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Experience unparalleled performance and expression with the Roland RD-2000 piano, designed to meet the needs of every professional pianist.

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The Roland RD-2000 is a high-end piano that strikes the sweet spot between performance, functionality, and affordability. With authentic piano sounds and a responsive keyboard, the RD-2000 raises the bar for stage pianos and digital workstations.

Design and Build

Roland has a reputation for creating solid and robust instruments, and the RD-2000 is no exception. The piano has a sleek and modern design with a brushed aluminum finish that exudes professionalism. The keyboard features 88 keys with an Ivory feel and escapement so that players can enjoy a realistic acoustic piano experience.

The RD-2000 also sports a vibrant and eye-catching display that shows all the essential parameters, including sound selection, effects, and other functions. The panel interface is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing players to toggle or tweak various settings effortlessly on the fly.

Sound Quality and Features

The Roland RD-2000 is jam-packed with features that make it a versatile tool for professional musicians. One of the highlights of this piano is the Supernatural Piano engine, which convincingly recreates the rich tone and expressiveness of an acoustic piano. The sound engine contains over 1,100 tones, including acoustic and electric pianos, organs, synths, and many more.

The acoustic pianos, in particular, are incredibly realistic with nuanced sound and an immersive playing experience. The RD-2000 also features a powerful polyphony of up to 128 voices, which means the instrument can play complex sound layers without dropping notes.

For those who want to experiment with creative sounds, the RD-2000 features a comprehensive range of effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, and more. Additionally, the piano is compatible with various external sound sources, allowing players to expand their sound library.

Connectivity and Performance

The Roland RD-2000 is built for performance and live gigs. The keyboard comes equipped with dual sound engines that allow seamless switching between two sounds, creating a layered or split sound. Additionally, players can connect the piano to external gear like MIDI instruments, laptops, or amplifiers, expanding their performance capabilities.

The RD-2000 also features a variety of performance-friendly features like a dedicated sustain pedal input, fader, and knobs for volume and tone control, and an adjustable pitch bend and modulation wheel.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Roland RD-2000 is an impressive piano that comes with a variety of features that make it an ideal instrument for professional musicians. From its realistic sound engine to its responsive keyboard and comprehensive effects, the RD-2000 is built to cater to the needs of all types of musicians. If you’re in the market for a high-end piano that doesn’t break the bank, the Roland RD-2000 is the perfect choice.

Roland RD-2000 properties

Product name RD-2000
Brand Roland
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Colour Black

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument


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  1. Vindicator

    Fantastic equipment at a very good price. Certainly, you will not find anything better for home and private conditions. The piano looks beautiful, very elegant, the sound is also very good – pure pleasure to play. I recommend buying with a bench, a perfect set.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What unique features does the Roland RD-2000 offer for stage and digital piano performance, setting it apart from other models in its class?

The Roland RD-2000 combines the best of both worlds as a high-performance stage piano and a digital piano. Here are some unique features that set it apart from other models in its class:
1. SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling - The RD-2000's SuperNATURAL technology provides an incredibly detailed and expressive piano sound, capturing the rich tonal character of specific grand pianos. PHA-50 Hybrid Wood/Plastic Keyboard - This unique keyboard combines the feel and appearance of wood with the durability and consistency of modern materials, providing a great playing experience for both stage and digital piano performance. Dual Piano Mode - Allows you to split the keyboard into two independent zones that can be configured with different voices and settings, perfect for performing duets or accompanying other musicians. Onboard Effects and Processors - The RD-2000 comes packed with a wide range of effects and processors, including compression, EQ, reverb, chorus, phaser, flanger, and more. These can be applied to individual sounds or used in combination for complex sound design. Bluetooth Connectivity - The RD-2000 supports Bluetooth MIDI and Audio, allowing you to connect wirelessly to other devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. This opens up new possibilities for integrating the piano into your live performances, practice routines, or music production workflow. USB Connectivity - The RD-2000 provides both Type A and Type B USB ports, enabling you to connect external devices such as USB drives, MIDI controllers, or computers. This makes it easy to load and save sounds, sequences, and other data, as well as control the piano from a computer using a digital audio workstation (DAW) or virtual instrument software. Advanced Control Features - The RD-2000 offers a variety of advanced control features such as pedal assignments, split points, and velocity curves, providing flexible and intuitive ways to customize your playing experience. It also supports USB power for charging external devices, and has an AC adapter input for use in locations without electrical outlets. These unique features make the Roland RD-2000 a versatile and powerful instrument for both stage and digital piano performance, combining the best of traditional acoustic pianos with modern technology and connectivity options. Whether you're a professional musician, hobbyist, or beginner, the RD-2000 is an excellent choice that will elevate your playing experience to new heights.