Why is it worth to play guitar

In life, we strive for self-improvement, we try to work on ourselves, which brings measurable benefits. One of the many ways to improve your skills may be to learn to play the guitar. In this article, we ask and answer: why is it worth learning to play the guitar?

What are the benefits of such science today?

Of course, the answer to the question posed in the subject is yes: it is worth learning to play the guitar, regardless of age or profession.

And we point out right away – learning to play an instrument is advisable not only when you plan to become a rock star. Even when practicing or preparing for a different profession, it is worth starting learning.

You don’t have to form a band and tour, as we will prove in a moment, the ability to play the guitar has many advantages – not necessarily just musical ones.

A lot of artists use their music to inspire others. You might hear of one of these artists on your favorite social website or even a music blog.

This does not mean, however, that you must have an artist’s soul and have innate talent. It is always worth learning an instrument, regardless of the so-called inborn predispositions.
The guitar is a great learning instrument because it can be used both for accompaniment and for playing solo parts. It is a very universal instrument, cheap and easy to carry (mobile)

Top 5 reason: Why you should learn to play guitar

  1. The guitar is the most popular learning instrument. Thanks to this, we gain greater access to various forms of learning. You can learn on your own, based on, for example, the Internet, or learn from someone and practice using various courses.
  2. You can learn to play the guitar regardless of age. Of course, it is worth learning to play the guitar from an early age, but for adults or the elderly, improving musical skills may turn out to be an interesting adventure.
  3. As modern scientific research shows, learning to play the guitar significantly influences human development in various fields. For example, children who learn to play the guitar learn foreign languages ??more easily and achieve better academic performance than other students.
  4. Playing guitar has a positive effect on the mood – it triggers a lot of positive energy and allows you to de-stress. It has been proven that a person who plays the guitar copes with stress at work much easier – as do people who practice meditation or yoga.
  5. The ability to play guitar can also benefit our daily work, even when it is not related to music in any way. It means that by playing the guitar we simply become smarter and it is not just about acquired skills. Playing an instrument is the only activity that simultaneously develops both hemispheres of the brain. The ability to play an instrument stimulates the center of the brain responsible for creativity and also develops effective and logical thinking. According to scientists, success at work in adult life is often conditioned, among other things, by playing an instrument in childhood.

There are many other reasons why you should play guitar – which are not related to development or material matters.

Playing instruments – especially the guitar – has a huge positive social reception. People who play are easier to make friends and the opposite sex looks at them more favorably.

For example, can you imagine a fire in the woods with your friends without the sound of a guitar? Maybe at one of such meetings you will be the person who will play a few favorite songs and create a pleasant atmosphere?

Or maybe you have a girlfriend and you would like to surprise or surprise her with something?

In general, guitar and music that permeate each other allow you to build positive relationships between people. Both friendly and professional.

A corporate event or classroom party – even a shy person with a guitar can become the center of attention and positively surprise everyone.

Learning to play the guitar – alone or with a teacher

In the past, if you wanted to learn to play the guitar, you just had to have a teacher and there was no escaping it. Going to school took time, discipline and, of course, money.

It was very difficult to learn the old one by yourself. Access to books and nurseries was very limited, and reliable and real knowledge was worth its weight in gold.

With the popularization of the Internet and the emphasis on learning foreign languages, everything has changed. Today, access to a computer gives virtually unlimited access to any field of knowledge, including music.

But why the vast majority of people who reach for the guitar for the first time will give up their musical aspirations in less than 3 months?

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