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Make music anywhere and anytime with the Casio CT-X3000 – the perfect instrument for making music on the go!

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The Casio CT-X3000 keyboard is a revolutionary and powerful keyboard designed for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. The device, released in 2018, boasts of advanced features and exceptional performance, making it one of the best keyboards in the market today.

The keyboard features a 61-note, touch-sensitive keyboard with 48-voice polyphony. It also has 800 high-quality built-in tones and 235 rhythms, including a range of world-renowned tones such as pianos, strings, brass, and synths. This ensures that musicians can customize their sounds and create unique music that stands out.

One of the most notable features of the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard is the AiX Sound Source technology, which reproduces the sounds of acoustic instruments. This technology ensures that the keyboard offers a superior and realistic sound quality compared to other keyboards in its range.

In addition, the keyboard offers a range of effects such as reverb, chorus, and DSP, which musicians can use to further customize their sounds. The keyboard also includes a song sequencer, which makes it easy for musicians to record and save their compositions on the keyboard.

The CT-X3000 also features a built-in 17-track sequencer, which makes composition and songwriting easier. Musicians can select from a range of tracks and styles, and then play their own melodies and harmonies over the top of them. The sequencer also has a range of editing functions, including copy and paste, which makes composing and arranging more intuitive.

The keyboard also comes with a variety of connectivity options. It has a USB port which musicians can use to connect it to their computer and use it as a MIDI controller. Additionally, the keyboard has two 6.3mm jacks which can be used for headphones or to connect external amplifiers and mixers.

In conclusion, the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard is a fantastic device for music enthusiasts looking for a professional and versatile keyboard. It packs immense power in its range of features and delivers high-quality sound that’s unrivaled by other keyboards in its range. Its advanced features such as AiX Sound Source technology, built-in effects, and sequencer options make it an excellent choice for music composition, recording, and live performances. Overall, with all these features and benefits, the CT-X3000 keyboard is a great value for money for anyone looking for a reliable and versatile keyboard.

Casio CT-X3000 properties

Product name CT-X3000
Brand Casio
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Keyboard
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 61 pcs
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Black

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Product type


Number of Keys

Rotary Controls



2 reviews for Casio CT-X3000

  1. Shul

    It is definitely the best keyboard in this price range. Above all, it has a great sound. Basically every group of instruments, from pianos to guitars, brass and ending with drums, sounds authentic.
    Compared to my previous keyboard, this is a professional arranger. Great rhythms that can be easily edited and natural sound put this keyboard in line with much more expensive arranger.
    Incredible sound quality in relation to the price, great possibilities, a lot of effects, sounds, rhythms and arpeggiator patterns. It is really worth the money

  2. Titus

    I recently purchased the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard and have been pretty happy with my purchase. As the general manager of a local business here in Omaha, I was looking for a reliable keyboard to use for basic music production needs and occasional live performances. The Casio CT-X3000 has definitely fulfilled those needs.

    One of the standout features of this keyboard is the Yes Keys system, which allows for a more expressive and lifelike playing experience. The 61 keys are also a solid number, providing enough range for most of my needs without being too overwhelming.

    In terms of sound quality, I’m not blown away but it’s definitely good enough for my purposes. It certainly compares favorably to some other keyboards I considered, like the Yamaha PSR-EW300. I also appreciate the various sound options and effects available.

    When I purchased the keyboard last summer, it was delivered to Omaha quickly and without any issues. The only downside is that I’ve had some trouble with the USB port, which feels a bit flimsy – but it hasn’t been a major issue.

    Overall, I’d give the Casio CT-X3000 a 4 out of 5 rating. It’s a solid choice for anyone in need of a versatile and affordable keyboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the process for updating the firmware on my Casio CT-X3000 keyboard?

Updating your Casio CT-X3000 keyboard's firmware helps to ensure optimal performance, bug fixes, and improved features. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can update the firmware of your keyboard:

1. Download the latest firmware for your Casio CT-X3000 from the official Casio website or a reliable source. Make sure that it's compatible with your model and the version you currently have installed in your keyboard.

2. Save the downloaded file to your computer as it will be used later during the update process.

3. Connect your Casio CT-X3000 to your computer using a USB cable or a compatible interface.

4. Turn on your keyboard and make sure it's set in 'MIDI' mode, not in 'PLAY' mode.

5. Open the file you downloaded earlier with a text editor like Notepad (for Windows) or TextEdit (for macOS). The file contains two parts: A header section that starts with "CT-X3000_FW" and a firmware section, which usually consists of multiple chunks of data.

