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The Vox V212C guitar cabinet is the perfect choice for guitarists looking for a powerful, high-quality sound that’s sure to impress.

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Vox V212C Guitar Cabinet: A Perfect Choice for Exceptional Sound Quality

If you are seeking to revolutionize your guitar sound and elevate your performance to the next level, the Vox V212C guitar cabinet is the perfect choice. The Vox V212C is a versatile guitar speaker cabinet that delivers impeccable sound quality while boasting an exceptional build quality.

This cabinet features two 12 inch Celestion G12M Greenback speakers that provide an articulation and a warm, punchy sound. It makes it perfect for a wide range of applications and genres of music. The speakers are carefully housed in a sturdy and durable wooden frame, with rugged vinyl covering to protect against scratches and bumps.

One of the most significant advantages of the Vox V212C is its unique design. The speaker cabinet is styled in a classic, sturdy look that enhances your performance, and provides a perfect blend of style and sound. Additionally, the cabinet is designed in a way that optimizes the speaker’s placement to deliver a clear, balanced sound distribution.

The Vox V212C guitar cabinet is equipped with an impressive rated power of 60 watts, which ensures that it plays loud and clear, even when the volume is cranked up. Its power handling capability can comfortably accommodate any guitar amp or pedal preamp setup, making it the perfect choice for any gig or recording session.

This guitar cabinet is also highly portable, which makes it ideal for musicians on the go. It weighs just 20kg, and its caster wheels make it easy to move around from one location to another. It is also compatible with most amplifiers or heads, meaning you can quickly set it up and start playing without any issues.

The Vox V212C guitar cabinet is highly sought after by many musicians worldwide, from beginners to experienced players, and for good reason. It offers exceptional sound quality, a classic design, and unparalleled build quality. If you are looking for a reliable speaker cabinet that delivers a warm and lively sound performance, then the Vox V212C is an excellent investment. So why not take your guitar sound to the next level with this exceptional guitar cabinet? You won’t be disappointed!

Vox V212C properties

Product name V212C
Brand Vox
Type Guitar Cabinets
Height 571.0 mm
Depth 266.0 mm
Width 705.0 mm

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1 review for Vox V212C

  1. Cole Villarreal

    I purchased the Vox V212C amp for my son Lukas, who is 29 years old, some time ago and I must say, I have been quite impressed with it. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the best possible rating, I would give it a solid 2.

    Now, let me digress a bit and share a funny story about my experience with a retail salesman while purchasing the Vox V212C. So there I was, browsing through the music store, trying to find the perfect amp for my son. As I was contemplating between a few options, a salesperson approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. I mentioned that I was looking for an amp for my son who is into playing the guitar. The salesman, with a mischievous smile, suggested that the Vox V212C would be perfect, claiming that it could make even a roasted turkey sound like a rockstar! I couldn’t help but chuckle at his quirky sales pitch.

    Now, back to the serious and assertive part of my opinion about the Vox V212C. In terms of its performance, I have found it to be quite reliable and versatile. The sound quality is decent, providing a good range of tones suitable for various music genres. The build quality is solid, and the amp feels sturdy and durable.

    When it comes to comparing the amateur and professional use of the Vox V212C, I believe it serves both purposes quite well. For an amateur guitarist like my son, it offers ample power and flexibility to explore different styles and experiment with various effects. On the other hand, professionals can also benefit from its reliable performance and the ability to handle gigs and studio recordings with ease.

    Finally, let’s talk about the height of the Vox V212C, which stands at 571.0 mm. This compact size makes it convenient to transport and store, without compromising on its capability to deliver a satisfying sound.

    All in all, the Vox V212C has proven to be a worthwhile purchase for my son’s musical endeavors. While it may not be the top-tier amp in the market, it certainly offers a good balance between affordability and performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What specific factors contribute to the sonic differences between a Vox V212C guitar cabinet and its predecessor, the Vox AC30?

The Vox V212C guitar cabinet, introduced in 1968 as part of the company's revamped lineup, differed from its predecessor, the iconic Vox AC30, in several ways that contributed to distinct sonic characteristics. Here are some specific factors:

1. Speaker Configuration: The most significant change was in the speaker configuration. While the Vox AC30 featured three 12" Celestion speakers wired in parallel, the V212C had four 12" Celestion speakers wired in series-parallel. This arrangement allowed for a higher maximum output level while maintaining tonal balance and clarity. Impedance: The Vox AC30 had an impedance of 8Ω, whereas the V212C had a lower impedance of 4Ω. This change resulted in improved efficiency, allowing for better low-frequency response and higher volume at lower power levels. Cabinet Construction: The Vox AC30 featured a closed-back design that contributed to its signature midrange "woof" sound. In contrast, the V212C had an open-back design that allowed for greater air movement, resulting in a more pronounced treble response and a wider stereo image. Power Supply: The Vox AC30 used a transformer-based power supply, whereas the V212C utilized a rectifier-based design. This change resulted in improved reliability and reduced weight, making it easier to transport the cabinet. Tone Controls: Both cabinets featured tone controls for bass, middle, and treble frequencies, but the Vox AC30's controls were placed on the front panel, whereas the V212C's controls were moved to the back panel, making them more accessible for stage use. Overall, these changes resulted in a brighter, more open sound with improved low-frequency response and greater efficiency. While the Vox AC30 remained popular among guitarists due to its midrange "woof" sound, the V212C provided a more versatile tonal palette that better suited the evolving musical landscape of the late 1960s.