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Experience the power of creativity with the Roland E-A7 – a feature-packed arranger keyboard with over 900 instrument tones, styles, and powerful sequencing tools!

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The Roland E-A7 keyboard is a versatile and powerful instrument designed for musicians of all levels. It is aimed at performing musicians looking for a compact and portable keyboard.

The E-A7 has a massive sound library that includes over 1,500 sounds, with 600 pre-loaded styles from all around the world. This makes it possible for musicians to play and arrange music from different cultures and genres. Whether you want to create a Middle Eastern melody, an electronic dance beat, or a country ballad, the E-A7 has the sounds you need.

The keyboard features a large, easy to read LCD display that makes it simple to navigate and edit sounds and styles. The intuitive layout of the control panel allows users to access various features without much effort. The keyboard’s 61 full-sized keys offer accurate and expressive playing.

The E-A7 also includes a range of advanced features such as built-in backing tracks, WAV and MP3 playback, and a vocal harmony feature. This allows the user to create complex arrangements or even perform solo without missing a beat.

Another standout feature of the E-A7 is the ability to import and export user-created content. This means that musicians can create their customized styles, sounds, and backing tracks, making the instrument more personalized and adaptable to their preferred music style.

The E-A7 also has a range of connectivity options. It features USB ports for connecting to a computer, an audio input for connecting to an external device, and MIDI connectivity that allows users to control other MIDI-compatible instruments and devices.

In conclusion, Roland E-A7 is an all-around excellent keyboard that provides exceptional value for the money. It is suitable for hobbyists, aspiring musicians, and professional performers who are looking for a portable, versatile, and feature-rich instrument. If you want a keyboard that offers a broad range of high-quality sounds and styles, reliable performance, and user-customization options, the E-A7 is a perfect fit.

Roland E-A7 properties

Product name E-A7
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Keyboard
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Rotary Controls

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  1. Fred

    A great and modern sounding instrument, which is different from the older Roland versions, but certainly not worse. The older Roland models sounded very good, but compared to the Roland E-A7 they sound very archaic today and are not very suitable for today’s music. Two displays are a bull’s eye and a good trend for the future – they make work much easier (especially when making your own styles, which you can create on it quite easily). One display for sounds, the other for styles makes operation very easy. Lots of buttons – the most important functions available directly from the panel and you do not have to go through the menu of displays. I really appreciate the sampler and the possibility of connecting a microphone (interesting reverbs for vocals). Great for playing live.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can the Roland E-A7's internal sounds be edited and customized to fit the user's preferences?

The Roland E-A7 arranger workstation allows users to edit and customize its internal sounds in several ways. Here are some steps you can follow to customize the sounds:
1. Select a sound category: Choose the sound category such as Piano, Strings, Brass, etc. You can access the sound categories by pressing [Category] button and then using the [Up/Down] buttons to select the desired category. Select a sound preset: After selecting the sound category, choose a sound preset. Use the [Sound Selector] knob or press the [Enter] button followed by [Left/Right] buttons to browse through the available presets. Edit the sound: Once you have selected a sound preset, you can edit it according to your preference. You can adjust various parameters such as volume, pan, reverb, chorus, and other effects using the knobs on the E-A7's control panel or by using the [Edit] button followed by pressing the desired parameter button and then adjusting the value using the [Up/Down] buttons. Create your own sounds: If you want to create a completely new sound, you can use the "Sound Edit" mode. Press the [Edit] button and select [Sound Edit]. You will be able to edit various parameters such as oscillator waveform, envelope settings, filter type, etc. E-A7's control panel or by using the [Left/Right] buttons followed by selecting a parameter and adjusting its value. Save your customized sounds: After editing or creating a sound, you can save it in one of the user banks (User 1 to User 6) by pressing the [Store] button and then selecting the desired bank using the [Bank] knob. The sound will be saved automatically when you exit the edit mode. By following these steps, you can customize the Roland E-A7's internal sounds to fit your preferences and create your unique sound palette.

How does the SuperNATURAL technology in the Roland E-A7 enhance the sound and feel of the instrument's piano keys?

The SuperNATURAL technology used in the Roland E-A7 digital piano is designed to significantly improve the sound and feel of its piano keys. By analyzing the behavior of real acoustic pianos, this advanced technology allows for a more natural and expressive playing experience. The result is richer, more detailed sound that responds more accurately to the touch and dynamics of the player's performance. Additionally, SuperNATURAL technology enables features like the ability to play along with built-in songs or recordings, and the use of advanced processing algorithms to simulate the natural resonance and decay of acoustic piano notes. Overall, SuperNATURAL technology in the Roland E-A7 digital piano delivers a more authentic and enjoyable playing experience for pianists of all levels.

How does the Super Natural Piano technology in the Roland E-A7 distinguish it from other digital keyboards on the market?

The Super Natural Piano technology in the Roland E-A7 sets it apart from other digital keyboards on the market by providing an incredibly realistic and authentic piano playing experience. This advanced technology uses sophisticated sound modeling techniques to replicate the behavior of genuine acoustic pianos, including string and damper resonance, key-off effects, and pedaling response. The result is a rich, natural sound that responds realistically to the subtlest nuances of your playing touch, making the Roland E-A7 an ideal choice for both practicing musicians and discerning music lovers alike.

Frequenty asked questions about Roland E-A7

How to connect Roland E-A7 to computer?

Roland E-A7 keyboard is a standalone instrument that has its own sound engine. However you can connect it to a PC/Mac computer. It will significantly extend the functions and usability of the instrument. You can use USB-MIDI interface to control co called DAW Software like Ableton Live, Fl Studio, Logic Pro or Cubase to record MIDI notes and command or pure digital audio.

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