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We are so exciting about our new website. Our website was created for all music enthusiasts, both professional and amateur: composers, artists, songwriters or instrumentalists.

Our goal is to create a place to exchange ideas for guides, as well as a place to sell instruments or find the right training.

On our site we will sit the latest music trends, we will share equipment reviews on our sites.

No matter what music genre you make or what music you like to listen to, you will find something for yourself.

We strongly encourage interested persons to contact us so that we can create this website together.

We’re in the process of making a new, bigger and better version of our free website and we’d love your thoughts on the direction it needs to go and what should be improved.

It’s a huge project, so we’ll be working on it as long as there is a large community and we hope that there will be some suggestions to help us improve the project. Your suggestions can be posted here.

It’s not just an Internet project, the site was built from scratch, with a very open mind.

So, if you have any feedback you can leave a comment on our blog and we’ll do our best to respond. Also, check back often for new features to keep track of!

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