Epiphone AJ-220SCE

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Get ready to experience the classic sound of a mahogany dreadnought with the Epiphone AJ-220SCE acoustic-electric guitar.



Epiphone AJ-220SCE Acoustic Guitar: A Review

Looking for an acoustic guitar that has a great sound quality, great looks, and a comfortable feel? The Epiphone AJ-220SCE acoustic guitar might be your perfect match.

What is the Epiphone AJ-220SCE?

The Epiphone AJ-220SCE is an acoustic guitar made with a mahogany body, a rosewood fingerboard, and a solid spruce top. It is an electro-acoustic guitar, meaning that it can be played acoustically, but also has a pickup system that can be plugged into an amplifier or sound system. It comes in two finishes, natural and vintage sunburst, and has a cutaway design that allows for easier access to the higher frets.

What makes the Epiphone AJ-220SCE unique?

One of the key features of the Epiphone AJ-220SCE is its solid spruce top. This is an important factor in the sound quality of the guitar because it allows for the sound to resonate more freely and with more volume. Additionally, the cutaway design of the guitar allows for easier access to the higher frets, making it easier for beginners or more experienced guitarists to play lead lines and solos.

Another important feature of the Epiphone AJ-220SCE is its pickup system. The guitar has an eSonic2 preamp system installed, which includes a built-in tuner, a tone contour control, and a feedback-reducing phase switch. This allows for greater versatility in playing styles and also allows the guitar to be used in live performances with ease.

What are some potential downsides?

One potential downside of the Epiphone AJ-220SCE is that the pickup system may not be the highest quality. Some users have reported problems with feedback and static when using the guitar in live performances, while others have reported that the built-in tuner may not always be accurate.

Additionally, some users have reported that the guitar may require more frequent tuning than other guitars in its price range. This could be due to the type of wood used or other factors, but it is something to take into consideration when deciding on this guitar.

Overall, the Epiphone AJ-220SCE is a great option for those looking for an acoustic guitar with a solid spruce top, a cutaway design, and a pickup system. It is a versatile guitar that can be used for a variety of playing styles, from fingerpicking to strumming to lead lines. While some users have reported issues with the pickup system or tuning, overall it is a well-constructed guitar with a great sound quality and comfortable feel.

Epiphone AJ-220SCE properties

Product name Epiphone AJ-220SCE
Brand Epiphone
Type Acoustic Guitars
Number of Strings 6 pcs
String Type Steel
Number of Frets 20
Cutaway No Cutaway
Size 4/4
Pick Guard Yes
Wood Type (front) Mahogany
Wood Type (back) Mahogany
Wood Type (body sides) Mahogany
Wood Type (neck) Rosewood
Wood Type (fretboard) Rosewood
Colour Black, Sunburst/Colourburst

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Number of Strings

String Type

Number of Frets



Pick Guard

Wood Type-front

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1 review for Epiphone AJ-220SCE

  1. Kyle Joyner

    As a fan of acoustic guitars, I’ve had the pleasure of playing numerous models throughout the years. The Epiphone AJ-220SCE is far from the best option available. While it’s marketed as having a solid spruce top and mahogany wood type for the body sides, it doesn’t live up to the promised quality.

    First and foremost, the sound quality is lackluster at best. There’s very little resonance or depth to the tones, and it simply doesn’t project enough volume to make it worth the investment. Additionally, the tuning stability is incredibly unpredictable, making it extremely frustrating to play for any extended period.

    Compared to other well-known acoustic guitar models, such as the Martin D-28 or Gibson J-45, the AJ-220SCE falls short in almost every category. The construction quality feels subpar, and I’ve experienced buzzing and loose hardware after minimal use.

    Overall, I would not recommend the Epiphone AJ-220SCE to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality acoustic guitar. There are far better options available for similar prices, and this model simply isn’t worth the investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the main differences between Epihone AJ-220SCE and other acoustic guitars in terms of playability, sound, and construction?

The Epihone AJ-220SCE is a popular choice among guitarists for its combination of affordability, playability, and tone. Here are some main differences between the AJ-220SCE and other acoustic guitars in terms of playability, sound, and construction:
Playability: The AJ-220SCE features a slim taper neck profile that is comfortable for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a slimmer neck. The satin finish on the neck also adds to the smooth feel. The guitar has 20 frets and a 14-inch fingerboard radius, which is suitable for most playing styles. Sound: The AJ-220SCE has a warm, rich tone that is well balanced between bass and treble frequencies. It features a solid Sitka spruce top with scalloped bracing, which contributes to its resonant sound. The rosewood back and sides add depth and warmth to the tone. The guitar also has a built-in tuner, making it easier for players to stay in tune during performances or practice sessions. Construction: The AJ-220SCE is made with a solid Sitka spruce top, which is an upgrade from laminated tops found on some budget guitars. This solid top allows for better tone and projection. The body of the guitar is made with a mahogany neck, rosewood back and sides, and a maple bridge. The guitar has a gloss finish on the top and a satin finish on the back and sides, which adds to its durability and aesthetics. In summary, the Epihone AJ-220SCE is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality, affordable acoustic guitar with great playability, sound, and construction. Its slim neck profile, warm tone, solid top, and durable build make it a popular choice among both beginners and seasoned players alike.

"What distinguishes the sound and construction of an Epiphone AJ-220SCE acoustic-electric guitar, and how does it compare to other models in the Epiphone lineup?"

The Epiphone AJ-220SCE is a high-quality acoustic-electric guitar that stands out from other models in the Epiphone lineup due to its unique sound and construction. Here's a breakdown of what sets it apart:

1. Sitka spruce top: The Epiphone AJ-220SCE features a solid Sitka spruce top, which is known for its bright and clear tone. This type of wood provides excellent projection and clarity, making it ideal for fingerstyle playing or singing along with your guitar. Mahogany back and sides: The mahogany back and sides on this model add warmth and depth to the sound, while also providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. Mahogany is a popular choice for acoustic guitars because of its rich tonality and sustain. Scalloped bracing: The Epiphone AJ-220SCE features scalloped bracing underneath the top, which allows for a more vibrant and responsive sound. This type of bracing also helps to prevent the guitar from developing cracks or separation over time. Nato neck: The nato neck on this model is strong, durable, and offers smooth playability. It's made from East Indian rosewood, which has a similar appearance to mahogany but with slightly different tonal characteristics. Rosewood fretboard and bridge: The rosewood fretboard and bridge on the Epiphone AJ-220SCE provide excellent grip and smoothness under your fingers, while also contributing to the guitar's overall tone. Rosewood is a dense hardwood that helps to sustain notes and add warmth to the sound. Cutaway body: The cutaway design of this guitar allows for easy access to higher frets, making it ideal for playing more complex chords and solos. It also makes it more comfortable to hold during live performances or recording sessions. Electronics package: The Epiphone AJ-220SCE comes with a high-quality electronics package that includes an onboard preamp, tuner, and volume control. This allows you to connect the guitar directly to an amplifier or PA system for live performances or studio recordings. Compared to other models in the Epiphone lineup, the AJ-220SCE stands out for its combination of high-quality tonewoods, scalloped bracing, and electronics package. While other models like the DR-100 or PRO-140 may have similar features, the AJ-220SCE offers a more sophisticated and refined playing experience due to its solid top and cutaway body design. Additionally, the price point of the AJ-220SCE is comparable to other high-end acoustic guitars in Epiphone's lineup, making it an excellent value for musicians looking for a high-quality instrument without breaking the bank.