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Experience ultimate control and creativity with Korg NanoPad2 – the compact and versatile midi keyboard for music production on-the-go!

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Korg NanoPad2 MIDI device is a compact, slim and portable MIDI controller that offers an excellent range of features to enhance the music production experience. Ideal for electronic musicians, DJs, and producers, the Korg NanoPad2 allows for easy integration with music software and hardware devices.

The Korg NanoPad2 features a total of sixteen responsive pads that can be used for triggering loops, samples, and MIDI notes. These pads are also velocity-sensitive, which means that the volume of the sound generated can vary depending on the strength with which the pad is hit. The pads are backlit in various colors, making it easy to navigate through the different sound banks and project settings. This feature enables users to customize and assign the pads according to their preferences, enhancing their workflow.

Moreover, Korg NanoPad2 offers an excellent array of controls, including eight responsive knobs and a ribbon controller. The eight knobs provide a tactile and intuitive way of manipulating the sound by controlling parameters such as equalizers, filters, and volume. The ribbon controller allows for a seamless glide between two notes, creating sliding effects or vibratos with ease.

Another unique feature of the Korg NanoPad2 is its touch-responsive X and Y axis. These controls work when the user slides their finger along the surface of the controller. This function enables users to control the modulation and pitch of the sound in real-time, adding an additional level of expression to their music.

Due to its small size, the Korg NanoPad2 is a perfect MIDI device for on-the-go music production, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of MIDI control in a compact form factor. It can be connected to any computer or other mobile devices via USB, and it is easy to set-up with most music software applications.

In conclusion, Korg NanoPad2 MIDI device is a game-changer for producers, DJs, and electronic musicians. It offers a perfect balance between portability, functionality, and flexibility, making it a great tool for on-the-go music production or live performances. Its affordable price tag and excellent build quality also make it an affordable yet reliable option for anyone seeking a reliable MIDI controller.

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Product name NanoPad2
Brand Korg
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument MIDI Keyboard
Pads Yes
Colour Black

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