave grille that adds to the look and feel of the cabinet.

The Orange PPC112 has an impressive power handling capability of up to 60 watts, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings, from small gigs to large venues. This cabinet has a low resonance frequency that ensures a tight, punchy bass that is ideal for heavy rock and metal genres.

The Orange PPC112 also features a range of input and output options that make it easy to connect to a variety of amplifiers and effects pedals. The cabinet has a 16-ohm input impedance, which makes it compatible with most guitar amplifiers. The cabinet also has a parallel output that allows you to connect to another cabinet for an even more powerful sound.

Overall, the Orange PPC112 is an exceptional guitar cabinet that delivers high-quality sound, durability, and portability. Whether you are a professional musician or a hobbyist, this cabinet is a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable guitar cabinet. If you are in the market for a new guitar cabinet, be sure to check out the Orange PPC112.

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Product name PPC112
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Type Guitar Cabinets

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  1. Liliana

    I recently purchased the Orange PPC112 guitar cabinet for my son Damian, who is 26 years old. While the cabinet did fulfill some of my expectations, I must admit that it fell short in certain areas, leading to a rather disappointing overall experience.

    When it comes to guitar cabinets, the brand plays a significant role in determining the quality and performance of the product. In the case of the Orange PPC112, the brand reputation of Orange is widely known for producing top-notch amplifiers and cabinets. This reputation was one of the factors that influenced my decision to choose the Orange PPC112 for Damian.

    In terms of technical aspects, the Orange PPC112 does have some unique features that initially caught my attention. Firstly, the cabinet is equipped with a 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, which is renowned for its warm and vintage tone. This speaker choice by Orange is definitely a positive aspect, as it contributes to a rich and well-rounded sound. Additionally, the robust construction of the cabinet ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the demands of live performances and extensive use.

    However, despite these positive aspects, the Orange PPC112 failed to fully meet my expectations for several reasons. Firstly, the overall tone fell short of what I had anticipated. I found the sound to be somewhat lacking in depth and clarity, making it slightly underwhelming. Additionally, the cabinet’s performance at higher volumes was not as impressive as I had hoped. The lack of definition and articulation at higher volume levels was a definite drawback, especially for live performances.

    Furthermore, while the Orange brand is associated with quality, it seems that the PPC112 does not quite live up to the same standards as other Orange products. The overall build quality and attention to detail were not as exceptional as I had expected, leaving me a bit disappointed.

    In conclusion, I purchased the Orange PPC112 with high hopes due to the brand’s reputation and unique technical aspects. However, it ultimately fell short of my expectations, both in terms of tonal performance and overall build quality. While the brand Orange carries a strong reputation, the PPC112 did not leave a lasting impression.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the onboard valve preamp in the Orange PPC112 contribute to its exceptional tonal character and versatility for both stage and studio use?

The onboard valve preamp in the Orange PPC112 plays a significant role in contributing to its exceptional tonal character and versatility for both stage and studio use. The use of a valve, or vacuum tube as it's known in some parts of the world, is essential in achieving the rich, warm, and harmonic distortion that Orange amplifiers are renowned for. The preamp stage consists of two ECC83 (12AX7) tubes working together to shape the input signal before it reaches the power amp section. The valves provide natural compression and a smooth, saturated tone that's perfect for both clean and high-gain playing styles. The tube technology also provides more depth and body to the sound, making it ideal for recording and live performances alike. The Orange PPC112 is incredibly versatile due to its valve preamp section. With a simple adjustment of the gain and volume controls, users can achieve an impressive range of tones from clean and sparkly to thick and heavy distortion. The amp's response and dynamics are also affected by playing style and touch sensitivity, allowing for more nuanced and expressive playing. In summary, the onboard valve preamp in the Orange PPC112 is a critical component of its exceptional tonal character and versatility, providing rich harmonics, natural compression, depth, body, and a wide range of tone options for both stage and studio use.

What type of speaker is used in the Orange PPC112 guitar cabinet?

The type of speaker used in the Orange PPC112 guitar cabinet is a 12-inch Eminence Legend 1268.