6. Copy the entire content of the firmware section from the downloaded file without any modifications. Keep the header section as it is.

7. Now, open another text editor window with administrative privileges (Right-click on the application shortcut and select "Run as administrator"). This will allow you to write data directly to your keyboard's firmware.

8. In the new text editor window, paste the copied firmware content into this document. Save the file with a .bin extension, for example: "CT-X3000_FW.bin". Make sure that both header and firmware sections are included in the saved file.

9. Close all open applications on your computer, except for the text editor containing the updated firmware file.

10. Press and hold the "Function" button on your Casio CT-X3000 keyboard while turning it on. Keep holding the Function button until you see the 'MIDI' display flashing on the screen. Release the Function button once you see this happening.

11. In the text editor with administrative privileges, click "File" -> "Open". Navigate to the location where you saved the updated firmware file (CT-X3000_FW.bin) and select it. The file will open in the text editor window.

12. Press 'Ctrl + A' simultaneously on your keyboard to select all the content of the opened file, then press 'Ctrl + C' to copy it.

13. Go back to the text editor where you initially copied the firmware data (the one without administrative privileges). Paste (Ctrl + V) the content of CT-X3000_FW.bin into this document.

14. Close the text editor containing the copied firmware data and restart your computer if necessary.

15. On your Casio CT-X3000 keyboard, press the "Function" button again while turning it on. Keep holding the Function button until you see the 'MIDI' display flashing on the screen. Release the Function button once you see this happening.

16. The update process should start automatically. Wait for a few minutes until the progress bar reaches 100%. Your keyboard will restart after the firmware update is complete.

17. After the restart, your Casio CT-X3000 keyboard's firmware has been successfully updated, and it should now have all the latest improvements and bug fixes!

How do I connect my Casio CT-X3000 keyboard to my computer for use with a music production software like GarageBand or Logic Pro?

1. Download and install the "Casio Music Studio" software on your computer by visiting the official Casio website and downloading the latest version.

2. Connect your CT-X3000 keyboard to your computer using a USB cable. The keyboard should now be recognized as an MIDI device in your system tray or under "Sound, video, and game controllers" in the Device Manager.

3. Launch the Casio Music Studio software on your computer.

4. Select "Connect a MIDI Instrument" from the main menu.

5. Follow the instructions in the software to select your CT-X3000 keyboard as the MIDI device you wish to use. This may involve selecting it from a list of detected devices or clicking on the "Add" button and browsing for your keyboard's USB port.

6. Once your CT-X3000 keyboard is selected, you can start using it with GarageBand or Logic Pro by opening these applications and configuring them to recognize your Casio keyboard as a MIDI input device. This can usually be done under the "Preferences" menu in each application.

Note: Some music production software may require additional configuration steps beyond what is outlined here. It's always best to consult the documentation or online resources for specific programs you wish to use with your Casio keyboard.

How does the advanced Super Articulation Voice technology in the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard enhance realism and expression in musical performances?

The advanced Super Articulation Voice technology in the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard significantly enhances realism and expression in musical performances. This technology allows for a vast array of high-quality sounds, including instrument models that accurately recreate the unique characteristics of each instrument, such as string resonance, key off response, and natural behavior under different playing conditions. Additionally, Super Articulation Voices provide realism through the application of advanced synthesis techniques and expressive capabilities that respond to the player's touch and dynamics. These features enable the CT-X3000 keyboard to deliver exceptional performance quality that rivals that of a high-end stage piano or digital instrument. The Super Articulation technology also enables split and layer modes, providing users with the ability to play multiple instruments simultaneously. This functionality adds versatility and depth to musical performances, allowing for more complex and dynamic compositions. Overall, the advanced Super Articulation Voice technology in the Casio CT-X3000 keyboard elevates musical expression by delivering a rich, natural sound that accurately represents each instrument's unique character and responds to the player's touch and dynamics, resulting in a more authentic and engaging musical performance.

Frequenty asked questions about Casio CT-X3000

How to connect Casio CT-X3000 to computer?

Casio CT-X3000 keyboard is a standalone instrument that has its own sound engine. However you can connect it to a PC/Mac computer. It will significantly extend the functions and usability of the instrument. You can use USB-MIDI interface to control co called DAW Software like Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Logic Pro or Cubase to record MIDI notes and command or pure digital audio.

Click here for more informations about Keyboard to PC connectivity