Yamaha CP88


Experience the ultimate expression of stage performance with the Yamaha CP88 piano, equipped with authentic acoustic and electric instrument sounds all in one portable package.

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The Yamaha CP88 is a professional stage piano that was introduced in 2019. It is designed for live performance and other professional applications, and features a range of advanced features and specifications that are intended to meet the needs of serious pianists and keyboard players.

One of the standout features of the Yamaha CP88 is its Natural Wood keyboard, which features a hammer action that replicates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. This feature is particularly useful for players who are used to playing on acoustic pianos and want to reproduce that same touch and feel on a digital instrument.

In addition to the keyboard, the CP88 also comes equipped with a range of high-quality sounds and voices, including grand pianos, electric pianos, organs, strings, and more. These sounds are powered by a new-generation, proprietary sound engine that is capable of delivering incredible realism, detail, and expression across the entire frequency range.

Other notable features of the Yamaha CP88 include its intuitive interface, which includes a large, full-color LCD screen and a range of dedicated controls and knobs for quick and easy sound shaping. It also comes with a range of onboard effects, including reverb, chorus, distortion, and more, as well as advanced connectivity options such as USB, MIDI, and audio inputs and outputs.

Overall, the Yamaha CP88 is a powerful and versatile stage piano that is ideal for live performance and other professional applications. Its Natural Wood keyboard, advanced sound engine, and onboard effects and connectivity make it a top choice for serious pianists and keyboard players.

Yamaha CP88 properties

Product name CP88
Brand Yamaha
Type Keyboard Instruments
Keyboard Instrument Stage and Digital Piano
Keys Yes
Number of Keys 88 pcs
Connections 6.3mm (1/4″RTS), Headphone, MIDI, MIDI In, USB, XLR
Colour Black

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Product type

Keyboard Instrument


Number of Keys


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