Yamaha MX61


Get ready to take your music to the next level with the Yamaha MX61, the powerhouse synthesizer that offers every musician a unique sound experience.



The Yamaha MX61 synthesizer is undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile synthesizers on the market today. With its sleek design, powerful software, and high-quality sounds, this instrument has become a favorite of professional musicians, composers, and beginners alike.

One of the main features that sets the MX61 apart from other synthesizers is its advanced Motif sound engine. This engine is a highly sophisticated software that allows users to create and manipulate sounds with incredible precision, and is based on Yamaha’s legendary Motif technology. With a vast library of over 1,000 sounds, this engine provides an almost limitless range of options for creating music of any genre.

In addition to the Motif engine, the MX61 also includes a range of other impressive features. These include a built-in sequencer, a four-part arpeggiator, and a range of on-board effects such as reverb, chorus, and distortion. The instrument also comes with a variety of connectivity options, including USB, MIDI, and analog inputs and outputs, allowing for easy integration with other music equipment.

Despite its many advanced features, the MX61 is also designed with beginners in mind. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and the instrument comes with a range of pre-set sounds and templates to help users get started. Additionally, the price point for the instrument is quite reasonable, making it an excellent choice for those who are just beginning their musical journeys.

Another feature that makes the MX61 stand out is its portability. With its lightweight design and compact size, this synthesizer can easily be taken on the road for live performances or studio sessions. It also comes with a variety of accessories, including a sustain pedal and power supply, making it easy to use in any setting.

In conclusion, the Yamaha MX61 synthesizer is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, high-quality instrument that is suitable for both professional and amateur use. With its advanced sound engine, intuitive interface, and portability, this synthesizer has earned its place as one of the most popular and highly-regarded instruments in the industry.

Yamaha MX61 properties

Product name Yamaha MX61
Brand Yamaha
Type Synthesizers
Drawbars/Sliders Yes
Rotary Controls Yes
Colour Black, Blue

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Product type


Rotary Controls




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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do I change the sounds and settings on my Yamaha MX61 Synthesizer?

To change the sounds and settings on your Yamaha MX61 synthesizer, follow these steps:

1. Turn on the power switch located at the back of the instrument. The LED light will turn on, indicating that the synth is powered up.

2. Press the "Function" button (FUNC) located in the lower right corner of the control panel. This will bring up the Function screen with various options for adjusting sounds and settings.

3. Use the cursor keys or the joystick to navigate through the options on the Function screen. You can also use the [DATA] and [EDIT] buttons to select specific parameters within each option category.

4. To change the sound programs, press the [PROG] button located in the lower left corner of the control panel. This will bring up a list of available sounds for you to choose from.

5. Use the cursor keys or joystick to select the desired sound program, then press the [WRITE] button to load it into memory. If you want to save your changes, press the [STORE] button followed by the desired bank number (A-D) and program number (01-64).

6. To adjust individual settings such as volume, pan, or effects, navigate to the corresponding option category on the Function screen and make your desired changes using the cursor keys or joystick.

7. Once you have finished making changes, press the [EXIT] button located at the top right corner of the control panel to return to the main screen.

8. If you need further assistance or want to learn more about your Yamaha MX61 synthesizer, consult the user manual provided by Yamaha or search for online tutorials and resources.