Novation Launchpad MK2


Take your music production to new heights with Novation Launchpad MK2’s intuitive and feature-packed midi keyboard, designed to help you unleash your creativity like never before!

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Novation Launchpad MK2 is a MIDI controller device used to control digital audio workstations (DAWs) and other MIDI devices. It is widely used by DJs, producers, and musicians for live performances and studio recordings. The device features a 64-button grid, RGB backlights, and a dynamic control system that allows users to create, launch, and perform music easily.

Design and Build

Novation Launchpad MK2 has a solid and sturdy build with a sleek and professional design. It measures 240mm x 240mm x 24mm and weighs 0.77 kg. It comes in a black casing, with square buttons arranged in an 8×8 grid. The device uses a USB port to connect to a computer or an iOS device. It features RGB backlights that display the status of the buttons and visually aid users during performances.


The Novation Launchpad MK2 is an advanced MIDI device with several features that allow users to create and perform music seamlessly. The device has a dedicated mode button that enables users to switch between different modes, including session mode, user mode, and mixer mode.

Session mode is used to launch clips and scenes in popular DAWs, including Ableton Live and FL Studio. The user mode allows users to customize the device’s midi mappings to suit their workflow. Mixer mode, on the other hand, allows users to control volume, pan, sends, and other mixer functions.

The device also has a range of advanced features, including Velocity sensitive pads, a note mode, and a chord mode. The velocity-sensitive pads allow users to play more dynamically and expressively, while the note and chord modes allow users to play melodies and chords using the grid.


The Novation Launchpad MK2 is highly compatible with several popular DAWs, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Reaper. It is also compatible with a range of iOS apps, including Launchpad, Blocs Wave, Launchkey, and Groovebox.


The Novation Launchpad MK2 has become a go-to MIDI controller for musicians, DJs, and producers worldwide. Its sleek design, advanced features, and seamless integration with popular DAWs make it a valuable addition to any music production setup. With the Novation Launchpad MK2, users can easily perform, create, and launch music with more expressiveness and creativity.

Novation Launchpad MK2 properties

Product name Launchpad MK2
Brand Novation
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument MIDI Keyboard
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 80 pcs
Key Functions Aftertouch
Pads Yes
Connections USB
Colour Black
Power Supply USB

Additional information


Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Number of Keys

Key Functions




Power Supply


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the maximum number of instruments that can be used simultaneously on the Novation Launchpad MK2?

The Novation Launchpad MK2 can be used with up to 16 instruments simultaneously.

How do I program custom MIDI mappings for the Novation Launchpad MK2 using the included software?

Connect your Novation Launchpad MK2 to your computer via USB and ensure it's recognized by your operating system. Open the Novation Launchpad Editor, which can be downloaded from the Novation website. This software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. Select your Launchpad MK2 from the "Connect" drop-down menu in the top left corner of the editor window. Use the "Bank" selector on the left side of the screen to choose the application or plugin you want to map controls for. If your desired software is not listed, select "Generic MIDI Device. Configure your desired mapping by clicking and dragging from the grid on the right to the parameters you want to control in the software on the left. Once you've finished creating your custom mappings, save your configuration by selecting "Save" from the file menu or pressing Ctrl + S (Windows) or Command + S (Mac). Disconnect and reconnect your Launchpad MK2 to apply your new mappings. Your custom settings should now be active in your selected software.

How does the Novation Launchpad MK2 integrate with Ableton Live for enhanced performance capabilities?

The Novation Launchpad MK2 is a powerful and intuitive controller designed specifically for use with Ableton Live, the popular digital audio workstation (DAW) software. The device seamlessly integrates with Ableton Live through a USB connection, allowing users to control various aspects of their live performances and studio sessions directly from the Launchpad's colorful grid of pads. The Launchpad MK2 is packed with features that enhance performance capabilities, such as the ability to trigger clips, scenes, and devices in Live with just a tap or swipe of the pad. Users can also use the Launchpad's eight macro knobs to manipulate multiple parameters simultaneously, making it easy to create complex soundscapes and effects on the fly. Additionally, the Launchpad MK2 includes 16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads that respond to both touch and pressure, providing users with a tactile and dynamic performance experience. The device also features eight colored multicolor buttons for triggering various functions in Live, as well as dedicated transport controls for starting, stopping, and looping tracks. Overall, the Novation Launchpad MK2 is an essential tool for live performers and studio musicians who use Ableton Live, offering a wealth of features and functionality that make it easy to control, manipulate, and create music in real-time.